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I am glad everything is going well. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did enjoy Lady’s Choice too and I still haven’t tried the other routes because of Lord Stanton. I will get to the other routes eventually.


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2nd: I love that image! :laughing: How fitting! I love/hate when I fall in love with fictional characters because nobody can measure up in real life.


Omg I just want to hug him. I forgive him for choosing to save the world just no more sad faces T.T I’m weak.

Reverse scenario answers

Alice would save Adam. She would try like hell to save both. Alice is the type if she isn’t pleased with either option, she’ll make one by any means necessary. But when all possibilities have been exhausted, she’d choose her man.

Luca would of course choose the world, though it would devastate him. Question himself for the rest of his life and never date or love again. He’d probably isolate himself from everyone.

Emma would refuse to choose. In this situation the villain is trying to force responsibility onto you as another way of making you suffer. Nate would never forgive her or himself if he was saved and she’d be broken if she caused Nate’s death. So she’d tell the villain to shove it and refuse to play their games. That’s the only way she could live with herself.


Dezh (Mason):
Dezh would save Mason without hesitation or apology. It wouldn’t even be a matter of deciding, it’d just be instinct for her. She values individuals, not the collective, that’s just how she is and she doesn’t care who likes it. There would be no struggle for her, and no moments of wondering if she’d done the right thing–she’d know in her heart that it was right because she loves him with everything in her. If Mason commented on it, she’d just be like “Yep, I chose you. And I’d do it again ten thousand times over.”

Nyx (Adam):
This one was actually hard and I had to write the scene to figure it out, but she’d save Adam. The deaths would weigh on her for a while and she knows Adam would be displeased with her, but she couldn’t let him die. After thinking it through, and realizing she made the only choice she was capable of making, she would accept it and move on with no regrets.

Wolfe (Nate):
She’d save Nate. She would struggle to make the decision, though, and probably wait until the last second to make the choice. But she would make it. Unlike Nyx, she would be permanently affected by it. I don’t think she’d ever get past the deaths that occurred because of her choice, but she wouldn’t feel regret over it. She’d just bear the weight of her decision until her own death.

Jax (Felix):
She would freeze at first, but she would, ultimately, save Felix. Unlike Wolfe and Nyx, she wouldn’t beat herself up over it, but she wouldn’t be a nonchalant as Dezh would be, either. She’d want to talk to Felix about it once it was done, then she’d move on. She is very resilient, lol.

Bc i'm prone to writing books. Ugh. Sorry.

Step 1: do his damnedest to offer himself up instead. Get rejected. Bummer.

Step 2: realize that the "right" and "logical" decision is probably saving the world. Have that idea reinforced heavily if -IF!- Adam is conscious and tells him emphatically to forget him and save the world gdi So there's his decision. Save the— aaaand he's saving Adam. Wonder what your BF is gonna say about you leaving his BFF for dead, Oliver. (Wonder how your BF is gonna feel about leaving nate for dead in the reverse sitch. I'm cackling because the pain has broken me)

Step 3A: if the world has been reduced to an uninhabitable Hellscape, die shortly thereafter, leaving Adam to wander the wasted world alone until he slips into a blood starvation coma and spends eternity (or the rest of his long life??? Assuming vampires would be able to survive such a Hellscape) sleeping on a ruined planet. GG. Highly unsatisfying ending. Demand a happy ending mod.

Step 3B: if the world is still habitable, spiral. SPIRAL WILDLY AND DEEPLY INTO DESPAIR AND DEPRESSION. 'It should've been me. What can I do to even begin to make this right? The right thing would be a life for a life, but… My life isn't worth one person's life, how in the hell can it come close to balancing the entire world? And I can't leave Adam here alone to face the consequences of my decisions. But what if he doesn't want me anymore? He shouldn't. I betrayed the team, I betrayed everyone. I killed them, fuck, fuck. He should leave me, it'd be the least of what I deserve, I'm horrible, i'm–' Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

('course, IF Adam were to straight up leave - which I'm not seeing really at all, but I could be wrong and also im emotionally masochistic at times- Oliver would probably die bc Adam's literally his whole world now and even though he's sure he deserves it, the actuality of it happening would be the cherry on the shit sundae that is his mental state at this point. He threw the world away for you, Adam. That's LITERALLY a YOU move.)

Step 4: one day. years later, after beating himself up and hashing out the same old things in his head over and over… feel an incredibly odd sense of relief. The world is still gone to shit, everyone's still dead, but there is nothing he can do about that. He still feels guilt about the death of his friends, but it's not quite an entire albatross 'round his neck anymore. More like a few feathers. And the head. Mostly, though, he's relieved that he doesn't have to watch humanity do it's damnedest to tear itself apart anymore. He'd spent years keeping up with current events and the world at large, donating time and money and effort to causes dedicated to making things right and good for people only to watch gains be incremental and losses be staggering. Not to mention his work as a detective and with the Agency. That kinda shit weighed, y'know? And now… He doesn't have to really worry about all that. He doesn't have to do good by the whole world anymore, only himself and - he's praying, if Adam will still have him- the man he loves. He's fairly sure he's capable of that. There's a profound guilt that accompanies this relief, and there will be intense pangs of regret, sure - he'd be terrified of himself if he stopped feeling those things re: the whole situation. But it won't be debilitating anymore. And maybe he can live his life.

