The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


Bobby had absolutely zero effect on me… until I found out that Natalie Dormer was the headcanon…:sweat_smile:


@Meira_Litch Definitely not what I was expecting from you. Though that is interesting!

@Dagger1819 Not bad! Though Pop music? Really? At least make it K-Pop or something! Aha :slight_smile:

Wasn’t expecting to hear Death Metal in here, Metal sure but ahaha. I am very picky when it comes to music, I can’t really stand most of it, yet there’s other things I can just link together on a loop and listen too indefinitely and it’ll make me wanna dance 100%.

Which is mildly amusing when people glance at you in the supermarket just dancing along to whatever you’re listening too idly. :blush:


crashes through wall

Did someone say death metal?!


I kinda have a music type associated with both my MCs but they probably like a bunch of different types. Rin I associate with Jazz music, but I can see her being into classical, blues, and even electro swing. Samir is more dance/pop music, but he also likes Frank Sinatra songs, as well as broadway musicals… and Disney.


@Mewsly You had me at Electro Swing. I’d definitely go dancing with Rin.

I almost never hear of people being into Electro Swing anymore. And it makes me somewhat sad. It’s so fun to dance too!




I love Electro swing so it kinda creeps it’s way into all of my characters, and while I see Samir as more of the dancer Rin would definitely want to learn swing dancing with all the picking up and throwing your partner around.

Hopefully we can take the vamps dancing!


My sarcastic hot-head MC listens to aggressive dance music when happy. When she’s stressed or angry (which happens a lot, really) she goes for hard rock, metal or even dubstep. Anything with a strong bass and some screaming.

(I admit the metal and rock and dubstep bits are because that’s the sort of music I like and thus it’s easiest for me to imagine a character rocking out to that.)


MC: Woah! Farah, personal space!
Farah: What, but you never complain when Ava’s this close.
MC:… turns into a tomato

I amuse myself a bit too much at times. Send help.


Also here’s something from a friend I have on Discord who I got to buy and play the book as well.

My sides :joy:


I mean…that’s fair.


Ok, the editor of Black Dessert is heaven. Forget about the other Mason, here is the new one.


Awesome!! Though I picture him with shorter hair, this is great :+1:


I love guys with long hair, so I can’t help it :sweat_smile:


Glad I could help you get it! :kissing_heart:

Hope you enjoy messing with the creator!


Where did you get the character maker and do I have to pay for it?


@Kanaya told me where to :smiley:


Oh that’s lovely! Now I need to check out that character creator!

Also, nice tighty whities there, Mason :smirk: Though out of all the vamps he’s the one I would’ve expected going comando…


Considering how M seems to be the most sensitive to sight, smell and sensation in general, I’d imagine those jeans they wear would be rather uncomfortable if they went commando…or maybe they’re into it, who knows.


Adam now :smiley:



Being into other ladies, I don’t really care to see guys. But I can see you’re putting a lot of effort into these aha. Keep 'em coming! :smiley: