The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

You probably need to edit the post as Male and Female because when I read your post, I read M as Morgan and F as Farah :joy::joy:

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Lollllllll good catch. Yeah…are certain characters always gonna be Morgan/Mason and certain characters are always gonna be Farah/Felix?? A question for the ages…

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To begin with, I would like to congratulate everyone and the author on the release of the game. It was too long waiting for those who had expected it almost a month ago. So congratulations. :slight_smile:
Next, I must mention that I am writing this comment after watching the second season of Jessica Jones, so do not expect me to be too enthusiastic.
About the good sides of the game.

  • I really liked the main plot. It is intriguing, has a good bit of fantasy and makes you want the next part. What is there not to love?
  • Characters are well written out. Sometimes, playing games, you see characters who are so similar in their habits that it is absolutely impossible to distinguish them. But not at this time.
  • I liked the stats system. In my opinion, it is ideal for games of this type - it does not require anything superfluous from you and is easy to understand.
  • Vampires! Who does not like vampires, right?

  • And I’m amazed that the game was created in a year. One year! It’s incredible.
    Aaaand about bad sides.
  • I have already spoken in another, original discussion, but I did not like the fact that the actions have absolutely no effect on the plot, with the exception of a few cases. For example, if my character wanted to go into the army, has a good fighting skills, it is logical that he would feel prepared in a situation where these skills are required, right? But no, nothing like that.
  • Stats exist for a reason. This attracts me very much Samurai of Hyuga and the system of stats is there - if your character is a jerk, then your choice are for jerks only. For example, if your basic stat is protection, it is logical that the samurai will throw himself into the fire to protect the person. However, if it is the opposite, it is logical that the character will stand still, smoking a cigarette, while half the city burned in the fire, and did not feel any regrets. That’s just what people are, there’s nothing you can do about it. And if the status system says that my character is sarcastic and stubborn, it is logical to say that he will not just simply forgive betrayal. However, judging by the game, it is. Now nothing can be done about it, but I hope that in the future parts of the series this will be given attention.
  • The characters are very … typical and almost never a step away from the preset settings (which can not be said about the main character). The game in this very similar to Danganronpa - there is a typical set of characters who adhere solely to their behavior the whole game. For example, if from the very beginning the character was telling some kind of nonsense, then by the end of the game he still will be blubbering some kind of nonsense. If the character is a swimmer, then all his interests will be focused exclusively on swimming, etc. So in the game we have four types:
    1. Power-cold-mysterious
    2. Rude-lonely-strong
    3. Playful-flirting-non-serious
    4. Sweet-kind-sympathetic
    These are typical characters of Japanese harems. There is even an anime called Vampire Knight and its plot is almost completely rotated between vampires and one inept, modest and rather boring main character. I am sure that every character in the end will have a tragic story in which they explain how hard it is to them to live in this world, but come on.
    *Twilight. Seriously, vampires are creatures of the night, devouring the insides of their enemies and friends. Another Cullen family, where vampires are white and fluffy rabbits, is … disappointing. Where is brutality? Where is the blood? And not only from the “bad-bad-bad” guys. Not from medical packages, of course. But maaaybe it’s just me - I am a total sucker for grey morality.
  • also… mary sue much? our blood is the Blood of the Chosen, and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD NOW WANTS TO TASTE IT. also our blood is like an ultimate weapon and only we can save humanity! yay! in our trembling hands we have a power to destroy or save the world! millions people count on us we can’t let them down!.. pff. it’s just… well. kinda cliche, no?

Anyway, I put 5 stars on Google Play deservedly. But if I would judge game by the 10-point scale and not because I want to raise game in the store, I would put 6/10. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be rude about it, it is a good game. I’m simply saying this because I believe that this can improve future games.


It seems to be fixed. For female bisexual, Male RO’s - A, N, Bobby. Female RO’s - F and M, For Male bisexual, it is the opposite.


If your MC is bi, it is fixed. I think A and N will guys and F and M will be girls.

Edit: I’m sorry I don’t know which is which but Sera did verify that they are fixed.

GUYS!!! (or girls :stuck_out_tongue: ) IT’S OUT ON THE APP STORE!!!


Played it last night on my laptop. Loved it. Bought it on my phone and playing it again. Will love the shit out of it again.


Am I the only one who didn’t went out drinking with Tina? It kinda seems like it XD

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This is practically the only time I felt the price was too cheap. I’ve seen games that **don’t ** deserve being sold for $4.99 or higher, especially when their word count is low.

Your game is very well written and flows nicely. Characters are likeable and choices have a lot of variety. And the word count trumps most hosted games at over 400k words. I’m not sure if the $2.99 price is for the first week only and will rise to at least $3.99 if not $4.99 because your game deserves it.

Looking forward to book 2. Keep up the awesome work.


Truth to be told, I was surprised that it was less than what I expected. I was expecting TWC will cost more due to the word count.


Adam is best husbando. I have not yet played others yet, but still. ADAM. MY ICE COLD WARRIOR PRINCE.

Re: why the MC is getting chased by the bad guy (trying to be as vague as possible)

So I am super interested to see the differences between deciding to let the Agency test my blood versus not. In my “true run,” where MC is a combative, independent, yet relatively kind-hearted lady, she wants to help, but doesn’t trust the Agency. She also resents her mother for keeping all of this a secret from her for so long, so it made sense for her not to want to do the tests. I think my next runthrough will be a fluffy, loving,
people-person MC (to romance Morgan with LOL) and she will happily do the tests.

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So, probably the best Choice of Game I’ve played. It’s SO well written.

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It’s out on the app store!!!


Okay, first of all, I did do what I said I would and bought it for all the platforms I have access to. (Not a single regret! and I agree with everyone about how I was nearly floored when I saw how cheap even the regular price was for this!) So I finished my first playthrough and oh my god! I’m just aaahhhhh! It was so worth the wait. I LOVE a slow burn, like the progression makes SENSE. LIke we only see a top layer of the characters so far because it is the FIRST book of SIX. I could already see by the end the little plot nuggets Sera was dropping to see how it would develop. Example M’s route sets them up to show how they will grow or how will more will come out about them as we go. LIke if you got your romance or friendship up enough with M (which I ended on a 9 and an 8 going M’s route) they will hold a branch out of the way to keep it from hitting you, while if it isn’t M pretty much backhands you with a branch. Mind you this example is from the fact I’ve only done M’s romance so far. I had to sleep last night. XD But I’m seeing where growth is going to happen. LIke F and their insecurity that they share about the MC not wanting to be around them and the team cause other humans nope the heck out of the room at them. That’s probably going to crop up more later. I’m sure more about them and everything is going to come in future books since how far the customization options went on into the whole thing, the first book is clearly out set up. Setting the scene, getting our ducks in a row and giving a driving motion that is setting up for the big adventures and possible underlying plot things coming in the future.I’m so excited cause the essentially dipping my toe in the water taht was book one has me just fangirling hard and can’t wait~ When I get a few more runs through I’ll write a really through what I love and what was okay and what wasn’t my favorite.

Though on other news then just my gushing. I have already converted two other people to try it. X3 A buddy of mine who actually got me Playing Sera’s VN Lady’s Choice, I just showed her yesterday and now she’s sending me messages of “I should slap you for this. If I start drawing Vampire fan art I’m going to hate you.” which means she probably is going to end up doing it. X3 Cause she is my fandom trash sister and the sirens call of Wayhaven is strong~ I also got my besty to pick it up, haven’t heard from her since so either she hasn’t had time yet or she’s sucked so far in she’s forgotten what a cell is… But yes we have two converts to the cult of Wayhaven~ Good job @Seraphinite


Well, the game is on sale until March 15. So yeah, it is only for the first week.


For once it seems Steam, even European Steam was ahead of the curve then.

