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Maybe, once upon a time, A was a nice sweet baby who didn’t glare at everyone.


I don’t know what I love more: Baby A being a pure angel child full of hopes and dreams and love… Or baby A being born with a scowl on their face that has never left.


Ok, but what if A was the kind of baby who would get angry at older children because none of them knew how to play with their toys correctly, the savages. “They go back in the box, not on the floor—did you even listen to me??”

I’m, like, 90% certain N was an easy baby, and a very, very charming little todder/child/etc. probably had a bit of a rebellious streak growing up tho, tsk tsk, Naughty N

F was sweet until you realized they hadn’t lost an ounce of energy in the past six hours.
This is something that they never grew out of, of course.

M…M, I think, was probably a sweet baby, if only because the angst.


First one is kinda sad; the second one one is very funny.


Suavewell started early.

They charmed all their nannies and the adults in their lives. No one saw it coming when a small, baby N waddled over to them and then said something smooth as heck. It was adorable.

Plot twist: A is not as grumpy as they seem, they just have a resting b*tch face.


[gasp] And their true grumpiness comes from everyone always asking, “Is something wrong? You look mad.”

can confirm, one of my friends has a sublime resting bitch face and hooooooboi, would people mistake that for her mood

Nanny: Good night, little N.
N: Good night, nanny. I hope your dreams are as sweet as your face.


So both, then? Hope and wonder packed inside a very small, very angry-looking A?


Yes. Perfect.

MC goes in for a smooch, pulls back and A is till grumpy looking. MC is upset until A is like “no, I liked it. That’s just my face.”

Side Note: I wish I could speak A and N’s secret bro language because I would love to know what all their shared glances mean during the game…


Someone, idk, let’s say a nanny: Look, A, the ducks!
Nanny: Don’t you like the ducks?
A: [resting bitch face] Of course I like the ducks.
Nanny: Oh…you just looked angry is all.

And so began A’s downward spiral…

It honestly feels like one of those secret twin languages sometimes. I want in, Sera. Let my MC learrrrrrrrn.


A and N:

and I’m out of likes, woe is me


Meanwhile M and F are like:

never mind, this is F with literally anyone, tbh


F: slams open door
F: M, are you thinking what I’m thinking?!
M: …
M: …
M: smirks Probably not…
F: You’re no fun…


When Unit Bravo are surrounded by enemies, two-on-two:

A and N:

  • literally just share a glance
  • defeat the bad guys in their area without a word

M and F:

  • screaming
  • crying
  • miscommunication
  • lots of expletives

Also, mewsly, I found actual footage of Rebecca getting Charlotte addicted to Star Wars:

Little did Rebecca know…


Unit Alpha are still around and kicking (might just get to meet them in Book Two—I’m pretty excited to introduce them… :wink: ). The unit who were killed were Unit Uniform.
But that’s a really interesting idea! I’m always looking for ideas for writing practice and I think I’ll add this to the list, thank you! :smiley:

Been keeping up with the thread, guys, just haven’t had a chance to respond!

Should be getting an ergonomic keyboard today, so I’m hoping writing for Book Two will really be able to take off after that, hehe!

Hope everyone is doing great and here’s to a productive week! :slight_smile:


Give this lady a medal! :fireworks::star_struck::trophy::star_struck::fireworks:

(I’m definitely using this in one of SONSS soon enough. Of course, I’ll give credit to you, @Meira_Litch :smirk: )

I love the whole idea. I’m saving it for future references (i.e. SONSS)

It seems like Alpha!A is a bit more open and admits their feeling easily in a way.

Yep, pretty much like all love stories from their “childhood”, if she had one.

Maybe they (reffering to A) used to be in love with someone else back then, then when they admitted their true feelings, all sorts of weird crap happened.

So, maybe that’s why A is afraid of admitting their feelings to the Detective? Or just really like to keep it professional? Doing a bad job at hiding it, though

Flashback Fridays? I look forward to it.

Who wouldn’t, right? I mean, that might even ruin my day if they ask me that question as is. Try masking the question, like “Are you alright? You look uneasy.”

The comparison is beyond hilarious! I almost fell out of my chair from LMAO! Kudos to that! :rofl::laughing::joy:


I love that all of you have backstories for 3 or more of your different characters. I only have one character, and that character is me lol


Excuse. M/F would be the equivalent of the Bucky and Rocket team up in Infinity War or possibly a LOTR moment except that F wants to be tossed

A/N = shared glances and kicking ass. YES AGREED ON THIS. Would also swap weapons if need be and be completely fluent in it

A/F = A soaks up damage while F does the hitting. Can also lead into F acting as a decoy by being annoyingly glib with banter and A knocking the enemy out while they’re frustrated

A/M = you cannot beat the wall

N/F = go to team for espionage related things (even if M is a walking lie detector), pretty much on team “blink and you’re dead”

N/M = best/worst combination if we are talking about N absolutely letting go of control. Pure damage output and deadly if the team needs a failsafe plan but things can end up horribly wrong if M can’t reel in N’s bloodlust imo


you’re not alone! i also only have one MC and is also a self-insert (well, mostly)


I’m totally gonna be starting my next play through dunno who I’m gonna romance yet last time I did N. :slight_smile:


I would recommend A for pining moments, M for hot scenes and F for adorable moments.