The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

Shit… SHIT.
I love Ava but Nat is so adorable…

I’d probably pick Ava tbh.


Yes, but I think that’s a end of the series choice and Sera is going to drag out the angst for all 7 books when it comes to the love triangle.

I’m mostly saying that a N route seems to lack conflict. A has their angst, M is not the romance type, and F being from the Echo World I’m sure will come up. There’s the hints of N having a very powerful blood lust, which I’m sure will come into play but besides that which, honestly, will probably be a problem for ALL the vamps considering the MC’s blood is so strong there has to be something for the Drama. Wholesome sweetness is great but if that’s all you got it might get a bit stale.


That’s why I am not doing the love triangle. A and N are too precious for me and too much like K-dramas.


The FAQ is done!

The goal for the Wayhaven FAQ is to message it to newcomers who have, well, frequently asked questions, in an effort to keep this topic…er, well, about as on topic as we get on here, lol.

I’m also hoping to keep updating the FAQ as the series goes on, maybe with subsections with questions specific for Book One, another subsection for Book Two, etc.

If you have any suggestions for questions to be added to the FAQ, just @ me. :sunglasses: :point_right: :point_right:

Finally, if you’d like to be sent the FAQ so you can PM it to newcomers, please reply to this post or shoot me a PM if you don’t want to clutter things up.

Should I also put up the FAQ right here? I’m one billion percent certain it’s going to get buried, that’s why I’m focusing more on making it available through PM, but idk if some of you find it easier to scroll up to a post rather than add a link to a PM? idk, I’m just trying to think of how best to make it available.


Even after you choose the love triangle route, there are some parts that you have to choose between them! Like towards the end where you’re laying in a pool of your own blood and A and N rush over to you after the rain washes most of it away. I think N moves to like hold you in their arms and A is beside them and you can choose to either look/reach out to N or A, but not both at the same time AND THAT IS SUCH A DIRTY IT WAS SUCH A HARD CHOICE TO MAKE THANKS SERA :sob:

Also… I don’t post for one day and I come back to a small discussion about doing it with A. Ya’ll are wild and I love it :laughing:

Did Sera ever say how… explicit the scenes will be tho? Is it like FULL ON or ~tasteful fade to black~?


…damn. That’s a good question to add to the FAQ.


Honestly I can tell the romace with N is going to be the most angsty with the blood lust. Even more than A’s romance path, there’s no denying that at all. We all know that N is the most gentle soul out of Unit Bravo, there’s no way that N would be willing to kill or drink blood from a human at all. I believe N makes that point clear at one point but it has been more than a week since I played.

I came across that asks! I know there’s an option. Hahaha… Do I need to look for it?

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Yeeeeeeees pls! :smiley:



I will stick to A exclusive and N exclusive Routes, thank you very much!

I still can’t get over how cute N is in A’s route. They’re so supportive and happy for A that I just… N is precious, guys. I hope N takes their responsibility as A’s bro seriously and helps A and the MC get some alone time~


Oh yeah N would totally make sure no one bothers the MC and A if you choose to romance A. It’s kinda obvious that N wants A to be happy no matter what even if the MC may be a human and A may have a pretty short time with the MC despite just how old A is. Happiness is all that matters to N when it comes to her BFF. It’s kind of impiled at the end when N thinks about A having a shot at true happiness.


@rose-court yo shoot me that faq. I got questions that need answered.

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Wait wait wait, since this is a romance series and we’re a human romancing a vampire… I want to know if we have a chance to become immortal in some way because I would hate to think Ava crying over my MC’s eventual death of old age or whatever…

I want to be with Ava until the end of Earth…

hmmm, I should probably add the “can we turn into a vampire/become immortal” question to the FAQ, shouldn’t I?

While I was scouring Sera’s tumblr, I noticed a lot of people asked about pregnancy…should I add that too?


I could gush forever about how much N and A’s bromance means to me. Its just so good and it fills me with joy.

And I believe Sera has mentioned that, while not possible in the books, the MC will be able to discuss the possibility of turning immortal with their RO.

Both of my MCs would do that. They are not leaving their ROs… Least of all Rin with Felix. Felix can’t be trusted alone.


@rose-court Please do! I can’t bear the thought of my MC dying of old age and leaving Ava all on her own with Unit Bravo.



I’ll be sure to write out a comprehensive 5000 word essay on the route when I go through it in Book 2! But same, I think I’ll do an A route and N route before to prepare myself for the sweet inner conflicts that’ll occur :wink:

I love N in A’s route, they’re truly the #1 MC/A supporter and fanclub founder.

This is basically N when they realize A likes the MC




Lol that’s basically F as well. But N would totally be the club president and main shipper of the MC and A.


Basically A.

F is like that with everyone but N seems to mostly ship MC and A. I can see F and N working together to get the MC and A alone and poor M just gets dragged along.