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Also, when deep in the relationship, I headcanons N and A asking permission from Rebecca to start a commited relationship with the MC.

A and N: of course MC is their own person and doesn’t need their mothers permission, but is called manners something you barbarians clearly lack.


Pffft, with my MC they should be asking Tina’s permission, not Rebecca’s.


This is??? So good???
Imagine if the fact that MC is immune isn’t common knowledge, and so many supernaturals reliant on glamour just out themselves in public while trying to stalk the detective.

And half of them happen at the grocery store.

N: What do you mean you get tea from bulk barn?
MC: There’s nothing wrong with it N, buy your own tea!
F: Hey MC, why do humans look at fruits and vegetables like that?
MC: Well F, you have to check for bruising and- wait. Why is there someone covered in kelp molesting the bananas?
A: What.
MC: On your three o’clock? Ew I think she’s dripping on them.
F: MC, what are you talking about? She’s a brunette- OHHHHH-
A: slapping a hand over F’s mouth Could you handle this M?
M: Got it.

MC: Are you kidding me?
N: What is it? concerned
MC: I can’t believe a fae is taking more than 20 items into the 15 or fewer lane. Who raised you? Can you not read?
A: Where?
MC: That bastard with the quinoa and more than 20 items in the express lane!

MC: Hm.
F: I recognize that one! that’s the ‘I’ve just seen a supernatural I don’t wanna see’ hum!
MC: Well, you’re not wrong.
M: Where is it this time? exasperated
MC: It’s… It’s perched on top of Aisle 5. Like some kind of pasta gargoyle
F: Hey N, are there any supernaturals that-
N: There are no supernaturals who are known for guarding pasta.
A: I will get it.


Quinoa is the worst. Other then that…I really like this idea. :smiley:

omg but wait, what about supernaturals just...doing their own grocery shopping in a grocery store??

Charlotte: [sniffing the cilantro]
Farah: Eugh, it smells like soap.
Charlotte: What? No, it smells fragrant and refresh–!
Farah: Ooh! Heads up, there’s a witch coming.
Charlotte: A what?
Farah: Just don’t move or she’ll turn you into a toad.
Charlotte: [freezes]
Witch: [humming to herself] [stands patiently behind the Detective]
Charlotte: [is still frozen]
Witch: Um, excuse me?
Farah: Detective! How rude! Move aside for the lady!
Charlotte: [stammers] I–I--but you–!
Farah: [pulls Charlotte aside while grinning] After you, ma’am!
Witch: [grabs two stalks] Thanks. [walks away]
Farah: [trying not to laugh] I didn’t think you’d fall for it!

[Charlotte and Nate are in line at the cash register]
Nate: [is flipping through a home and gardening magazine] Hmm, Himalayan spring water specifically for herb plants…ooh, only $49.99?
Charlotte: Aaaaaand that’s enough window shopping for today. [swipes the magazine out of his hand]
Nate: But your apartment could really do with some greenery.
Charlotte: I have flowers!
Nate: Pre-cut, and wilting, and dying. I mean living plants.
Charlotte: Well…maybe so, but I promised Adam you wouldn’t be sending magazines more money.
Nate: But the ASPCA—!
Charlotte: The ASPCA doesn’t count.
Nate: [sigh] Fine. Alright. No more magazines…this week.
Charlotte: Oh my god.
Cashier: Hello! I hope you found everything you—wait a second. Agent Sewell?
Nate: [fuck me idk names]! [to Charlotte] I taught her English and acclimatized her to the human world. [to the cashier] How have you been?
Cashier: Oh, you know… [lifeless eyes] …earning minimum wage.
[Charlotte and Nate awkwardly stand around until the cashier finishes ringing them up]
Nate: [Charlotte is dragging him away] IT WAS NICE SEEING YOU AGAIN.

or what about supernaturals coming to the MC because they're the liason?'s almost exactly as though the MC is back to being a cop

[the team checks out a domestic disturbance in the middle of the night]
Ava: What’s the issue?
Charlotte: [yawns]
Mason: [elbows her awake]
Charlotte: Gah! Yes! The issue, what is the issue?
Fae: This werewolf broke into my home!
Werewolf: I was just coming back to get my stuff!
Fae: I told you, I threw all your crap onto the front yard, you two-timing low-life!
Werewolf: I told you! I’ve never seen that demon in my life!
Fae: Oh, and I’m just supposed to believe you every time you say that about—
[more arguments in the background]
Charlotte: Oh my god, this is my job again.
Mason: I thought you liked people.
Charlotte: [close to tears] Not like this!
Ava: [sigh] Okay, we have to pull them apart. I’ll get the werewolf, Mason, you keep the Fae from hurtling magic. Detective, you’ll be sweeping the area for…for any objects that seem wereworld-like.
Charlotte: And what kind of objects am I looking for? Squeaky toys?
Ava: Alright, ma’am, sir—
Charlotte: Shit, wait, Ava!
Ava: [ignoring her] We’re just going to do a quick sweep of the house.
Charlotte: [haltingly enters the home]
Ava: We’re only checking for any…potential items that may have been overlooked in your…emotionally trying time.
Fae: What the fuck, Adrien? You’re triple-timing me with a vampire now?
Ava: [shoulders sag] Oh, for the love of—
Charlotte: [carrying a doggy bed and a rope] Found it!!
Werewolf: My stuff!

