The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


i actually tried to get into Kdrama but i just can’t :joy:


While the Triangle could be fun (well, fun in a dramatic sense) I really enjoy in A’s route how happy and supportive N is of A and I think I prefer that over the angst. N is such a Bro its so wholesome. Idk how A is during N’s route tho.

I kind of hope we get to see more of Wingman N in the future since we all know A isn’t going to make a move on their own.


I haven’t seen a K-drama where the love triangle worked in the end though. The lead male wins like 95% of the time and the second lead is there just to make the watchers fall for him and get disappointed later.


That’s how it works in most books, too. Like in Hunger Games.


Well, that is pretty much the point. XD The second lead usually the unsucessful one so I much given up on that genre. :joy:


it would be excruciating for me to see A like that during the course of the series, i mean, it’s already torture for me in just the first book!


well at least in hunger games, gale and katniss had their moments together especially in mockingjay


Yeah, or N. Since it’s pretty much a given that y my MC would go for Ava. I’m hate to see Nat all :broken_heart:
Yeah, but Gale is the second lead, so typically, he only makes you have some hope, and then disappears completely after Peeta shows up xp


Uggggggh. :frowning: I wish I had more patience. It’s just so good. <3


Oh wow, that’s amazing.


i mean at least they had some action (by ‘action’, i don’t mean the shooting and killing lol) together even when it was just kissing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of the best COG stories out there. I have read many others and nothing compares to it.


Hm, probably a dumb question, but I’m wondering…

How many total points can you get with a character, what’s the max you can have in book one? I’d imagine it would depend on what character, but I’m curious. Dunno If I’m asking this very well.


The max I’ve gotten is 15/16.


Even in N’s route A is pretty supportive of N once the Detective gets taken, but doesn’t exactly encourage or belittle N’s affection at first. (Exact words used at the story) Then A is all like “Do not worry. We’ll get them back!” when N is all depressed.


There is slight dialogue changes because before that moment, the game sees you as having no interest in that person.


Are there any changes if you choose to not romance anyone and there are characters with flirt points?


I was unable to check that while editing. It was definite crunch time by the time I was that far in the process, so someone else will have to play through and find that out. :wink:


A during N’s route is basically… Trying to ignore the fact that N is quickly becoming attached and gaining feelings for the MC. After you’re taken and A see’s the effect it has on N, she has that realization that she was trying her hardest subconsciously to ignore it.

After which while being supportive, she’s more worried than anything. Even after you’re back she appears to be extremely worried about the whole situation which will be interesting to see how that changes or progresses in future books.


Hm. I don’t know if this has been brought up yet (if it has I apologize) but M… Why does their pheromones give the MC a headache? F’s doesn’t, Fake Murphy’s doesn’t, and who knows about A or N’s. Is it just because they’re so strong?