The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



If it does it likely means we are still working at the same place, considering its wayhaven chronicles. So I would think it would be towards the end, since if we worked for the agency we’d be other places. But perhaps I read too much into it.


I cannot wait to get my hands on the full game when it comes out! It’s like waiting for the next harry potter book to be released - agonizing torture but definitely worth the wait :smiley:


Yea I believe that @Seraphinite had said something earlier about the team being assigned to Wayhaven and everything taking place here because someone asked if traveling would be involved…if my memory serves me right.


XDMy MC is dating A, and I just wanna see their reaction when they realize she’s in the same room with the psycho vamp that wants to do freaky things to her.


Who is A? Do you mean Ava/Adam?


Yeah, their names both start with A, so either way I’m talking about the same person.


Also, I’m thinking our reporter friend may become more of a problem in the future. Especially since they said they wouldn’t be using our rookie receptionist anymore, but that they’d find other forms of information gathering.


how do you romance her? she hates me for some reason


You can only romance vampires in this game so far.


which vampires?
20 characters


A is a bit hard to understand. Just ignore their jibes but don’t be a pushover. Be friendly when you’re alone with them.


thanks! and do you know how to romance Farah, i can only get as far as flirting with her


Always choose to be with her on missions.


20 characters


…And then there’s my MC who’s always engaged in battle with A and M XD


will the demo be updated to that point as well?


no, sera has said that the demo will not be updated


The demo is complete, we must wait for her to publish the game to continue.:disappointed_relieved:


I hope they consider beta testing before though. No person is perfect in their first draft of writing


They have already stated they would have a beta…