I still like Adam best, but I’ll also admit Nate and the possible love triangle with Adam and him are increasingly growing on me too.

It’s sad that circumstances always conspire to leave the mc without his gun, except for shooting Adam at the beginning, hope this changes somewhat in book 2. Particularly since my mc will now be paranoid enough to become an NRA poster-boy and literally sleep with it under his pillow.

I thought it made little difference since those tests seemingly get run on the mc anyway in the end and then there’s Murphy’s captured research. Refusing the first time doesn’t seem to have any real consequences and seems to have been mostly a cosmetic choice for added drama.

That stupid blood transfusion with Murphy’s Vampire blood is no doubt going to come back to bite the mc in the ass, possibly literally, somehow in the second book. I find it curious that the Agency didn’t tell the mc about the possible effects of their now altered blood, since they seem to be the Vamp experts. Still keeping crucial things secret from the mc it seems.

Awww…Adam is certainly the cutest, particularly since he’s super sexy without even putting in that much effort into his looks and wardrobe, now imagine if we could get him to do so at one point. :heart_eyes:

Well yes and no the MC is the only one who actually survives Murphy’s crazy blood transfusion procedures, seemingly none the worse for wear, seemingly…


I’m sorry, but I couldn’t disagree more with your negative points. Is like we have play completely different games.

Your first point. My MC has that background, and at any point felt like she wasn’t prepared for a fight. When the thralls attack, she is ready to jump in the action and help her team.
When they are fighting for the second time, she doesn’t hesitate to fight either. Obviously she is not going to defeat them easily since they are supernaturals. But she was definitely prepared for it.

Your second point. You do have the choice to feel betrayed, and to tell everyone how you don’t trust them, etc etc. The fact that you don’t get lock from other options is positive,
realistic. No one in this world behaves the shame in every situation.

Third point. Just, ???. Have you play the game with no romance? Because is the only way I can understand your comment. No offense, I’m not trying to sound rude or anything. But F, for example, is far more than that? In fact, I would say that in their romance, they are the more mature of all the characters.

Your forth point… Well, that is highly subjective. To start with, we don’t know much about the world, at all. So making does assumptions are just that, assumptions. To follow,
we know the destiny of does supernatural that go rouge, so, if you are a vampire that doesn’t go around being brutal, I would say you have common sense, considering the punishment. Also, lets not forget that vampires are fiction, therefore, free to interpretation. Plus, Sera said the supernaturals of this universe would not be the classical vampire.

And, Mary Sue??? Really? You are not “the chosen one”. There were plenty of people with your blood mutation, but sadly they have already been killed. So, are all of the humans with the mutation the chosen ones? If you don’t have the right stats or you don’t take the right decisions, Murphy will literally bit your throat and you will be about to die. He will escape and you will be fucked up. And all the sarcasm that follows your statement, is just pure dramatisation. At no point is even insinuated that we will be the “saviours” of the world, etc etc.

That’s the end of my rant, but I think you came to this game with your own idea of how it would be when, well, it’s been said over and over again that it would not focus on the stats, since they just cripple the player, either focus in action, and most of the focus on developing relationships.

Don’t take anything as aggressive, please, I’m just passionate :laughing:


Nah, I didn’t go with her on my first playthrough
@Meira_Litch Ohh, got a bit confused with the victims. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Yeah, because Murphy fucks up the other transfusions. You don’t survive because you are special,
you survive because Murphy doesn’t attempt to do a full transfusion, which he did with the rest, and that killed them. With the MC Murphy does a softer process, since that seems to be the right balance to enhance the strength of the blood without killing.

That is explained in the book, maybe don’t speed read it :laughing:


I mean if you try to dodge Murphey and fail the check when he bites your neck it hurts like a mother f. I think part of the MC being immune to pheromones they feel the pain of the bite. With most of their prey a vampire would use pheromones to make them relaxed and eager for the bite but without it? Ow.