The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Yep. Been waiting on Google to release Comrade vs Czar since the 1st and one of the mods said that Google has it listed as “pending release” but they haven’t released it to this day. This was discussed on the announcement for the game


TG2 was released a day late but I’m trying to be an optimist hope TWC will release 4 days including the date today.


Yet google later released TG2 right on time. Maybe there was some kind of problem with CvC specifically and it won’t affect future releases, but that’s speculation on my part.


Hopefully that’s the case. CvC is actually pretty political so maybe Google is looking over it to make sure it isn’t offensive?


TG2 was released on time? XD

I only saw the release announcement two days after… Oh wait… I suppose it felt like two days because my country is ahead. I suppose if we follow the pattern I will get the release on Saturday on my side of the world.


Oh yikes that’s right. I know someone from Australia and he gets the stuff pretty late after we already got them in America. I feel bad for the poor guy having to wait longer.


On the upside his country has Hugh Jackman, George Miller, and Steve Irwin (RIP)…I’m not sure how this would benefit your friend personally, but regardless I’m very envious of him. :joy::joy:


Don’t mention Steve Irwin to him. Apparently he still haven’t gotten over him. To be honest I’m still upset about Steve as well. :frowning:


In Australia it is illegal to mention our mate steve. I risk my life by posting this message. I shall miss you all dearly.


And then there was me actually being upset over only being a few hours ahead :sweat_smile: I guess I shouldn’t complain, atleast I can probably still play it on the same day. Honestly I would stay up for it.


You broke the sacred code.


Aw, I’m sorry I brought up a sore subject everyone. I’m still not over Carrie Fisher, so I know where you guys are coming from. :pensive:

But let’s try and get back on topic.
After all…the game might release in only three days!!!

I know I shouldn’t shoot my hopes up because even GT2 was slightly delayed (by what, a day?) but even by that metric we should be getting it by the end of this week!


Yeah, my dad actually dressed up as Steve Irwin for the 2000 New Year Party complete with khakis and ‘anti-venom’, so I know he was a total bad ass. And be fair I didn’t haven’t quite gotten over Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane in Doctor Who) not with with us anymore, so… yeah.


yeah… same here (delayed 2 days, not like i wait for it though :sweat_smile:)



Same. XD I only monitored TG2 release because TWC comes after so I’m sorry to the author of TG2 if I used their game as a monitoring device. ^^;


That’s blasphemy. :joy:


Great minds think alike:grin: though fools seldom differ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am hoping that TG2’s release on almost the right day means that Wayhaven might still be on schedule for release :slight_smile: Seems like TG2 is going down well too, so congrats to the author on that!

Here’s the aesthetic board for today!

Agent Nathaniel/Natalie Sewell

“I’ll give everything to keep you safe.”

Still crossing my fingers that it’s not too long to release now :smiley:

(Just a note—Nate/Nat has a darker skin tone than what is pictured here, but it’s amazingly hard to find PoC on free stock image sites. Also, these aesthetic boards are just for fun, not exact representations of the characters :smiley: So please continue to headcanon what you wish!)


It 's very lovely Sera. XD

Green is my favorite color too so easy in the eyes. 。^‿^。 And Nate. He’s probably my ideal guy in real life. I still love Adam though.


That jawline is easy on the eyes too… :smirk: