The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



What you wrote makes no sense.
“The killer of targeting people with a rare genetic mutation, so let is kill those innocent people before the killer can kill them!”


I dont think he’s killing them for the sake of killing right? He obviously needs or wants something from them if we just dont let him get to these people at any cost he wouldn’t be much of a treat. i know i sound like an a** but i’m not wrong am i?


I don’t think it’s already been asked :smiley:

The Agency is against taking life- supernatural or human- so that wouldn’t be an option for them. Probably would make things easier, but still not an option for them, lol!

Obviously there are some circumstances where things can get a bit blurred and there’s no choice in taking life- but in this case, especially they wouldn’t want the MC dead. Not only because they are the child of one of their higher-ranked, most loyal Agents, but because also story purposes later on that involve MC and the mutation… dundundun :wink:


Yes! I knew there was a twist somewhere


Oooooooo I speculated that MC ain’t human (fully?) cause he has some scent that Doc was picking up sensing which the RO pulled him close .or was I mistaken?


The MC is fully human, just the mutation in their blood that makes them more of an interest to The Agency :slight_smile:

But, I won’t say more on that because of spoilers… :smiley:


Murphy doesn’t only attack those with the mutation tho.
“On camera”, he fed and brutally murdered that Garret kid who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He also hates The Agency with passion and killed the former team.

So even if they get rid of the MC, he is still very much a threat to everybody.


Also Murphy isn’t acting out on his own he’s
"controlled" by another vampire


I thought the vampire had taken Murphy’s identity. That’s why MC says “Murphy” is good looking, when the real one is said to be ugly.


“Dear, dear…” He tugs on Murphy’s mangled hand, dragging him over the slick surface of the lino. “I don’t want to break you, doctor.” Murphy is yanked up onto his feet, the intruder the same height as him but appearing ten feet tall in the gloom. “Shhh…” He places a firm finger on the doctor’s lips to stop the trembling cries and then takes Murphy’s hand in both of his, staring into his eyes with the intense, paralysing gaze only a predator can achieve. "Why don’t you relax?"
The words reverberate like a haunting echo inside Murphy’s head, bouncing from one side of his skull to the other until he sways with dizziness. A swathe of calm seeps from his head, down his neck, following his spine and right down to his toes, until he stumbles back from the suddenness of his muscles relaxing.
Murphy smiles at the intruder and takes a deep breath.
“Much better,” the intruder whispers, before plunging his teeth into Murphy’s throat.

Pretty sure he turned him into his lap dog which is why he was reckless enough to kill someone who was “at wrong place at wrong time” as quoted by @ThoseCatsAintLoyal


Will it be possible to go against the agency (and possibly the mother) at some point?


That reads to me like Murphy is about to be dinner and dies because I’m pretty sure that this vampire has taken over Murphy’s identity, which accounts for attacking Garrett and killing him for food, the patrol scene where he smells the MC, and the end scene where the MC notes that he’s good-looking. Those things point to Murphy not actually being the human Murphy in the beginning.


I think vampire Murphy was referred to as new Murphy during the scene where he killed Garrett


Yea cause at one point vampire Murphy says “You weren’t a handsome man, were you, Dr Murphy…” the new Dr Ethan Murphy says, glancing down at the photo ID badge now pinned to his jacket. Replacing the photo with his own would have to be done soon, but that could wait until tomorrow"


:weary: :disappointed: I really need to brush up on my reading and interpreting skills :cry:


Worry not. I spent 5 minutes re-reading the bit where Farah is introduced trying to visualize how her outfit would look.


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@Guhik - Not really. I’m not sure the MC would ever be in a position to turn against them really, lol. There will be some bigger story choice consequences in other books where it can be that how something turns out might fully benefit The Agency, or it might benefit the MC more, or both, not none at all- that kind of thing.

Yeah, you guys are spot on. The guy attacking Dr Murphy at the very beginning takes over the ‘role’ of Dr Murphy. Sorry for any confusion! Might take a look over just to make sure that all makes clearer sense in game :slight_smile:

Quick Update

I managed to add a bald option in at the beginning where you pick a hair colour (which will make Agent Mum’s hair default dark brown). Also went through and added the variations in so as if you choose bald then you don’t get any lines like, ‘run hand over my hair’ or anything, it’s replaced with something else. (It’s not in the demo, but will be in the full game- the demo won’t change now).

Still working on Chapter 9, branch 2. Going well, not quite as smoothly as the first branch, but hopefully will straighten out once I get past a hard choice set! :smiley:

Hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile:

@microwave04 - Definite milestone! :smiley:


now im going sherlock holmes… those 2 replys are making me think we somehow will be recruited by the agency :thinking:


Sera did hint that we will meet more supernatural entities in the future book so this will most probably happen. XD