The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2


The fans could. Gun of Infinity (Cont’d) thread was created by a fan, not by the author if I remember correctly. =)


Well, the current Guns of Infinity discussion thread was made by someone other than the author.
Considering how active this fandom is, I can see that even if it is frowned upon, the volume of discussuon we have necessitates an open thread, even if it’s not opened by the author.

For sure WIP threads can only be made by authors, though. It would just seem odd otherwise, lol.

And yeah, we would have to bring the FAQ thing up to Sera. Though I’m not sure how effective it would be… :thinking: The Children of the Gods tumblr has an FAQ and people still ask them the same questions over and over. To some extent, it’s just that some people don’t want to dig through links or past asks. :confused:


But wouldn’t having two threads be confusing? Because some people might post on the first thread while the second thread is the only one still active (or vise versa). Unless only the second discussion thread is open.


I think a second discussion thread would only be made after this one is locked at 10,000 posts. Then if Sera creates a WIP topic for Book 2 that will be strictly about Book 2: bugs, questions for Sera, feedback, etc


The next discussion thread will be open once this reaches the 10k, then, this one will be automatically closed and it will be impossible to comment in here.

So, at the end, we will have only one discussion topic open at a time. Plus, the WIP topic fro book 2, which Sera will open once she has a ready demo.

A suggestion, btw, should we name the future topic “The Wayhaven Chronicles Discussion thread”? And not specify a book, so we can just discuss the game freely?


@Alexis (psst! i love your avatar!) As said before, we’re only planning for when this thread gets locked at 10,000 comments (the hosting site recently limited threads to that number despite CoG’s protests. There is no way to unlock them past that number), so there should only be:

  • one active general discussion thread
  • one WIP thread (which we will not make, only Sera can make those)
  • one fanworks thread
  • one FAQ thread

And if you’re wondering, the mods generally unlist threads once they’ve reached capacity or if the WIP has released (which is why you only see two active Wayhaven threads right now).

@Meira_Litch I think The Wayhaven Chronicles Discussion Thread 1 fits nicely! (maybe we don’t even need ‘The’ or ‘Chronicles’? [shrug])
Let’s try and number them, though, so that we can

  1. Keep track of them
  2. New threads don’t allow you to name things identically to old threads, so we need the numbers to differentiate them

Otherwise, I think we have come up with a dang good plan, everyone! :smiley: Good job!


I’m all for separating Book X feedback threads (“Book 2 Feedback and Bug Reporting”) from “general discussion” (not necessarily specific book bound). Furthermore, having a Wayhaven subforum would be ideal so you can find and list all the threads with a couple of clicks.


We can do this? I thought only CoG have subforums?


Oh, a Wayhaven subforum would be great but I’m not even sure if we can request that.

So far only CoG games have subforums, and I know there was discussion around the time of the 10,000 limit about maybe making subforums for games with threads that are 10,000+, but the staff hasn’t really done anything about it… :confused:


Yeah, I also thought that having a subforum would be amazing, but I don’t know if we would be able to do so? I mean, we could always ask some of the mods and see if they could do it or not. Is just, everything would be a million times easier if we had our own subforum, since then we would be able to have specific threads for discussions, for bug reports, for the FAQ, for every book, even we could have a thread for polls only! So they don’t get lost between the thousands of comments, lol.


I’m still new here, so don’t hate me if I say something wrong, but…

Discord seems to be quite popular, and could maybe be used for off topic and discussions that arent important? You could also make different chat groups and make it a lot cleaner. Just a thought.


Why not? I think we can try. The series proves to be popular and has a steady fan base that posts a lot. I think it would be in best interest of literally every party to provide Wayhaven with a subforum.

Not sure how this “only cog games are allowed” is all that relevant when Wayhaven will increase sales and user base all the same.


The cog part is not in our power. COG has different requirements and different privileges in the forum as they are “the main” thing. I don’t get it either, specially considering that most of the time Hosted Games are more popular that CoG.

I think this falls in personal preference, I was on discord and I left because it was too chaotic in there. Here in the forum we have some order and people tends to be more likely to accept the rules of the place, while in Discord most people does whatever they want because is not like they are going to get ban lol.


We already direct some people over the Discord servers if they want talk about off-topic discussion. Though there are times that the topic did get derail after the Discord migration, we were able to keep it in minimum level. XD


Eh, the issue with discord is that, while popular, it doesn’t foster the kinds of conversations that a regular forum does, you know?

Discord is fantastic if you’re only trying to talk to maybe…five people max? Anything past that gets confusing, and people just end up fragmenting into personal conversations/DMs. And if you check the average length of our comments, we’re very long-winded. Discord simply doesn’t cater to that kind of long-form discussion, it’s better suited to short-lived but personal talking.

And that’s not even getting to the fact that not many people are on discord to begin with. Even if half moved (and that’s generous) that would only mean we’d be having this discussion in three more months rather than right now.

It is popular, but the flagship titles take precedence because Hosted Games is technically a separate company altogether, not a sub-title to CoG, so the focus is on CoGs.

I know, it’s weird, but…that’s how it is.

That said, I think we could make a case for it but I’m not even sure it would be accepted.

It wouldn’t be mods—they simply don’t have that power. I think it would be either staff, or Dan himself (I’m actually pretty sure he’s the only one who has administrator powers, he’s the only one who can change usernames, after all).


Also there are Wayhaven Discord’s up! Personally I find them a bit intimidating, but that’s just me being scared of people. I like talking to the people on here, I’d like to think we’ve created a comradery here.


Well, it would be definitely worth the shoot. I mean, we lose nothing for asking, but we might win a lot from it :smiley:

LOL Same gurl :joy:


There’s like three of them, actually.

Ok, there’s only two as far as I know.

Wayhaven Talk

Wayhaven Detective Agency


…so…who wants to message Dan…? :upside_down_face:


I can do it if the rest of you feel uncomfortable doing so :smiley:

Wait, I thought the boss was Jason, where is Dan, where can I find him.


I feel uncomfortable just making appointments to my dentist! lol I would be so grateful if you messaged Dan for us.

If you want, you can invite me to the PM, in case he messages back when you’re unavailable.


dis da guy: