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Ever since someone mentioned Gal Godot as Nat I am not able to picture anyone else as her.

… nice choice. :yum:


Same. I’ve only ever played one character who had a high strength stat, and that was in DnD, and I still managed to play him as a wise but drunken lecher, who only happened to be strong.
idk what it is about strength as a stat, but I’ve never found myself ever investing in it if I can help it. I’m more of an intelligence/charm/stealth kinda girl, and this and this applies to Charlotte who I can guarantee has never been strong enough to open a jar of nutella by herself in her entire life. She probably always bribes Tina into doing it for her, lol.
And soon she will have Nate to do it for her mwahahhahhaa.


For fuck sake… is the second time I am about to finish Morgan and I get disconnected from the server :expressionless:


@Kanaya I cannot do a self insert. I have tried, but I feel very uncomfortable doing it and I do not even know why.

I like to make the characters close to what I think would be ideal. For example my Detective had a pretty high deduction above everything else because that’s what i believed an ideal detective should have and so on with other stats to make it closer to the ideal in my head.

But it’s pretty cool you can visualize so many things. I focus so much on the plot i forget everything else :sweat_smile:

@resuri08 The only thing almost every MC ever takes from me is bad combat skills…that’s about the only thing that rubs on them and the only thing they all have in common…that and being all homosexual men (even though I’m an asexual girl) :smiley:

@Meira_Litch But how do you decide the little things? Like Marla and Astrid are pretty stubborn, but are they the impulsive kind of ‘outta my way or you’ll regret it’ or the type that listens, rolls eyes and leaves to do whaterver they want anyway. Which has long hair, which is bald? How do you decide their relationship with their mother? How do you decide to make which more science-minded, talented at combat or a people person? Because it’s the little things i’m always so indecisive about i find it so amazing when others can decide it so easily

@impeccably-stressed That’s exactly the level of characterization that astounds me. You have everything set from music she’d listen to movies or franchise she’d love. That’s amazing how you can get so detailed (or maybe i find it amazing because i fail so badly at it). I focus so much on the plot more often than not i wouldn’t mind it if the story stopped being IF and became…well, fiction; like a story or a book. I seriously didn’t even think about how MC looked like until the story forced me to pick hair and eye colors. So i find detailed characters like that pretty refreshing.


I am so sorry. They could be having connectivity issues!



My heart~:black_heart:

Seriously every time I get back to this scene my heart explodes.


To be honest with you I decided it on the fly, you know? In real life I wouldn’t go with a script of what to do, so, in a game like this where your stats are not that important and you can actually rolplay, I just choose the options that seem right for me at the moment.


I am so indecisive when it comes to my characters that if someone told me I’d get to play either the bad cop or the good cop, I’d create the bipolar cop that in one scene promises to protect you and then proceeds to beat you with the rubber baton XD


I always admire people for this. I am in a same situation as you. I spent most of my work hours yesterday how to create a MC for Mason. Ugh… This is one of the reasons why it always take a long time for me to finish my playthroughs.


My MC is another character who couldn’t hold himself in a fight and prefers to do the talking and sleuthing and leave the kick assery to his girlfriend and her friends. :wink:


One thing though if I do this, I will tend to choose the same option again in every playthrough. XD I am currently trying to expand my horizons so that I could see other responses but it is so hard to play a mean character, I just can’t. XD


I somehow missed that option the first two times I did her route…was quite annoyed with myself when I found it.


@Pizza_is_good ok first off, something must be wrong with me because I neglected to mention how much I love your screen name.

Secondly, as I said, all her likes and dislikes are pretty much my own, but heightened for comedic effect/drama???, so it’s less that I came up with all this stuff on my own, and more that…it’s pretty much me but if I got to hang out with four hot vampires and also I had a job.

I know you said you find it uncomfortable to play as yourself, but…that’s kinda the only way I play?
My first playthrough is as myself so I can get acquainted with the world without wondering what choices would make for an interesting character.
By my third playthrough I’ve mostly solidified an exaggerated personality of myself, and then I start delving into the backstory and trying to figure out what makes them tick.

So, for example

Charlotte had a very strained relationship with Rebecca because she felt neglected, and deep down is a very lonely person. From there, I snowballed her love of Star Wars to being a bit of an emotional and social crutch for her the way comic books were to me (and also Star Wars). When I felt lonely I could read superhero comic books and feel like I really knew them, like they were my friends??? oh man I wanna hug poor eleven year old me, and I figure Charlotte felt the same way with Star Wars.
From there, I figured she’d be more interested in science and tech because her entire goal in high school was to build a lightsaber, and that’s why she has a high science stat.
But because she has to end up a detective, I have to explain to myself how she went from being a biology major “Ok, but what if medichlorians were real?” to cop.
Thank god Sera supplied the choice of us only being able to find science work in the police department.

