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Another thing to bring to the devs, change resuri title from “Regular” to “Law enforcer”


A bunch of baby pictures of the detective has been found! How would your detective react to UB looking at them?

Emma: Semi embarrassed. She wouldn’t freak out or be too upset, but there’d be some blushing and embarrassed neck rubbing.

Cassandra: HUMILIATED. Super blushy and embarrassed, would avoid everyone for a month. Might or might not cry a little.

Hayden: Ticked off. More snarky and harsher then usual. “Yeah? Well your face.” flips the bird “That grasshopper would have done a better job at keeping me safe!” in reguards to a picture of her with a grasshopper in her nose

Sam/Sammy (current F romancing MC I’m considering. Have a hard time making a MC for F that I’m happy with for whatever reason.): She’d love it. “Oooooh, those are good ones, but you have to see the one of me running around with clown-print underwear on my head when I was six!”


My MC would be sensitive, mostly because of her relationship with Rebecca. She would get a good laugh out of pictures of her with cake smeared on her face or dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween. But any pictures with Rebecca or her dad would get snapped up and hidden. Any attempt to retrieve them, discuss them, or question her behavior would be met with a curt “drop it.” Further pushing will start a fight.

As long as the conversation stays focused on “look at silly baby detective, awww!” she would be fine and happy to laugh along and recount stories. And tell UB they are lucky they were babies before photography was a thing.


Oh my god I love this.


Samir would be so flustered and embarrassed. There would 100% be pictures of him dressed up. Really, any old pictures would just embarrass him. High school pictures, baby pictures, videos. He would be mortified. Especially when he had to shave his head for swimming. Never again.

Rin would be bothered but she would refuse to show it. All her pictures where she was a baby with long hair and smiled. No one would believe it was really her anyway. Baby Rin wore pink for god sakes. No one would believe it was her.

Sonja would just laugh. Then demand to see baby pictures of UB in return. And if they were born before photos were invented than she shall devote her life to trying to figure out what they would look like as babies.


F: Ohhhhhh shoot! Baby pictures!
A: F, don’t be so nosy. We’re in Agent Greene’s home after all.
F: I’m not being nosy I’m just—oops! [drops the photo album and it just so happens to open up] Dear me, I’m just so clumsy!
F: [hops onto the couch holding the now open photo open] Oooh, the Detective’s hair is naturally brown? IIIIIIIInteresting.
M: …Really?
F: Nah, not really. [flips page] Hmm. [frowns] [continues flipping] [frowns more deeply]
N: What’s wrong? [leans over to look]
F: She’s either crying or very nearly crying in every single one.
M: [scoff] Little Miss Sunshine?
A: …you really ought to stop. [leans forward to look at the pictures]
F: [flips pages] Ah! Here we are. A picture where she’s not in tears.
N: …but she’s still frowning.
F: [flips more page] It just goes on…oh, well, she seems mildly more…uh…less angry in her emo phase, surprisingly.
N: Emo what?
A: I’d hardly call that an improvement.
F: Yeah me either, but oh hey! Look at this one! [pulls out a picture and holds it next to M] M looks just like moody teenaged Charlotte! So weird!
[A and N just look at each other]
M: [glares at F]
F: Come ooooon, you do kinda act like one.
Charlotte: [from another room] Are you guys here already? You don’t have a car so it’s hard to tell.
F: [gasp] You baited me on purpose!
M: [glares and keeps smoking]
F: [leaps over to the couch to dispose of the evidence]
[Charlotte enters just as F props their legs up on the coffee table]
N: Feet off the coffee table, we’re guests.
F: [breathing heavily] [nods instead of talking]
Charlotte: Aw, man, it’s been years since I was in this place… [walks directly over to the photo album]
F: [still breathing heavily] Wh-What are you doing, Detective?
Charlotte: [chuckles to herself] When I was fourteen I was really mad at Rebecca and photoshopped all the photo album pictures with crying babies and angry kids and hid the real ones around the house.
Charlotte: [finds and opens the photo album] Ahhhhh! It’s still here! She never found 'em! [cackles evilly]
F: Wait, so those are all fake?
Charlotte: I mean…half of them, maybe. Most of the moody teen ones are actually me, and half of the really young baby pictures are really me crying—look! Back when I didn’t know how to deal with strangers! D’awww, poor baby Charlotte.
F: Wait, so moody teenaged Charlotte really looked like modern-day M?
Charlotte: Pretty much.
M: [rolls eyes]
Rebecca: [enters] I’m glad you’re all here— [momentarily stops and stares at M] I’m sorry, I…for a minute there, I thought you were fifteen year old Charlotte.
F: [falls over cackling]


Charlotte and M long lost twins confirmed?!


