The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

MC and the Vamp Squad Arrive at a hut in the woods around Wayhaven

A: Finally, we hunted down the famous dragon tamer.
N: Hopefully he can help us. I don’t know how long Rebecca can convince everyone back in Wayhaven that that dragon is just a weird dog.
F: wait that wasn’t a dog?
MC: Well, let’s talk to him then. knocks on door
Door Opens
Mystery Man that’s Totally Not MC’s Dad: Can I help- looks at MC
MC: … Do I know you?
Mystery Man: M-MC? My MC?
MC: Dad…?
UB: various stages of shock


A: You caused a lot of trouble. inwardly This is Rebecca’s husband?
N: It’s nice to meet you. (Throws in a smile if romanced—gotta impress the future in-laws)
F: bouncing up and down Ooh! Oh! Oh! Yes! thinks about all the drama about to happen
M: raises a single eyebrow and takes an extra-long drag on cigarette


MC’s Dad: appears riding a dragon all bad ass and sexy like
MC’s Dad: Hello, Rebecca, it has been a long time.



Rebecca: Do you know the hell I’ve been though trying to keep our child safe from Supernatural while you were off playing with dragons?
MC’s Dad: Well, I-
Rebecca: They’re dating a vampire. You can deal with that.


And with a M!UB…

F!Detective: Mom, Dad, stop fighting, please. It’s bad for the baby.
Everyone: What baby?!
Detective: Me.
Rebecca & Dad: in unison Do not scare us like that!
A: rolls eyes into oblivion
N: trying not laugh
F: rolling on the the ground, wheezing It’s…a good thing…I don’t…need to breathe!
M: rolls eyes, tiny sigh of relief if they’re in a relationship w/ Detective


You know, @Sera, if this doesn’t happen in the actual series, I’mma be veeeeery disappointed, lol


But what if MC was actually pregnant? And she said that as a joke without thinking, but oh well, surprise! Bonus points if the RO doesn’t know :joy:



That’s even better!

D: Oh, and while we’re on the subject, turns to RO you, sir, a going to be a father. Try not to me leave to play with dragons, though, hm?
A: shocked
N: giant smile, says something smooth
F: slowly stops laughing, stares, then a big ol’ grin For real?!
M: inhales entire cigarette

Rebecca: You can deal with that, too.
Dad: sputtering


But with super senses… what if RO knew and the MC didn’t???

F: We’re telling them now?
MC: What? It was a joke?
F: I thought you knew…
Rebecca: chokes WHAT
A: You didn’t think to tell her?
F: I THOUGHT SHE KNEW? HOW COULD SHE NOT KNOW? starting to panic How could you not know?!
N: F… she’s a human…
MC: Is this why you bought $100 worth of vitamins?
F: I didn’t know which ones to get!

Rebecca: pats dad’s shoulder have fun with this one.


What about with F!UB and M!MC?

MC: I was joking, there’s no baby.
RO: glancing away
MC: … Right, RO?
RO: turns away fully

MC: I haven’t seen you smoking lately, are you out?
Morgan: Yeah.
MC: Oh, we can get you more-
Morgan: I don’t need anymore.
MC: …


This increased my life for at least 20 years. My sweet Felix is perfection, I hope we get an epilogue with a beautiful family next to F, either biological or adopted for the gay couples. Like, I would die if at the end of the game we can see F being a dad/mom, so happy to have a family of their own again :sob:


Guys. If you announce a fem!mc’s pregnancy that way, Adam might just dead faint /brick’d


Speaking of pregnancy… Some of you are not far-off


This is kind of an old post, but I ran across it when I was looking for stuff on Bobby, and just, well, look at it.

First of all, A’s broken now.

I imagine A would probably listen closely, but then not get involved. Hearing the MC admit such a thing would be quite a lot of emotional overload :smiley:

Oops, I guess. Not like takes much, considering that like Cleopatra they are the queen of denial.

And holy crap, N is not playing around. They are going to rub this in Bobby’s face.

N would smile and walk to the MC’s side and kiss them deeply- in front of Bobby. Then give Bobby a rather down-the-nose look and walk off with the MC, lol.

It’s just so aggressive for them.


@resuri08 I saw that before and found it enlightening. What do you guys think your MCs would do? Would they accurately predict the RO’s reaction?

Jax (F) would bounce up and down and figure he’d be happy, too. Wolfe (N) would be shocked about it, a bit iffy (she wouldn’t be sure she’d make a good mother and would worry about keeping the kid safe and about N fussing over her too much and not wanting her doing her job until after she has the kid), but she’d be happy, too.

Dezh (M) wouldn’t deal with it well, though, mainly because she’d know Mason wouldn’t deal with it well (and she’d pretty much predict how he’d handle it). She’s ballsy as hell, but after she gets in deep, she’d be scared shitless of losing him. I could see her leaving a letter telling him about it, apologizing because she didn’t plan it either, and then bolting like a nervous cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. She’d come back, of course, after she figures he had cooled off a bit. But it wouldn’t be a pretty scene to begin with, and I doubt he’d like learning about it through a letter and her leaving for an undetermined amount of time (depending on when it is… early on, he’d probably be elated she left, lol).

@Hannah_Minger I saw that one, too, and found it interesting. I like this one better, lol:

These responses are much better! I so want to see M make Bobby pee all over themselves…


It’s funny, yeah. I know some people who are like Bobby in real life, so seeing them have to confront the fact that they aren’t the best the Detective can get–will only be a regret, a footnote in their lives–is satisfying. It’s mean to say, but people who treated their partner/ex like they do for sure deserves M’s menacing.


@Seraphinite Okay, I just finished the game and loved it immensely. So I don’t spoil anything, all of my professional stats hovered at around 35-40 each. You know the outcome of such. I wanted to focus on being good in all areas. Do you recommend or at least accommodate this type of playthrough, or should I start over and focus on a particular stat?

There are no “wrong” choices in Wayhaven, as Sera likes to remind us. Feel free to roleplay as you choose, because the stats won’t affect what you can do, just the outcome from time to time.

And welcome to the thread!


I really like F’s response to Bobby in that ask. The idea of Bobby being uncertain if they’re being messed with or not when it’s normally them playing that kind of game is appealing; and Kira would just assume it’s Farah not realizing she’s saying something rude like usual if she noticed.

Re pregnancy: Lauren with Adam, she’d be nervous and concerned about his reaction but not entirely unhappy with events; Lauren with Mason, ooo boy that would be a mess; Kira and Nat, she’d be excited until she saw the credit card bill for all the baby stuff; Kira and Farah, she would be stoked. They’d probably have to enlist Nat for help, though.

@Taylon_Rosas Sera is away from her desk for a little while: but she’s said before she’s not too interested on this being a stat-focused game.

I tried not to make the skills too hard to raise, just because I don’t want this to be a stat based game.

You might miss some skill checks, but I don’t foresee her putting in any “game overs” for not min-maxing.

Edit: Also welcome to the thread!


Alexa would probably be very happy to be pregnant since she has been contemplating to settle down now that she has found someone to be with but she will be probably be worried about Adam’s well being because she knows he wouldn’t handle too much emotion. XD

Lisbeth will be scared and happy at the same time. Happy because she always wanted to have a child of her own and scared because on how Mason will process the news.

Teresa, she don’t know how to handle it at first because she will be very worried if she could handle the responsibility but she knows Nate will react positively with the news.

Surina will be 100% happy about ifand knowing Felix, she is sure he will be happy as well.


Okay, that helps my decision ! Thanks for thebwelcome also!