Also: -insert “Time enough at last!” gif here-


Nate might have to duck for this…just in case. Don’t get me started on the Listening Tunnels in Fort Adams (ha!)—at the deepest we were allowed to go, they were 4’11” tall. Nate would have to crawl on his hands and knees and Nat would struggle even just crouching. Adam would be having a tough time as well–he’s 6’1", isn’t he?


Blaire (M) wouldn’t know what to pick tbh. He would want to say the world, because that’s a lot of people he would feel responsible for and he believes that Mason would somehow manage to find a way to be okay. He firmly believes in Mason’s capabilities and that somehow he’d find a way to pull through. But he also feels that he shouldn’t have to pick between his happiness and the rest of the world, because he deserves to be happy as much as the next person.

Sienna (N) would probably pick the world. She’s selfless like that, but she’d be heartbroken about it. She doesn’t believe that one life is worth more than others and would try to find any way to somehow save everyone, but if it really came down to it, she would want to save as many people as she could. It’s not something she’d be able to move past from afterwards though and would question a lot of her own decisions afterwards.


Just a little curious here - we can play Wayhaven Chronicles for free in:

I tried playing through the first few chapters and it looks almost exactly the same as the game hosted in COG website.


That’s probably the demo Sera had up. It should stop after the MC meets Murphy at the hospital


As @Mewsly stated, it’s the demo. If you notice, there are save slots, which is a dead giveaway.

Wow. I missed some great convos. Figures there’s actual deep theory talk when I’m too busy to pop on. :cry:
But I’m super stoked how civil everyone was to each other. This is one of the reasons I really like this community. So thanks everyone for keeping it cool even with differing opinions. :heart:

As for what the detective would do if they were the one who had to decide on either the RO or the world… I’ll just do my main. Emma would save Mason. It would kill her to let all those people die, but she could not let anything happen to him. In the reverse situation, she would want Mason to save the world, but she’d still be happy to see him. that’s a tough situation to be put in, and she’d totally understand.


(I was wondering if I should hold out until Thread 2, but who am I kidding…)

At Book 1, Lucas would choose the world over Ava. It wouldn’t be a pleasant choice, and would have a hard time looking Unit Bravo in the face again, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. He would gladly die, for similar reasons, if the situation was reversed.

By Book 5 or later… Again, he’d sacrifice Ava. And would be an emotional wreck in a shell of bitterness and self-hatred. He would be stuck between feeling that he made the right call and feeling that he completely betrayed his friends. In the event that Ava died for nothing, especially by this point, this would shatter what was left of his world.


I know its a little bit too late for me to write this but hey…i guess i’m bored.

this is going to be pretty long

My mcs gender depends on the gender of their RO.

×My mc i’m romanceing with N would probably choose to save their RO. They really don’t see value in the world despite being a detective and they have a horrible relationship with thier mother. So they probably wouldn’t regret their decision(they never do) even if N was angry or/and sad about it.

×My mc i’m romanceing with A would probably panic, think it’s a joke and when realizing its not would probably ultimately chose for whatever thing is attacking them to take them instead of A or the world. either it would be like everyone dies (including mc) or everyone lives (not including mc) but they died a hero either way.

×My mc i’m romanceing with F would choose to save their RO because they kinda made a promise with the teammates that they’ll help each other out…so i guess its better to choose the best teammate out of the 4.

×My mc i’m romanceing with m would choose to save the world. Their an noble person at heart so they’ll choose the most noble option, and m would choose that option too…right?

I know someone was talking about an adult thread and i want to be invited but i was wondering do you need comment often on there to not be kicked off because if so then i probably shouldn’t be invited( i don’t comment often)


The more I hear about Bobby the less I like them… okay, I sfill like them a lot but STILL

I am curious for people who do ex-friends with Bobby do they still flirt with the MC? I can’t imagine they really think they have a chance in the MC’s pants after what they did to them in the ex-friends backstory.


I still think that there’s a leeway where I could imagine that Bobby didn’t get into my MC’s pants even though they were in a relationship. :thinking:

Unfortunately when I did the ex-friend route for my Mason run, Lisbeth ignore his phone call and she went to the bar so I wasn’t able to check if they still flirt. :laughing:


Oh certainly! But Bobby certainly seems to want to in both the ex-relationship and acquaintances paths, at least from what I’ve seen. I never did the ex-friends path since that, at least for me, seems like the meanest thing Bobby does.

I can’t wait for Bobby interacting with the RO… especially M


I don’t think they flirt…:thinking: I don’t completely remember though. I’m super helpful.


i mean, why give a non-answer if it’s not gonna happen anyway :confused:


Ohohooooo, Bobby vs M, this I can’t wait to see! Or passive-aggressive N.
From what I know he flirts constantly, even going as far as to claim he cares about the mc and is not a complete monster, and I truly hope that is the one time he was honest because dayum that boy made my poor brain stutter right then!


I think Bobby still flirts, regardless of the backstory. The difference is in how the MC reacts to it (they get out of bed when Bobby calls, but practically fall to the floor in their scramble if Bobby’s their ex).

“Figures F would drink alcholpops” —Angstaraptor.

Rebecca doesn’t drink much, but she’d take an amaretto when she does.

And here Rebecca gettin’ fancy!

Verda doesn’t drink at all.

Verda’s on my wavelength.


N drinks whiskey?! Where’s the fancy, N? Where’s half your wage for a glass of liquor N?! What happened to you N? I feel betrayed N…