More like Charlotte used to have good taste. What the hell happened?

      -M, at some point, probably


I would like to make a really long post about this, but tbh, all of my Detectives would be ok with the baby pictures. They all have a good relation with Rebecca, so looking at those pictures would be all good memories.

But, omg, I just imagined one picture of my as a 3 year old that I love. Is totally absurd. Basically, I kind of remember this moment. I was at home with my family, they were watching a tv program, but I was too little and I didn’t get it, so I got bored. I went to the bathroom and grabbed some cotton buds, which I proceed to put one in each ear, one in each nostril, and also two on my mouth as very long fangs.

I think Felix and Mason would die laughing if any of the Detectives had a picture like that :joy:


Charlotte: Hahaha, I wish I knew what that was like.

Actually, here’s a pretty fun topic in and of itself:

What, if any, phases did your Detectives go through while growing up? (Are they in one now?)

For example:

Charlotte and her emo phases. Sure, now she dresses like she stole all of Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe , but back in the day, from 2004-2008, she was a scene kid (as much as you could be with no money to buy the wardrobe).


I’ll go with Marla since she is my main.

As a kid, she was fascinated with videogames, but never got the chance to properly play since Rebecca would refuse to buy her any console. With this, she carried on being the explorer child, wandering in the woods and believing she was finding really cool stuff.

She would go out with her friends around the age of 10 to 14 (obviously not out to a party, but like, sleepover and things like that), but then their friends started to become the rebel kind, started to play with drugs and stuff, and she didn’t feel comfortable with it. So she stopped going out with them and stayed at home, reading even more than she already used to. You know how some parents tell off their kids because they go late to bed playing games? Well, Marla would have a lamp on her bedside table, and as soon Rebecca would come home from work (some times very late) she would turn off the lamp and pretend to be asleep all along. Now that she has grow up, Marla is pretty sure that Rebecca played along, since the light from her lamp was visible from the outside of the house…

When she was 15, almost 16, she made some new friends. With this friends, she went in depth with the metal scene. In this stage, she went from goth to heavy metal looks. She still has her New Rock boots, lots of chains, corsets and all the proper metal head look.

Now that she is an adult, she dresses slightly more normal, black cargo pants and black shirt, so black is still her favourite colour, and if she is going out, she will put some of her bracelets on.

Luckily, her musical taste has evolved, because when she was a teen, anything that wasn’t classical music and metal was shit. Now she has left that childish behaviour behind, and enjoys anything she likes with no shame.

At the moment, she just does whatever the fuck she wants, and she is not apologetic about it.


Bubbly Kira would be a bit embarrassed but good natured about the baby pictures.
Stoic Kira would be really embarrassed but try to hide it.
Flirty Playful Kira would laugh it off.
(They all have good relationship with Rebecca).

I could Bubbly Kira going through a hippie phase. Not sure about the rest.


I bought Dragon Age Origins last week. So far I’m really bad at it.


For Zoë, it would depend. The baby pictures where she’s a smiley happy baby? She’d be pleased to show them to Farah. It’s also partly dependent on whether Rebecca’s there. If she can control the narrative and avoid awkward stories–instead spinning them into something (that she thinks is) mildly cool or at least not embarrassing, she’s fine.

But the picture of her watching “The Little Vampire”? Unit Bravo is forbidden from ever laying eyes on that photo.

I kind of want there to be a photo with the Agency nanny in it and for one of Unit Bravo to recognize them.

Or were they? Photography was invented in the early-mid-19th century. There might be pictures of baby M floating around (though I get the feeling they couldn’t have afforded it) or baby N (not giving up on Victorian N until canon proves me wrong). I think A’s probably too old though, and F’s are likely back in the EW, if they have photography.


Friend you do not realize the flood gates you have just opened up.


Samir was a handful as a baby. Wouldn’t sleep, was fussy, would cry 24/7.

Samir was pretty much always a very outgoing person but as a child he was hyper. You could not get him to stay still unless you put him in front of a fantasy movie or a video game. Rebecca would take him to the park and he would make 5 new best friends within the hour.

He absolutely loved going to school. He loved meeting new people, he loved taking classes. He flurished in school.

He learned he was gay at a young age… he was pretty much the last one to know. It was probably just a casual talk with Rebecca where he expressed concerned that he didn’t have a crush like his friends did and when asked he said he didn’t likes any girls. His little mind was blown when Rebecca suggested that he could have crushes on boys.

Starting in middle school he did lots of activities but never stuck with any for too long. A year on the swim team, a year on track, tried choir but didn’t care of it, never really had the attention span to learn music. He did try gymnastics and he found he really liked that and would continue that until college. He also started doing volunteer work. Helping older neighbors with yard and house work, working at the public library, and he found that he enjoyed helping people. He also was introduced to DnD by a friend of his. He found he had a nack for DMing.

In high school he actually started dating. Nothing really serious and most ended mutually and with them still on good terms. One boyfriend did take him ice skating and he found he really liked it, still tries to go when he can. Still, when college rolled around he decided to join the police force.

College was a rough time. People are more isolated and the only person he really met was Bobby… which, ah, didn’t end well. Still, once he graduated he decided to stay home in Wayhaven and try to make it a safer place.


As a baby Rin was quiet and slept often. She did NOT like strangers and would stick to her parents like glue. Rin was the kind of baby that would trick a parent into thinking “oh, this isn’t so bad I could totally have another.” Thankfully Rebecca didn’t fall for it.

As a child Rin was shy. Terribly shy. She would often be found hiding behind her mother’s leg or behind her long hair that she insisted on having, just like her mother. She did bond with her Nanny after a long, long time. She spent most of her time watching old movies and television shows, playing with her dolls especially her stuffed chipmunk, and started reading fairly young.

She didn’t like school very much. Learning was fun but she didn’t like being surrounded by so many people. She definitely cried her first day of school when Rebecca finally had to leave, and the second she came to pick her up Rin was back to clinging to her mother’s pant leg.

Rin was a bit of a target of bullies. More the getting teased kind of bullying than the getting beat up kind of bullying. She quietly dealt with it for years until she finally snapped and stood up for herself. She got in trouble, but was never bullied again.

She didn’t partake in many extracurricular activities. At one point she started going for jogs and working out for her own sake but nothing besides that. She did have a part time job for awhile in high school at some clothing store. She hated it.

She always wanted to travel, and she thought the army would be good for that. When Rebecca shot down that idea she did the next best thing and went to college out of state. She found she didn’t really care of big city living and moved back to Wayhaven after graduation.

It was during her senior year of college that she woke up one day with the intense desire to cut her hair, something she had never done before. Once classes were done for the day she went to a near by hair salon, sat down, and told them “I want it all gone.” They tried to dissuade her but she was dead set, and they at least convinced her to donate it. When asked what kind of short style she wanted Rin replies with a shrug so they poor stylist gave her the short cut she has now. Rebecca almost had a heart attack when she went to Rin’s graduation and a stranger walked when they called her daugher’s name.

Then she joined the Wayhaven police force where Tina claimed her as a friend, which is how most of Rin’s friendships begin.


What, if any, phases did your Detectives go through while growing up? (Are they in one now?)


Emma was pretty outgoing as a kid, and she enjoyed playing soccer(football?). As she got older though, she started getting shyer. She was in a band in high school. They weren’t really any good, but she had fun for a while and learned how to play the guitar and a bit of the keyboard. (She mostly joined to impress a girl…which she is embarrassed to admit.) She studied pretty much nonstop in collage to the point of having a bit of a breakdown and just sitting in a fast food restaurant for like six hours once.


I guess as a teenager she dressed pretty goth…still kinda does. Hayden got herself into a lot of trouble. Fighting, racing, skipping school, underage drinking, ect. Despite everything, she had a pretty big group of friends. She doesn’t exactly blame her mom for her behavior though, mostly blaming herself for being a really stupid teenager. She’s still not exactly the most upstanding person around, but she does take her job pretty seriously. She’s both smarter and more sensitive then she lets on.


Cassandra has always been really shy. She tried to be an artist when she was younger, but got disheartened and gave up, instead she developed an immense interest in mythology. (Mainly Greek, but she enjoys it all.) She was always very close with her mom, so being apart for long periods of time always seriously upset her. She used to be afraid of thunderstorms, but now she enjoys them.


Sammy used to dress very casually and understated, which is a huge shift considering she utterly loves to dress up now. She was pretty shy as a kid and didn’t have many friends. But everything changed when the fire nation-uhhhhh I mean when she joined drama class in high school. Turns out, she has a flair for the dramatic. She tends to get bored easy, but if something peaks her interest, she can easily get completely absorbed.She loves and is great at FPS games.


What if baby A was used as a painting reference?

Like this


Either that artist is insanely talented, or the painter was a hack, because that baby isn’t nearly angry enough to be A.


Don’t be like that with A. :cry: I am pretty sure they were cheerful when they were young.


Maybe, once upon a time, A was a nice sweet baby who didn’t glare at everyone.