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Charlotte: Why do I feel incredibly aroused right now?
Charlotte: Quick! Tell Bobby these aren’t the droids they’re looking for!
M: What? Why?
Charlotte: For science?


Murphy did try to pull the “would you kindly” crap on MC the first time they met. I assume M is also capable of that.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless found out, I think M would be totally okay with it.


I know, that is one of their many charms, after all. But I would like to think, foolish I know, that they could have some form of witty side to them(mayhap, no certainly, with heavy innuendos?). Surely they would not have to make it PG13+?
And even as I write that last sentence I think to myself:
No, indeed, M does not have to make it PG13+, they want to make it that way.

Sighs deeply, how have I come to like this character as much as I do?..

Very good point, they did not tell Unit Bravo nor Rebecca about the detective’s physical reaction to M’s use of pheromones, after all.


Hey guys, do you think magical creatures that are from our world and not the Echo one are regulated by the Agency? Or do the Agency have only power over “foreign” supernaturals. Like, for example, lets say some witches are natural from Earth, while vampires and werewolves are from the Echo World (even if there are vampires that have been turned in our planet).

It just got me thinking that it would be cool if supernaturals that are native from Earth are free from their regulations.

About M em… persuading the Detective. I think a deep good kiss could be good for that. Just think M putting one hand in the Detectives neck, the other on their hip, pull them close and give them such an intense kiss that the Detective can only half open their eyes after it, not being even aware that Bobby is there any longer lmao.


Doubt it - I mean, if turned vamps are regulated the same as born vamps, I would assume they claim jurisdiction over anyone.

They seem relatively live and let live though. “Don’t be an a-hole with your powers and we won’t trap you into reliving your worst fear forever.”


Let’s be real. M would want to make it AO. They are not allowed in movie theaters.

Because they are just so… bold. M knows what they want and do not feel ashamed of it. How can you not like that? At least that’s how I feel…

:smirk: Now that’s what I’m talking about…


But what if vampires are regulated because they are not native from our planet? Like, there was no vampires in our world until some came from the Echo World, opposite to witches, who have been here forever.

I like this new headcanon of mine :joy:


It really depends on the Detective’s reaction when it comes to M. I can see M being so confident in their abilities that they would have no reason to be jealous. However, if it hurts the MC, then I think the claws would come out.

The MC that I have romancing Morgan, Luca, finds it very distressing to be around Bobby and he’s someone who’s nice to almost everyone. In particular, I remember the option of saying to ‘stop calling me that’ to Bobby and she goes on with it anyway. I can see Morgan doing some damage in that instance if he was emotionally hurt. It’s not like Morgan wouldn’t notice seeing how sensitive she is.


I feel you. When I first played they were at the bottom of my list. Now I think they’re just under A. (Who is #1.)


It seems like book 2 will be more expensive, yay!! I’m so glad if this is true. I still can’t get over how cheap the first book is. I’m glad CoG recognised Sera’s talent and price her books at a more fair price :smiley:


I assume so. It’s kind of an alliance, isn’t it, between humans and supernaturals? An official agreement that if supernaturals keep their powers to themselves and don’t reveal themselves to humans, the Agency help EW supernaturals acclimate and make sure that humans don’t start, you know, burning them at the stake or burying them alive (which Ancient Egyptians did to people they thought were vampires). It’s literally in everyone’s best interest to cover all supernaturals, regardless of origin.

And maybe the witches were originally from the EW, too. Stories about vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, etc. have been here forever. It’s very possible the openings between dimensions have always existed.

Mom likes M because they are very similar to how Mom was as a teenager.


I was under the impression that CoG lets authors price their own games, so I’d say it’s more that Sera realized that we’re totally willing to pay her more for her great game! :smiley:


You sure? Because Sera was saying on her Tumblr that she wanted book one to be around 4,99 and it was cheaper than that :thinking:.


That’s because the first two weeks of a new release always offer a sale price.

It’s to entice more people to buy the game.


I know that to… Haha. Is the game 4,99 now? I thought it was like 3 something at full price.

But nevermind, I’m just happy that Sera will be earning more, and also, soon her Patreon! I’m so exited to see what she will offer with it. For now, we know one of the rewards will be a map of wayhaven, which is incredibly cool.


:ok_hand:Yep, it’s $4.99.

Yup, just checked. The full price is 4.99, but I think most of us got it during the sale.

That’s why I’m so excited for the patreon. The amount of replay value the game has is way more than the sticker price, so I kinda wish I could have opted out of the sale price. I may not have the means to support her monthly, but I’m more than willing to pay above price once a year or so, and I’m glad that other people who do have the means will have the chance to support her through patreon. :slight_smile:


Us @ Sera


Edit: We must show Sera our love in a multitude of ways, everyone! It’s what she deserves


Like keeping this fandom active and vibrant with conversation!!


Who do you guys think has the best smile in Unit Bravo?

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  • N
  • M
  • F

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Going to go with agnsty
Mainly because it would be rare so it be something of a honour