As a result, I figured that since her job depended on interacting with the public, Charlotte grew out of her shell and became more sociable (especially with a partner like Tina, whom she could emulate and look up to).

All this from wondering what a Star Wars loving geek’s childhood would have looked like with an absentee-ish mother.

I hope that helps give you an idea how my thought process works in differentiating myself from Charlotte, so maybe you can possibly apply it to your own characters.


Alright seeing as how I haven’t exactly gone very in depth with my main Detective I play. I guess I’ll do that now. Apologies if it sucks, I’m not very good at going into detail.

Detailed Summary(Apologies if it sucks!)

Kanaya Marie Moonfallow
Age : Early 20’s
Sexual Orientation : Homosexual

Kanaya always felt like helping people, however she also knew realistically that no matter what she did she’d never be able to help everyone. Initially wanting to pursue a career in the Military, but her family being against it, she instead decided to join the Police Force.

While she is kind and caring, she is also very walled off and prefers to keep to herself. This hasn’t done wondrous things for her love life obviously. She finds it very difficult to open up to people. And when she does actually do so and finds they accept her, she will become attached to that person incredibly quickly, often times putting them above herself no matter the situation.

Her primary talents rely in her combat and people skills. She is very charismatic and direct. She doesn’t like beating around the bush about things but she’s also not really an asshole as some would say. She would prefer to talk things out in as gentle a manner as possible. Though, if it ever came down to it, she could easily hold her own in a fight.

Deep under he gentle facade though, she is, in fact, sort of a Sadist. She hates this about herself and keeps it buried. Whenever she does have to fight, the pain she inflicts during these times bring her mild pleasure and satisfaction. She finds this mildly disgusting about herself.

When it comes to people she loves, as mentioned earlier, she will do anything for that person. She would do and give anything to protect them. Even if she ended up dying in the end. As long as that person ends up being okay, she would be perfectly fine with dying. She doesn’t stop to think about how her death would make the people she cares about feel.

She doesn’t really like to do much, on the days she does have off, she tends to enjoy just sitting around with a glass of whiskey and casually drinking. Though she’s not afraid to dance or enjoy the music if one of her friends or girlfriends invite her out.

Apologies for the long read. I’m not really good at writing stuff out like that.


Finally! Morgan!


I’m in love with her.


Wondering If People Skill will play a more significant role in future sequel ? In Book one, i can understand People Skill seems less significant because no matter what the four agents will stay with the MC, and even with high people skill i don’t think we can persuade Murphy to surrender right? i did chose an option to negotiate with Murphy so that i will go with him peacefully if he agree not to harm the agents but he said no deal , do i need people skill of 50 to persuade him ? Anyway, i can imagine people skill will be useful in Book 2 when MC becomes liaison for the supernaturals in Wayhaven, and of course there should be more dealing with Bobby and the mayor … In this case, i don’t mind to push my people skill stats for future purpose and becomes a “useless” detective in Book one, basically all i did was charge at Murphy before he repel me easily , i am flattered when Natalie and Farah were so grateful of my action…Lol :smile: Another thought was, since the MC blood can power-up anyone, is it possible in future Books where i voluntarily let the 4 agents drink my blood and power-up them instead ? I think i will be more useful by supplying my super blood to them rather than let them prevent anyone else from drinking my blood :slight_smile:


…Well damn. I might need to go through her route again after all…


If you have it high enough at the end fight you do have an option that’ll work out well for you.


When you’re at the warehouse the that was a warning option is worded weird.

Later on M gives a “small frown of relief” instead of a smile, when asking if your blood stops physical abilities from supernaturals

Im waiting on a guide for all these choices and stat points (especially since theres no save point), didnt realize that even what you choose to investigate helps to characterize your detective. Its nice and surprisingly accurate as I tend to be both honest and sarcastic and ended up at 50-50 (stubborness was a little high…but accurate).

I actually thought the romance was going a bit too fast but then I restarted and picked some different option and the pace went a lot slower. Same for the end fight, some options made the situation seem less tense while others increased it. I would still prefer an option to keep the detective in denial about feelings for the love interest, as well as a not drink option in the bar scene instead of a combined not drink and very little drink option.

Just wondering, what was everyones favorite way to defeat Murphy and what was your overall fav choice and scene in the game?


My MC use the power of observation! XD I haven’t tried other option though but it seems my MC was able to survive using her brains. XD


Thank you :smile:

That was a very interesting thought process! Even if it’s not my style to base the MC off me, it’s really interesting to know how others do it. I’ll give it a go on my next playthrough. I’ll either have a good way to get a more detailed MC or i’ll end up with a good experience in the end :grin: