The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP)



Third part of the Misadventures, the night ends with no progress and only losses, how will she fare without her trusty crime buzzer and half a can of pepper spray left?

(I kind of half-assed Felix and probably Nate, last time,. I’m going to actually plan them out before actually just drawing them on the spot and revamping them. This goes especially for Adam (His face hasn’t been fully shown so I’m obviously on the right track for now.) and Mason.)

Still can’t wait for the game to come out!


Wow, can you, like, stop? Your Felix is just TOO CUTE. I love him. It was Felix, right? I played the demo months ago…

But so excited for the future release!


Yeah, it is Felix, I have trouble locating the physical characteristics, but i managed to scrounge some to make them stand out and differentiate them.


ahhh right, sorry ill tone it down. hehe :flushed:


It is clear who they are, don’t worry, I meant if his name was Felix because I’m used to seeing only the initials in Tumblr posts and I forget the complete names for male and female versions xD


nothing wrong with happily writing your thoughts about a game and their characters… some people just take the air " breathtaking" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I love it!! I wish I could draw half as good as you can <3 Keep it up!! :smiley:


Hmm… Quick question, is Felix French? The name Hauville just jumped at me, the Quebecer that I am.


Probably not, considering the american accent.

Sure, it could be an affectation, but that would be a weird affectation while pretending to be a UK government agent.

Duh, the detective should ask about that, I don’t know why I never thought of that before.


I also got the French vibe, so I figured he could be french creole since a lot of them have dark skin.


considering they did travel the whole world in pursue of a certain vampire and what they are…who knows if they have changed indentities / names… etc


Which means I could still be right… or not. That was my initial guess when I first did the demo and read about Felix. I’m just going off the little amount of detail we have about him. He has really dark skin, amber eyes, and an American accent. Going off that, there are a few possibilities. He could be black, hispanic, or Native American in origin (he’s definitely not white). No matter what identity they may have, those things do not change. Well, I suppose someone could fake an accent, but there would be no purpose, and with the way Felix is, I doubt he could keep up a fake accent all the time. He just seems way too silly. :wink:


I don’t mean to burst everyone’s bubble, because of course the characters can be however we want to picture them, but I only know of the woman version of F and she’s called Farah, which is traditionally a Middle Eastern name (in origin at least). Technically she could appear any which way if she’s mixed race or whatever but I think it’s safe to say Farah and her male counterpart are definitely of Arabic/Middle Eastern descent.


The suggestion of different identities could burst that though, she could easily just be a conglomeration of all suggested ideas as well. I mean that they could’ve live and experienced life in all these environments.


But I was referring to His or her last name, Hauville, which is prominently french and most commonly prevalent in France (or Canada), although identity changes can ruin the theory. Hauville can be translated to Hightown if it really is french. First names are usually agreed upon by both birth parents so they can be of different origin so Farah or Felix can be whatever the reader’s interpret but since their Surnames are set in stone (Need confirmation on if Farah still has Hauville as a surname) I’ll assume he/she at least has a drop of french blood even if it’s from his great ancestors.


Two gigantic caveats to that:

a) It’s almost assuredly a pseudonym, or at the very least, not their original name – regarless of if the name is the Latin Felix or Arabic Farah.
b) F is, or is impersonating, an American. Americans rarely if ever follow established naming conventions, and it’s more a matter of “this name sounds good, I’ll slap it on my kid for the rest of their life.”


Where do you get that from what we’ve seen?

@Prism_Stars was talking about the surname, which doesn’t get changed.

And I haven’t really seen any clue in the demo saying that F is impersonating an American. :thinking:In fact, I’ve seen F forget themselves and almost let slip the secret (hence Adam artfully smashing the desk), which makes me think that they wouldn’t be the best in keeping up a cover.


I always pictured F has a black person from old New Orleans for the french last name, tbh :laughing:

Since I have quite a bad visual imagination, I always look for pictures around to try and lock a image in my mind.
To me, this is how Felix is, adding long hair, of course

Then I have gorgeous Mason <3


F may have a pseudonym. It’s a possibilty since their from the agency and some agents might bound to do so because for mission purpose or some other reasons and it could might only be because he wants to.

Or if F possesses an american accent but his surname is Hauville may be he is bi racial?


Reading her description I immediately imagined her as a black American. Lousiana native, maybe creole. Because it doesn’t seem like she’s deliberately making her voice accentless like Morgan. (She’s always Farah in my game because so far my MC has always been a bi woman, so I get the mixed group. ) Just like with Nate I got ‘tall, warm, nice’ and my brain was immediately like ‘Sam Winchester!’ So now Nate is the clone of Jared Padalecki in my games. :laughing:

I don’t really have any set face canons for Adam or Morgan yet though.