The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


At first I thought it would be all vampires, because M was the first one I played. When I saw it wasn’t I thought the same as you. I think if the pheromenes are strong enough, it will cause a painful reaction due to the “fight”. Similar to when you have a virus or bacteria, and your body makes you feel like shit as it fights the invasion.


Everything about M seems to be too strong. The sense of smell, eye and nose sensitivity. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.


That’s what I want to think? I mean When the Detective goes with M to question the mom whose son was killed, it’s mentioned that there is a buzzing in their skull while they use pheromones on her. F admittedly has very weak pheromones out of the team. N used the scent of their blood to drown the MC out and A drowns out their smell by burying them in their clothes. Though it seems M may be the strongest out of them a double-edged sword most likely since he’s probably also the most physically sensitive to the heighten sense part as well. Though you know probably has it’s benfiits of being the most senstive to touch as well~ >//> But yeah that’s just my theory on it.


Maybe it’s because they’re artificial, or at least less natural somehow. If the theory that he was created or transformed in a lab is true then maybe there are other repercussions besides stronger senses and superior physical strength.

Or maybe his pheromones evolved to fight the mutation in the detective’s blood that grants them supernatural immunity. Instead of calming the victim it incapacitates them. He’d be able to drink the blood either way.


That is actually a really intresting theory I mean if they prey is adapting why wouldn’t the predator?

THOUGH! Food for thought. What if M had been one of the ones with the mutated Gene like the MC when they were human and THAT is what happens when you turn a human like that into a vampire?


OOhh could it be that if the Detective is ever transformed into a vampire they are as strong as M?


If we were ever to become a Vamp, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen until the very end. If it’s even an option in the long run.

EDIT : I say this because, from what I’m understanding, Sera wants us to go through all the books as a normal human. If we become a Vampire too soon that would kinda defeat the purpose. Though, to be quite honest, I do hope the ending of this series does give us that choice. Let me be ageless with my Vamp love please. :blush:


Maybe? I mean it seems like M is an outlier in the heightened and strength factor. LIke they are all strong and capable. It’s why they are the MC’s mom team. They are some of the best. BUT M in comparison seems like an anomaly and was a human turned vampire. And the blood is power in the sense so maybe what transformed them could have been hightened if they had the gene that is basicaly supernatural steroides?


OH! yeah no doubt she said that. It’s just a theroy of why M is so strong would have been since they a human turned vampire that maybe they were a gentic anomaly like the MC. Though yeah, no I so support the MC staying human though 98% of the series for the fact I want them to show they are capable without having to be supernatural.


Wow I’d cry at an ending where we choose to stay human and we eventually age and pass on and our RO is there with us the whole way through, just being with us in every which way they can… I love pain and tragedy!!!


It’s good when done right! But I’d prefer to be alive forever with them, or die with them.

Because I’m selfish.


Yeah no, same tho! I want them happy too. Tragic endings are just super tempting to me as well hahah. But I think after everything that’s gonna happen in all the books, the MC and their RO deserve to be a little selfish :’)


Id be relativly fine with MC dying if he gets rezz into a ghost or something


It’d be pretty great. Though, while I’m okay with Slow Burn relationships.

Sometimes burning fast is good too!


Seriously, at least give us more than 5 minutes of alone time in the next book. :sob:


I’m curious to see what you make with BDO’s whenever you can get around to it. Considering how scarily indepth that creation is.


To start with, accurate colors and hairstyles :laughing:.


Here’s an interesting Inquiry. What do all you people seem to see your characters music taste as?
I almost always have headphones on and music playing so I’m curious!

My MC’s all generally listen too Electronic styled music.


Synthwave / Retro Electro
Hard Bass

All the good Electronic styles!


Finished every route now and I loved it soooo much. The deliciously angsty love triangle in particular is killing me!

…But not quite as much as my shameful love of Bobby… Why? Bobby is the worst, so could someone explain to me why I wish she was an RO? Why am I such trash? Why do I have such terrible taste in women?

It’s Natalie Dormers fault. I picture Bobby as her, with that damn smirky, condescending, ridiculously attractive face! Damn her!


Umm, my MC’s, all of them, are the kind of person that loves music and sings to every song in the radio. They all have a diverse musical taste, but usually gravitate more to metal styles. Depends on their mood the music they listen too can variate a lot.

For example, if they are training, probably they will be listening to death metal, Arch Enemy or Amon Amarth, perhaps.

If they are going through some moment of emotional dept regarding themselves and some serious situation, they would go driving and listening to something more quiet and emotional, probably something like Daughter or Duologue.

For chilling at their apartment, anything they feel in the mood for, tbh.

But well, I could go on like this forever, so better keep it at the “they like a lot of different music styles” :sweat_smile:


Well for my main one, alt rock/rock/soft rock maybe a little pop music tossed in there as a guilty pleasure.