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Pfft. Dimples hands down. Now we we ever actually see them…

Guess that competitive streak paid off!



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Ok yeah thatsaprettyconvincingargument


I have so many questions and none of them are appropriate for this family friendly forum…


N: Something wrong?
A: clenches fist Everything is fine. The detective needs to stop having such unprofessional contests.
F: It helps when you show a little skin. I like to pretend I’m really warm and fanning down my shirt winks and points down to unbuttoned vest
A: I- No. tempted I have to go.
M:…Did you really?
F: Pffff no, I’m winning this one fair and square. flashes dazzling smile
Nearby person: swoons


That is dangerous, do you know how many car crashes F causes a year just by smiling?


I meant favorite member of Unit Bravo!

we’re not supposed to talk about the mini agents


And getting grumpy arse to crack more than a smirk is a task of herculean proportions


Why does everyone fawn over dimples? lol
Anyway my vote goes for N because N


F was recruited into Unit Bravo once the Agency realized their smile could be considered a lethal weapon. This was discovered after one of F’s teachers swooned and cracked their head on a desk, requiring stitches.

Edit: I can’t believe I’ve written myself into changing my vote. CURSE YOU, F.


F smiles at enemies, and they just smile back dopily while the rest of U!B arrests them.


To be honest the dimples are just icing on the cake. Getting A to smile at all is the real prize.


To be honest, I don’t really care about dimples themselves… but A having them in amazing and adorable and I wonder if the reason they don’t smile more is because it’s kind of embarrassing for them, the super serious leader, to have people “d’aww” at them when they smile.


Smackadoodle-doo everyone, Sera made an instagram!!!


Oh well, I’m going to make an instagram just to follow her lol :smiley:
Also, I love her new logo, that feather is so pretty.


Wellp, time to make an Instagram account!


Before I say anything else, I have to say how much I loved this game. It was the first CoG game I played (due to my gaming laptop overheating, I’m stuck playing games that aren’t so video intensive for now) and it drove me to purchase other CoG games. Unfortunately, the two I’ve gotten were highly disappointing when compared to this one, due to the others lacking depth. That said…

I agree with a lot of what you said.

[quote=“Real_Heh, post:245, topic:36176”]

  • I have already spoken in another, original discussion, but I did not like the fact that the actions have absolutely no effect on the plot, with the exception of a few cases. For example, if my character wanted to go into the army, has a good fighting skills, it is logical that he would feel prepared in a situation where these skills are required, right? But no, nothing like that. [/quote]

This one stuck in my craw in a huge way. I’ve played through with eight characters so far–five of them are fighters and would’ve joined the army. They wouldn’t freak out over a pigeon being in a building (hell, I wouldn’t freak out over that and have a huge thing for wandering around deserted buildings and construction sites). They wouldn’t freak out over a lot of things the MC freaked out over, and that rankled.

I get it that the MC is being thrust into something ‘new’ and strange, but if you’re setting up a combat-oriented stoic character, the MC should be combat-oriented and stoic, not a damsel-in-distress. Yes, the vampire thing may be hard to swallow for some characters, but one of the options when you find out is, for all intents and purposes, “Well, that makes sense…” As such, you shouldn’t be urinating yourself when you see a demon while walking around with your mother. Which brings me to another similar complaint…

Reaction choices are basically bi-polar–you’re either crapping your pants in fear or crapping your pants with excitement. You’re a detective, which implies you’ve been a cop for a while. You should’ve had, at the very least, basic self-defense training, even if you’re living in Froopyland, where it’s impossible to get hurt (Rick and Morty reference, for those who don’t get it). It reminds me of the old BioWare games, where your only choices were to be a complete psychopath, be nicer than Mother Teresa, or have no personality at all. Only here, the only choices are to be scared of your own shadow, be excited about everything to the point of stupidity, or be a smartass (typically while being afraid of your own shadow). It wouldn’t be too hard to change this, though, and to let the personality stats actually help form the character.

[quote=“Real_Heh, post:245, topic:36176”]

  • Stats exist for a reason. This attracts me very much Samurai of Hyuga and the system of stats is there - if your character is a jerk, then your choice are for jerks only. For example, if your basic stat is protection, it is logical that the samurai will throw himself into the fire to protect the person. However, if it is the opposite, it is logical that the character will stand still, smoking a cigarette, while half the city burned in the fire, and did not feel any regrets. That’s just what people are, there’s nothing you can do about it. And if the status system says that my character is sarcastic and stubborn, it is logical to say that he will not just simply forgive betrayal. However, judging by the game, it is. Now nothing can be done about it, but I hope that in the future parts of the series this will be given attention. [/quote]

This little bit made me want to play Samurai of Hyuga. I’ll have to check it out.

And I agree, I hope the future parts in the series take this kind of thing into account.

[quote=“Real_Heh, post:245, topic:36176”]
These are typical characters of Japanese harems. There is even an anime called Vampire Knight and its plot is almost completely rotated between vampires and one inept, modest and rather boring main character. I am sure that every character in the end will have a tragic story in which they explain how hard it is to them to live in this world, but come on. [/quote]

This is one I have to disagree on, partially, anyway. Yes, the characters are typical of Japanese harems, and they may turn out to be nothing but tropes, but there is so much potential for all four of them. There seems to be so much hidden depth to all four of them that the author could easily break the tropes and blow our minds with it, if she wishes to do so. She does so well at characterization that I think she may surprise us. I hope, anyway.

On a 10-point scale, I’d give it an 8, simply because it is so much better than the other CoG games I’ve check out (one about a bunch of zombies had me ready to throw my laptop through a window, because there seemed to be no way to survive till the end). That said, I agree that there is room for improvement and certain things–such as the character’s traits–should have more of an effect on the game than they presently do.

So, while I eagerly await the next installment in this series, I really hope the author will allow the stats to have more of an effect on the character’s behavior and that we can avoid some of the damsel-in-distress crap. While I have no problem with the MC being weaker than her (or his) team, I can’t stomach helplessness or “poor weak me” stuff. And, when she is rescued, she wouldn’t shy away from it and would thank them for it outright, without any mealy-mouthed pandering.

In addition, I am really hoping she doesn’t bury us in angst with the relationships. I can deal with a little cat and mouse with certain ones (with A & M, it makes sense), provided it doesn’t drag on forever. These people are in life and death situations… when you may die at any given time, playing games is a ridiculous waste of time and energy and, psychologically speaking, you wouldn’t have much patience for someone jerking you around for long and would, be like, “Dude, sh** or get off the pot, all right?” :sunglasses:


Amusingly enough, I’m a woman totally into strong men like Adam and Mason, so I know exactly what you mean. Nate’s too nice and weak to deal with my MCs who are more like me–she’d steamroll his butt before he knew what happened, then get bored and be looking for the nearest exit. And Felix… I love him to pieces, but I see him like a little brother to most of my MCs, no matter that he’s like 60 years older than them.

Only Adam and Mason are strong enough to deal with my MCs. And Mason is the safest choice for my characters who, to quote the game, “don’t open up easily.” By the time she realizes she’s falling for Mason, it’ll be too damned late for her to save herself. Hopefully, it will be for Mason, too, lol, or she’s going to go into full-on reckless mode.


If you think N couldn’t keep up with your MC then I think you haven’t been playing with the same Suavewell the rest of us have lol.

Unless you are saying that someone who has no fear to express their emotions is “weak”.

And about the above comment. I have to disagree, I have play with strong character that is combat orientated, and I seriously don’t see from where some of you are getting those impressions… Like, she jumped to fight the Thralls even if it was the first time in her life seeing something like that. I never got the damsel in distress vibe, if some, a combat oriented MC jumps to protect the team more times than the other way around.


I have to agree with this. Based from her Tumblr though, Sera is planning to do some tweaking in the stats and I am looking forward to strengthen my MCs but from what I understand, the series will be mostly character based more than stat based so I have limit my expectations for the stat mechanics.