Sweet Old Lady: Excuse me? Detective Greene? Are you who I come to see for supernatural aid?
Charlotte: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Old Lady: You see, there’s a gang of teenagers doing satanic rituals in the forest.
Charlotte: asdsjdfljlksdjdshglskjklasd
Lady: Will you come with me so that I don’t absorb too much of their souls?
Charlotte: [notices the Sweet Old Lady’s horns] [hyperventilates]


Okay, now I have to ask. What is more of a strain on the Agency’s budget? Adam/Ava destroying furniture every time the Detective wanders off, or Nate/Nat buying fancy $50 water and importing expensive Italian hair product?


What about supernaturals using abilities to get away with super petty crap? It’s too small for the agency to care but it doesn’t matter because the detective knows. It’s infuriating because the only reason that wasn’t illegal was because nobody would ever believe it. At this point the detective is fairly sure that they’re just doing it to annoy them.

Or one of the local neighborhood watch is actually a supernatural who is more than happy working with the cops if it means they live in a nicer neighborhood. It’s the umpteenth time Tina has remarked on how unusually helpful this person is. The detective is perfectly happy but the whole team is being as awkward as they were before the reveal and between this guy and the detective’s new super secret agent friends Tina is starting to get suspicious. Poor A is probably tearing their hair out (again) and F is being the exact opposite of helpful (again).

Was it ever brought up how Tina and the others would react to the whole supernatural thing?


There were so many times I overheated when reading Nate’s route. I want to tackle that man with love so badly.

The Suavewell Highlights


ok, crazy thought, but hear me out:

Unit Alpha—hear me out—is exactly the same as Unit Bravo—hear me out—except their version of A and N—hear me out—have exactly 10% more self control, thus saving the Agency millions in unbroken furniture and reasonably-priced domestic hair gels.

There’s no other difference.

A hates them.


Okay but going off of the whole MC is immune to the supernatural thing: how many times has a supernatural in Wayhaven tried to use their powers on them and been disappointed?? Or they walk past the MC and go “they smell really nice… I wonder why”?? I really wanna see pre-book one MC interacting with the supernatural and just assuming their town is full of weirdos.


Ha Suavewell indeed
Bloody twenty characters limit


Are there plans for flashbacks to show what happened to Unit Alpha? If not in-game you could consider doing a short story that shows what happened. It could even be from “Murphy’s POV” which would be interesting :slight_smile:


N hates them too after hearing the Detective compliment Unit A on their hair.

N: muttering They bought that mousse in a local salon not a block from here… unbelievable… careless…


Goddamnit, I just remembered that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine meers Bizzarro Jerry and Crew and now I can’t help but imagine Unit Alpha as essentially identical as Unit Brave except a tad more mature/self-restrained.

Alpha!A: Detective that was incredibly brash and foolish and—and I’m going to stop myself before I say anything I regret.
Charlotte: You what?
Alpha!A: Detective, please don’t speak to me for ten second. I don’t want to say something brash.
Charlotte: [falls out of her chair]

Alpha!N: Himalayan water? For plants?
Charlotte: Oh my god please don’t—
Alpha!N: How silly and overpriced.
Charlotte: …interesting.

Charlotte: So, you’re like the Alpha version of M, correct?
Alpha!M: [scoffs] I guess.
Charlotte: …so…are you going to hit on me unnecessarily?
Alpha!M: What? No. Only if you indicate that you would like that.
Charlotte: Really?
Alpha!M: Excuse me, I’ve run out of nicotine patches.
Charlotte: Holy shit.

Alpha!F: Soooo, Detective…I hear you might have a thing for one of the agents. [waggles eyebrows]
Charlotte: [blushes] Ah! That’s not a very professional topic of conversation!!!
Alpha!F: Oh! You’re right! I’m so sorry. I just can’t help but be curious. If it’s alright, we can chit-chat at a more appropriate time, like drinks after work?
Charlotte: [clutches chest]
Alpha!F: Are…are you dying?

A hates the shit out of them, omg


Detective returns from a walk by themself and also happened to forget their phone.
Alpha!A: I know you’re a capable adult but next time please double check that you have your phone in case we need to reach you. We all worry when you disappear like that.

Bravo!A: spontaneously combusts


Poor A. They haven’t felt romance in so long and now they don’t know what to do with themselves and are too proud to ask for help. At least they aren’t alone in their dorkiness. All the vampires are huge dorks at the end of the day. (I don’t care how suave N is. They are a Dork. )

I don’t know. That seems more of something you do for your teenager, not your adult child (who has punched a vampire). Vampire-punching seems like a good measure of competence as any. Besides, as their handler (and boy, do I love that title–nothing could be more appropriate), she has pretty good sway already. M was already concerned about having broken the detective during the patrol scene because Rebecca would be mad.


I laughed so hard I almost cried. Pasta gargoyles is a phrase I will use forever.

Image result for scooby doo virus movie gang meets their doppelganger


We haven’t met Unit Alpha yet! Hopefully next book. If you’re talking about the unit Murphy killed that was Unit Uniform


Ah yeah that’s who I meant. Thanks for reminding me.


I do wonder what race Unit Alpha is :thinking: I think we can safely say “not demons” since I recall Sera saying F got along well with them. I know werewolves are common hope… but could they also be vampires! Probably not but maybe??


That’s it, that’s exactly it. How did you get in my brain?


Ohhhh, this has cheered me up on this awful, awful chemistry-filled Monday I have.

I love it when A has an aneurysm.

please good sir, may I have some more?