The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Of moons and minions:

Huzzah! :grin:


Can’t wait to get to the Play Store,I already bought several other games of this style and I can say that yours is one of the few that goes deep in the novel and I’m loving it.:hearts:

PS: Sorry, my english is bad, I’m Brazilian.


we have hope love for your work Seraphinite you have made to me great story


The waiting for Wayhaven Chronicles to release starter pack


@impeccably-stressed - Lol! :smiley:

Not much to update anyone on this week. Book One is still in copyediting, but it seems to be going well, so I’m really hoping maybe it won’t be too much longer! :slight_smile:

(I did finish the very first basic draft of the plan for Book Two, which is pretty exciting! Gonna work on expanding it and adding to it and things next week.)

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I’ll talk to you all on Monday! :slight_smile:


@Seraphinite I’m so ready for you to take my money​:money_with_wings:. I’m cheap af btw so that’s really saying something :joy: I wish I had asked to be a beta tester,
I didn’t think I’d be any good tho :sob::cry:


don,t say that i think you do great things


As a credited beta tester, what I bring to the table is my viewpoint. Most of my feedback is of the “why can’t we do or say this here?” stuff.

The writers create all the characters, but the MCs are different. They are reflections of the players, and the writers can’t know what we would do until we tell them.

For example, in the sequel, I think there ought to be an option to spray a vampire who is being annoying with a spray water bottle “The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!” like a misbehaving cat.


That sounds like my average day at college tbh. Just switch the water with rum blessed by Jack Sparrow.


I’m already trying to throw my money to the monitor but it doesn’t seem to be working or making it go faster, what a bummer (??)


You just have to launch your money at a higher velocity at your screen.


Never in my life have i ever waited as impatiently for something as i am now waiting for this game’s release!


Lol I think I check the hosted games page at least once a day since I heard it was in copyedit. X3


Yeah you’re not alone in that. anxious sigh


we all got wait there no way out of it but if we talk lead member of choice of game we can make it go faster so that one plan i got in mind to play full wayhaven


I have to admit this game has really helped make last year a lot better and I am so ready for it to come out! @Seraphinite Thank You for making this game!


Honestly there’s another games being copyedited for both COG and Hosted Games but Wayhaven is number two on Hosted Games for 2018 so we might have another month or two of waiting. But it’ll be worth it in the end. I think I saw someone mention that one of his games took a month of copyediting before it was released so it just depends on how long the game is.


Everyone on this thread is either


while I’m sitting here thinking: “What are these people gonna do once Seraphina gets to work on the other books?”

When that comes to be, I’d expect a lot more fans and a lot more hype trains rolling. It’ll be great.


That hype train is going to need a lot of cars. And possibly a bar and dinning car too.


Based from her post and tumblr post, she has already outline Book 2 so she is currently putting more details and branching to it. I just hope she doesn’t burn herself out. :thinking: