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M. When they actually smile instead of smirk. But they all probably have very nice smiles if we’re going to be honest.


Voting for A because dimples.

Otherwise F would have won for me. They have the most practice, after all! :smiley:


Oh my god how dare you?!

I mean… N just has a natural smile which would be beautiful, same with F who would just have a nice, big grin. M is the wildcard…

But guys… remember. A has DIMPLES!!


It would be impossible to pick one!!


I’m not sorry!


F, because I’m sure they are one of this persons that when they smile, their faces just brightness up even more. Specially when is a honest smile, and not their default smile they give everyone.


This is the worst poll I have ever seen, why can I only vote for one???


Dang it I gotta give it to N. I love, like, when people just have a natural smile and N does. Precious smiley N. They give their smiles happily and unselfishly, unless A or M, and they don’t smile at other people’s expense, F.

Cinnamon bun N gets my vote!


A has dimples!! Who couldn’t resist that??


I’d say F’s, because it’s just something so full of joy. The scene when they check up on the detective after they return from the Agency facility, if the detective tells them they’re excited about the supernatural, F is just so pleased. Some of the friend options with them are so sweet. They’re so surprised by the detective just being kind and accepting of them.

In short, I imagine when they smile that their whole face just lights up, and–sorry, my brain’s short-circuiting.

(Also I faceclaim Kelly’s actress from San Junipero as Farah)


Image result for san junipero kelly


because i like watching everyone squirm

Because then everyone would be picking everyone, and then there’d never be a winner. do you know how pissed A would be???


I voted F because I feel they have the most infectious smile.

It was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make :frowning:


Speaking of Polls…

Out of 84 Votes Male UB is most popular UB:

Though I will admit that having the mixed teams have altered the results… :thinking:


I can’t believe someone asked Sera if the next book would cost money. :rage: It’s a complete story. The fact that we can carry on to another story is just a bonus.

Mishka put a lot of time and effort into writing and programming this game. She deserves all she can get from the little that is charged for the story—which she only gets a portion of anyway. /rant over

Sorry, that’s kind of a peeve of mine when I see people ask if stories will be free (or demand it and get outraged if it isn’t).

Wow. Lots of talk over the past 5 days I was off here. You guys keeping this thread strong and on track… :heart:

I just wanted to say I agree with getting different threads (and also not needlessly tagging Sera, she’s a busy gal). Sera can create the Book 2 WIP as that should be the author’s right to do so, but the others I think will serve us really well as this community is really vocal, and I like coming here and seeing the different discussions.

For the smile, I voted M because I love M, but it’s probably F as @bobsmyuncle says. I also feel they would have an infectious smile. :smile:


wait, which poll is this?


I posted it, like, forever ago lol


The poll for who would star in or more Specifically their arses in werid science part two electric boogaloo


Yeah I have to walk away from comments like that (or some of the ones in the piracy thread). SUPPORT ARTISTS!

Back on topic: How pissed is A that they’re losing the smile contest?

I picture them walking around like this trying to win…


haha, looks like A has been stuffing the ballots or something (or maybe those dimples are to die for) because now they’re neck-and-neck with F.

F: I call shenanigans!


A already won the best butt poll, what a greedy jerk.


And I think A also won the “favorite member” poll