The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Look a distraction!
picks up and struggles to carry Felix off
Gotta find a wheel barrel.


In 2 weeks time, we will all be reunited within the Felix Flag and will be in heavenly bliss


how could you carry him off while he managed to make you melting on the spot with his awesomeness ?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Continuing off Felix’s encounter with Mason.

Endnote: Mason meets Nate
Gets to the bar
Felix: Hey Nate, this is my best bud Mason!
Nate: Is he ok…? He’s looks pissed…
Felix: Mason’s fine, so far, he’s avoided stabbing anyone, but hey, the night’s young.


I saw the release date and just about yelled, I do wish that we could’ve had a trans option for our protag but it’s okay because Luka (the name of my detective) is trans in my heart. Also I am so goddamn ready to woo Mason and Nate ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


same! i’ll be buying it as a late valentine gift for myself :relieved:


Finally! So excited they have a release date! ~gets money ready to throw~:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:



I can’t wait to play this game and finally find out what happens after that handshake!!!


Me on the 15th


Soon, so very soon…


-screams- Oh the publishing gods have smiled upon us!! I hope @Seraphinite hasn’t like passed out or something with the update on the book release! We got a date~ It’s a great way to celebrate singles awareness day. <3


It only took me two chapters to come here and share my overwhelming happines. Story-writing is soooo beautiful that im literally watching a movie. Characters are so sympathical as well. Also having the story in a little peacefull town is delightfull. And hearing its gonna be published on 15th makes me tremble.

There are countless reasons to love (or hate the game, i can see some future haters) the game. Thank you so much @Seraphinite


I don’t get the joke either, lol. Is there something to get?


There’s an old joke about ‘spagetthi is straight too until it gets hot’ a.k.a. ‘sure people are straight till they get some gay action’. It’s been around for what feels like forever.


Ya - this joke really isn’t appropriate for this thread, so let’s change the topic.


Dat mah birfdai!!

What a gift, tanks @Seraphinite!


Of course its releasing right after my first, and before four other exams… Oh well, I just have to get my priorities right(which mean playing the game as soon as it comes out, obviously :wink: )
I’m so pumped


Ayyy it’s gonna release on Chinese New Year eve for me :smile:


Oh yea… A great way to start the year of the dog!


Oh my god, I was already dying with the Ditzy McGeneric/Dessie McGyver, everything else was just icing on the cake!

Felix (to Morgan): For your information, that hand sanitizer had the same alcohol by volume as the whisky, but at less than a sixth of the price. I was a hero to that group of broke college students! (don’t do this at home, kids)