The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


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If by “Waiting Game” you mean “Talking about our beloved vampires till we hear something” then I’m ready to play!

I’ve always been really curious about the different ways UB describes the MC’s smell. I know the “no RO” way it F says they smelll “tasty,” romance F says they smell “tempting,” M says “enticing,” and I think A says “overwhelming?” I don’t remember what N says tho!


Suavewell says, “Intoxicating.”

And then I swoon and forget to play the rest of the game.


Think N said the MCs scent is intoxicating


To be honest… This made me swoon as well and this is coming from one of A and M top fan. XD


Dang, N, you need to put Suavewell away! You are gonna hurt someone!!

I do think A’s is really cute tho. Even more so because they just blurt it out. Poor A. Can’t be a smooth operator if your gonna blurt out “you smell like super good” in front of your crush and all your friends and your crush’s mom.


Suavewell killed my phone battery that day!

They have already left a trail of destruction, including my poor dead phone and myself, who was left reeling, trying to figure out if I didn’t just imagine that entire paragraph.


My reaction in this scene was
“Awww… It seems Adam has a crush with my fictional daughter (the MC) giggles

For M, I was “Damn son, direct to the point!”


A saying overwhelming is amazing because, A, the master/mistress of control, admits that something is overwhelming to them.

And with this I want to clarify, A is most of the time self controlled, so don’t come saying how they are so cranky around the MC because we know that is not their usual behaviour :joy:


M has 0 chill okay. They will take any chance to flirt with the MC. Which, personally, I think is both amazing and hilarious.

M is the kinda person to look Rebecca in the eyes and says “your child is hot and I want to bang them.” No chill. I love it.


How will M react when Rebecca gives them the talk. Mom is a badass, and I can’t imagine her not giving the RO the shovel talk.


True… I flustered a bit in this scene as well after that line went through my head because I came to realized that my MC’s mom is in the same room.


You are speaking my language because I want that. So bad. We do know M is actually intimidated by Rebecca, or at least respects her, so it’s gonna be interesting to see what wins: M’s respect or M’s thirst.


M, probably:


I just really wanna see Rebecca give the shovel talk to all of them, but alas, Sera has said that our mom actually lets us have our own life and choices how dare she.


I can only see this:

R: M, I need to speak to you for a minute, come with me.
M follows her
R: So, it has come to my attention that you are dating my child.
M relaxed postures changes quickly, their shoulders going square, and turning off their cigarette
Rebecca leans closer, pulling they down so they are eye to eye
R: I know you have many affairs, and that is non of my concern. But now, you are dating my child, and if you hurt them in anyway, I will shove all your cigarettes down your throat.
Rebecca releases them, putting some distance in between, looking dead serious
R: This better be serious for you, Agent M, because it is for my child. And if its not, you are going to end this, right now.
stares into their eyes
R: Understood?
M: Yes ma’am.
R: Then you can leave.
M turns around, almost sprinting to the door, but stopping in the last minute
M: I do care about the Detective, I can promise you that.


It does not matter that you are slightly shorter than you thought.
You are beautiful, your height is beautiful. Do not forget that c:

Regarding the different forums once this one has reached its 10k limit, I am all for. As long as there is someplace on here that I can gush about M Wayhaven.

@Meira_Litch, THANK YOU! <3
Oh girl, I cannot wait until our detectives will be able to coax that information out of M.


I like talking to the people on here, I’d like to think we’ve created a comradery here.

You… You…

Sweet human being <3


Don’t say stuff like that… I get all stupid.

And in case you do not like raccoons...



P.S. Do not mind the dumbness, give us all the details about that dream of yours.


I love raccoons…

Also shoot I thought people would’ve forgotten I mentioned it… umm…

Don’t judge me.
I mean it. I’m really embarrassed
Okay. So.

pretty much the one thing I remember the most is being at, like, a grocery store with Adam and Felix. Specifically it was, like, the produce section. And I think I was like “oh, shit, is that Murphy” and he was just looking at bananas or something and Adam was like “shidjfbfjx we need to go NOW” and Felix had wandered off and then he noticed us so we tried to casually leave but he was just following all close so it was just Adam and Felix squishing me while we checked out and that’s all I remember…


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That is because recycling is good for planet earth, silly c;
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Mewsly, if you ask me you can recycle that meme like your life depends on it.
Also, that was a hilarious dream you had, but that is beside the point.