The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


I’m totally gonna be starting my next play through dunno who I’m gonna romance yet last time I did N. :slight_smile:


I would recommend A for pining moments, M for hot scenes and F for adorable moments.


Ohhh, anyone notice Sera’s logo update? Looks snazzy :ok_hand:


I was trying to imagine what a more mature and healthy version of A would be like. Still overprotective, but a little more open and treating the Detective as a peer rather than an incompetent nuisance. Also, because it would get my MC to cooperate instead of starting a fight, which would really cheese off Bravo!A :smile:


Lol, you probably won’t find that in Unit Alpha :smiley: Though the commanding agent and second in command of Unit Alpha are just as close as A and N, but that’s because the Unit Alpha leader and second are actually brothers.

They are not like A and N in personality though, which is probably what irks A even more!

(Ergonomic keyboard arrived! It’s very, very weird and it’s definitely gonna take a while to get used to, haha! But hopefully it will pay off in the end for my wrists :slight_smile: ).


welp, there go my dreams of unit alpha being the bizarro version of unit bravo.

c’est le vie…


Well we still have 23 other teams we haven’t met :wink:.


…not to mention all those other dimensions out there… :wink:


Sooooo… Which one is the one you wanna smooch?!


You’re right!

come onnnnn Unit Whiskey, belie your designation!!!


What if Unit Charlie is the bizarro Unit Bravo… But they all have 10% less restraint than UB.


I don’t think the Agency could afford that.


Rebecca: Unit Bravo has to go on a very important mission so I’m having Unit Charlie watch you… I asked Unit Alpha but when A found out… well, Unit Charlie will be with you for a few weeks.
MC: Oh okay. How bad could it be?

MC: opens door to office
office is a wreck
C!A: … your furniture is too fragile, Detective. Just like you I can see.
MC: Wha-
C!F: Oh and I found your phone! You and -insert RO here- seem really close~
MC: T-That’s… Wait, where is my phone then??
C!N: Oh I destroyed it! Technology is evil
MC: I… Why is the corner on fire?
C!F: Oh that’s just from C!M’s smoking.
C!M: … -censored-
MC: …

A: … for some reason I feel suddenly vindicated.


Oh my god which one of you sent in the butt squeeze ask?? CONFESS


M is gonna wreck Bobby and I cannot wait!!


Bobby: opens mouth
M: Ho, don’t you do it.
Bobby: calls the MC by a nickname
M: Oh my god.


On the one hand, I would like to see what happens, because M being jealous/protective is something I would adore.
Yet on the other, I would prefer such a scenario to not happen. Because I like Bobby…

Would like to have an option where the detective could interfere between the two and just shush the whole argument before it has even started. Though I cannot deny that I would have at least one playthrough where I would let it escalate as well…Because M! …I mean science


I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in awhile. Thank you. :black_heart:


Well, here’s the thing. We know M isn’t really the jealous type since that’s just not how Sera rolls, so it’s most likely that M just dislikes the idea of the MC thinking about anyone else when they’re flirting with them.

So, I am proposing that instead of hurting Bobby well, at least not physically, mayhaps emotionally M will instead, um, make sure the MC can only think of them when using a nickname.


My MC would probably break things up, just to keep an argument from breaking out, even though she hates it when Bobby does that. If Bobby pushed things far enough she’d eventually stop playing mediator, though. I imagine M could be pretty damn intimidating when they want to be. But yeah, no love lost there at all.

I’m certain all the detective would actually have to do would make clear in no uncertain terms that they are well over Bobby and M might not be so prickly. He might get prickly if Bobby doesn’t knock it off, though, especially if it made the detective super uncomfortable.


I imagine if it ever came to confrontation between M and Bobby, our lovely interrogation expert would go down the path of least resistance and simply try to brainwash/intimidate the journalist with pheromone jedi tricks. Or w/e that would work.