The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



And the game comes out in two weeeeeeeeeeks!


Aahhhh! Guys, it’s finally gonna be released! :smiley: Came on this morning and saw the announcement!

And just after Valentine’s too, which is nice, hehe!

Oh man, now I’ve got two weeks to get super excited and super nervous… Can’t wait for you all to try it! :slight_smile:


Congratulations :fireworks::sparkler:, I’m really looking forward to it :grinning:


I feel you brother :smile_cat:


Congrats. Looking forward to buy in Apps store.


Go. Sit in a corner. Think about what you’ve done. And never mention such blasphemy around me or any other Scot again.

Kidding, if that’s how you enjoy then don’t let me stop you.


Hello, just created an account to say that I’m in love with Morgan and can’t wait to breach the walls that surround the heart of this freckled beauty.


Welcome to the forum @Gildarth! And yeah I’m in the same boat as you are.

Morgan= babe. <3


Feb 15? Gods, If I die before then I’d be livid! :joy:
This must be the fastest wip to be made and published no?
Here’s to a successful launch!


I think i will romance first ava or Morgan or maybe Nat no no no Farah gotta be first one…perhaps u should go with Ava i have weakness for green eyes then again i also like freckles and tall ones well also comedians…
Ahhh screw it ill download it on 4 phones and play in same time


I can see this turning into a tv serie, imagine… :open_mouth:


It’s official, then? Oh gosh, i cannot contain the hype almost. February 15 seems so close, yet so far!
Should we start a countdown?! lol


Awwwwwww heeeeeelllllll yeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh!!!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Ahhh I’m super excited!! I’ll try and bury myself in work so these two weeks go by as fast as possible :DD


thank to all hard work you put in it you did what you think was right an can,t what to play this and to people how never gave up to see this game thank i hope you have great year


Congrats again @Seraphinite!! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see more of my Nate! :heart_eyes::cry::sneezing_face::two_hearts: Happy tears btw :blush:


@Seraphinite Ayye! Congratulations!!!:smiley: Im hype asf, this news is love!


@Seraphinite Congratulations! Can’t wait for the release date! I have been waiting for this!


@Seraphinite Big part of the reason why I registered on this forum was to tell you how much I enjoyed the demo. There’s something about your writing and character building that really got me hooked :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the release date!


I don’t think I posted here before but I just love this game okay? :sob: I AM SO HYPED FOR RELEASE!!


ngl this game would so be my late Valentines date lmao