The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


Why drink super expensive liquor if you can’t even really enjoy it?

Besides, Whisky can be kinda fancy…

I do love how A drinks red wine. Like, really A? You gotta scream vampire that much?


Whiskey can get pretty expensive if you look. Upwards of $140.000, so sayith the google machine. Of course that was for a 100 year old bottle, but still.


I found N’s whiskey. Fret no more @Pizza_is_good. All is well.

It’s the most dramatic alcohol to brood into. Plus I hear it’s good for headaches.


It’s also very, very French. Someone get A a beret, quick!


Hey, come on now, whiskey is one of the most classy liquors there is. I’m including Scotch and Bourbon too because they are technically whiskey. And N wouldn’t be drinking some regular old Jack Daniels. They only go for the top shelf

N's whiskey


Although I am kinda surprised it’s not cognac. A shot of that stuff is ridiculous.


N is great and all, but I don’t think I could ever work with them. Their spending habits stress me out. They literally have to have been some highborn lord or lady to be able to afford this. They have to have, like, retainers managing the family estate and sending them checks. Maybe a wine cellar, like at Monticello.


This makes me think, how many times do you guys think Bobby cheated on the MC if they were together?


I actually don’t think they would have, to be honest. If Bobby was willing to be exclusive with the MC then they must think the MC is quite the prize, I don’t think they’d cheat on them.

Though I might be wrong.


No, you’re totally right. Bobby is not a great person, but they wouldn’t cheat, at least.

Guess even sleazebags have some limits :smiley:


Tbf, were we expecting A to drink anything else? I know I wasn’t :)) (though I was also betting on them being the bourbon or whiskey kind too)

Also imagining N with something like port for some reason (can’t explain it but yeah)

Of all the things I think Bobby is guilty of the most, is that they don’t value the MC (or maybe people in general) as much as they should? It’s all about them but having said that I think something akin to cheating or anything that might impact them (too) negatively would definitely be a no-no

I mean I would imagine they spend a lot of time cultivating a certain image – hence why the town likes them so much – and if word comes out that they’re cheating or have cheated, it wouldn’t bode well I think

(or idk)

(don’t quote me on this, this is pretty much word vomit)

Oh! I forgot to share this thing I saw that reminded me of F


Same. I can just imagine Rebecca reviewing the team’s expenses.

Rebecca: N, you spent how much on liquor this month? Was there a party or do I need to check you into rehab?
N: Oh no, it was only one bottle.
Rebecca: I’ll kill you.


N’s like the Vanderbilt’s—their version of roughing it is a sunmer “cottage” by the sea.

@Mewsly have I shown you these before?

F needs all of these

Bath bombs




Finally played through the whole game, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Which says a lot, because normally vampires really don’t do that much for me. All the vampires were great (was torn between romancing Farah and Ava, decided on Ava), but the thing that made me happiest was the amount of control we as players had. Sure, the story itself is very linear, but it really isn’t a problem when you feel that your Detective really is your own creation, from looks through customs to character. So many dialogue options, flavour choices sparsed in a way that it enriched the story without becoming tedious - I really don’t feel like I have any reason to complain.
Can’t wait for Book Two!!!


Bobby flirts with the ex friend mc in the office, all my runs except one have been with him as a friend


You have not and I love them.

Perfect :sparkles: F Aesthetic :sparkles:

Well, dang! Bobby has no chill, guys.


The only flirting type behavior I saw from Bobby was with an MC that had no history.

What do you guys consider flirting? :thinking:


The flirty moments I noticed were when Bobby “coos” the MC’s name on the phone, or in the office scene when they want the MC to “offer some comfort” which I think they do in both ex-relationship and acquaintances


I took “offer some comfort” as them being sleazy, not necessarily flirty. Like, I think it would be a surprise to Bobby if the MC would take them up on it.

They seem a bit irritated or maybe more put out with an ex at times that seems to fall for their tricks whereas the same response from someone they haven’t been with solicits a more positive response.


I always have Zoe be reeeeal nice out of spite (kill ‘em with kindness) just for this reason.