The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


I have planned to do the girls next, hopefully you will enjoy those ones :wink:


So M is my canon route for my MC, and I loved the game. However we really need to get some freaking locked doors because if one more person interrupts us after I finally get her alone…


I’ve got only one MC and, fitting his pessimistic views he listens to Doom Metal and Dark Jazz. Especially since the first genre often uses longing as a lyrical theme, it fits my detective who is lost in M’s grey, piercing eyes. :smiley:

Liking your music taste. \m/


After a lot of fitting with the creator, I did Felix. This korean games make it really hard to do a black character that doesn’t look 100% shit.



They are Korean games. But I still don’t read Felix / Farahs description and see them as black though. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to the rest!


Alexa (A route) likes her classicals and broadway musicals. :laughing: But she doesn’t mind modern music. She will enjoy it just the same.
Lisbeth (M route) more into modern music, prefers almost all music genre except metal.


Nat! And now is the turn for the ladies :smiley:


This last one makes me think of our MC taking a picture of him by surprise and he just smiles very sweetly at them :).


I’m actually impressed by the detailed characterization of people’s MCs. I wasted 10 minutes or so deciding on the length of MC’s hair and people here have everything figured out; even what kind of music their MC likes. That’s pretty cool, but how do you decide all that?


Well like I said before. In my case, my MC’s are generally a self insert of myself but usually with slightly different personality and visual tweaks to better match whoever I’m pairing them with.

But I also have a habit of dreaming up characters and whole worlds in my head idly. I am very good at visualizing things in my head, especially when I’m provided with information. It’s pretty easy for me ^^


I do have my usual type of MC in my CoGs/HGs that I use but I have a hard time creating other type of MCs. I fear all of my playthroughs for TWC will be almost identical with little tweaks. XD


wow, that’s exactly how I’ve always pictured Adam. It’s insane how close it is. Nice job!


I just self insert parts of my personality and then maximise them. I am very stubborn in real life, so my characters are usually a ten times worst than me, Marla and Astrid have those traits. I am also quite cheerful most of the time, from there I created Irina, and so on and on and on :slight_smile:


I use Samir for EVERY CoG so I’ve had a while to figure him out. He might change a little bit depending on the game but I have a few things that always stay the same (his general look, good people skills, his morals, his horrible taste in men). His Wayhaven counterpart is just kinda me asking what he would be like in a modern world with the background the MC gets (small town, absentee mother, etc)

Rin was my MC from Samurai of Hygua. SoH was one of the few games that Samir just didn’t… fit in. So Rin was made for that game but I’ve repurposed her for Wayhaven while keeping the most important traits (stoic, good with combat, somehow a master detective, and totally cool with the idea that demons/vampires exist). I love Rin being in Wayhaven cuz she will finally get the romantic relationship she deserves with Felix.


Personally I can be really lazy about these things. I usually just adapt an OC or two I’ve made up from other RP heavy games and stick them in the universe. Or, if I feel like a change then I’ll borrow a character from fiction. It can be pretty fun to challenge your understanding of someone else’s characters.


[busts the door down like F]
We talkin’ music???

Because I have some very choice pieces for my Detective Charlotte Greene.
@Pizza_is_good as others have said, Charlotte started out as a self-insert who grew beyond even my worst nightmares. She’s more cheerful, sarcastic, and emotional than I am in the real life, but with the same level of intellect, huehuehue. [horn self-tooting intensifies]

Like me, she’s majorly obsessed with Star Wars, and she has as similarly eclectic musical tastes as I do (one night she may be crooning to Arcade Fire or Metric, the next night she might be stomping the dance floor to Franz Ferdinand or the Strokes, and yet another night she might be chilling to Jidenna or St. Beauty).
I use her to romance literally everyone, but her canon romance is Nate. Charlotte manages to be even more oblivious to her growing attraction to Nate than even I would in the real life (I don’t know how she manages to explain away how flustered she gets around him, even I can’t deny that hard. that’s like A-levels of denial, lol), until it just kinda falls on her like a ton a bricks when she thinks U!B is about to leave and she realizes,

“Aw crap, I’m in love with Naaaaaaaaaaa–” [realizes he can probably hear her] “–tella…nutella, yes…the hazelnut spread. I’m in love with it.” [sweats profusely]

As mentioned, she’s totally into Franz Ferdinand and Arcade Fire, and I can totally see her, Tina, and Felix singing their hearts out on karaoke night.

@Seraphinite pls, for the love of bby jesus, let there be a karaoke scene in the series. I want Charlotte to pull a (500) Days of Summer and drunkenly threaten to burn the bar down if they don’t let her sing eight songs in a row.
Speaking of…Charlotte loves the Smiths, lol.

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die~

[cue Adam having a heart attack]


My characters want to meet yours. I think they’d have a good time together. Granted with my characters mostly being based on ourselves, we kinda shut out the world around us until something grabs out attention usually, yet we pay attention to everything around us at the same time. So when it comes to things like Karaoke and dancing, we generally don’t really care whose around or watching and only focus on the people we care about who are present.

We also enjoy casual friendly drinking.
Drunken Karaoke is best Karaoke.


It sounds stupid, but I get really squeamish at things to do with blood manipulation and stuff like that.
I know it is about vampires so I’m probably an idiot, but I hope the whole vampirism thing isn’t too graphic in future books. I went into this book hoping that was not the case and thought there was a good balance that isn’t there in other vampire stories I’ve tried to get into.


She sounds adorable! XD

One of the few things you will find in common in my MCs is they will always have the intelligence and quickness /agility stats. I rarely use strength in my MCs. XD


It’s the only karaoke, as far as I’m concerned. Sober karaoke is simply not for me.

And yes, our MCs would give A heart attacks–something thought impossible with vampire physiology yet I’m certain they would manage to do it…twice.


The difference being my characters are also extremely forward and direct with people they have feelings for. I tell you, the moment they’re able they will be all over those girls.

(Especially Nat, I love her too much, I don’t get flustered and stumble my words. I straight up go on the offense and turn it into right into your face obvious flirtation.)