The War of 2022 [WIP] Updated 15-6-20

I’ll replay it then. It was the truth, I really liked the update and was surprised that it was this long.

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Quick fix to a bug that locked put the drive to Guardian hill and caused the parade scene to not play.
@Mei_Hiroshi finally figured out what caused you not to see the scene.


I return, this time with more substantial feedback.

  1. One of the first choices we have to make in the game is what our role in combat is. The issue is, we don’t get any explanation as to what is important for each job, this comes later on in the story. This can lead to builds that don’t make sense, such as weak heavy machine gunners. To fix this, I would suggest adding a small description of each role and what is important for it at the beginning.

  2. Maybe add a line or two that shows us that we are having a flashback. It’s a little jarring to go from a dangerous combat encouter to filling out our conscription form with nothing to tell us what is about to happen.

  3. In Regovia, serving in the military is not only an obligation but a civil duty as well
    It should be civic duty not civil duty.

  4. being a part of one the RDFs (Regovian Defence Forces) elite units
    Should be RDF’s (apostrophes show possession, for future reference).

  5. It seems to me that knowing the history of Regovia is pretty essential for having a good experience playing the game. With that in mind, I would suggest adding the option to get a brief history of Regovia at the beginning of the game, since most people are going to click on that, rather than go look through the glossary in the stats screen.

  6. An excellent choice! “Any Place, Any Time, Any Mission”
    Add something before the motto. It can be as simple as “Your brigade’s motto is ‘Any place, any time, any mission’”

  7. A while has passed since your Conscription Form
    A while has passed since you turned in your conscription form

  8. "How are you doing?. Stressed?”
    Don’t need a period after the question mark

  9. After you have been accepted into your squad/special forces group, it tells you what they are known for. For example, after being accepted into the crows it tells you “The soldiers of the Crows company are known for going with their gut. Brotherhood and cunning is the name of the game for them.” I’d suggest adding this to the part where what each group does is explained earlier and you get to pick which group you want to be in, since this is something that might impact which one people want to join.

This isn’t nearly everything I wanted to say, so I will be back later with more feedback to give on later parts of the game.


First of all, thank you for your detailed and helpful response! I can’t tell you how helpful it is to get feedback from actual readers.

The flashback is supposed to be jarring, to give a taste of what comes ahead.
I tried to write in a way that leaves the player confused (and hopefully intrigued).

  • The intro/flashback is too jarring.
  • The intro/flashback is fine.
  • Other (Explain in comments)

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Do you mean add the part about what the soldiers of each company are known for in this part?
"The Scouts are the Reconnaissance Company for the whole brigade. They undergo special courses in anti-terror operations and tunnel warfare.

The Crows. The “Crow” Anti-Tank company are armed with the powerful “Crow” Anti-Tank missile. The missile not only allows them to destroy enemy tanks but also to attack enemy bunkers and buildings with precision from up to 2,500 meters. The “Crow” makes the Crows one of the most deadly enemies in urban warfare.

The Sappers. The Engineering and Sabotage Company. The Sappers are the Combat Engineering experts for the Brigade. They undergo a Combat Engineering, Sabotage and Mine course and are used extensively in urban warfare in order to allow friendly troops to go from building to building without danger from IEDs and enemy fire."

Again, thank you for your review, please keep on giving me such great feedback! :smiley:

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Yes that’s the part I was talking about. And thank you for making such a cool game, I really look forward to seeing more from you!

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Modern Military genre is a completely new genre in this forum. It was like a breath of fresh air and I would definitely love to play the complete game!


I was never a fan of military-themed games, but CoD:WW2 was free in PS Plus, and now I’m diving deep in your WiP. The entire setting, character dialogues, turn of events, all felt so organic! I had this WiP bookmarked since you first posted it and I’m ashamed of myself for not playing it sooner.

For someone who has an attention span of a guppy like me, the current amount of description is enough. Admittedly, there were some parts that I dropped the game for a while after an info dump, but I plowed through and thoroughly enjoyed the rest!

Apart from that, I don’t have any notable feedback to contribute other than typos here and there (I’ll proofread it again on your next update).

Thank you for making this game and I hope to see this get published in HG!

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@ColossalKitten Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. :smiley:

I added another two operations totaling another 16,000 words (the most I ever added in a single update. yay).
Let me know what you thought of them!

To Do
  • Add a third operation before the actual war starts
  • Add more detail to previous chapters
  • Polish the first chapters a bit
  • Add more background information already in the glossary (Still debating this one with myself. What do you think?")

Hello! First of all I will say I find this WIP fascinating. Secondly could you give the requirement for each profession because I always get marksman even when i choose the option “I leart how to follow orders” instead of the “The best shooter” option.

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Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I found the bug that caused it. You should be able to get other professions now.

Like you suspected, to get the Marksman profession you need to be the best shot on the range.

If your highest stat is strength you get Heavy machine gunner (You can’t imagine how heavy one is with the added ammo…)

If it’s intelligence you get medic (From my experience, infantry tend to be rather… dumb, especially during the beginning when everyone is struggling to get used to the army.

Leadership gets you fireteam leader for obvious reasons…

Willpower gets you Light machine gunner (This is more tricky to explain why but that’s just the way it is… Heavy machine gunners need to be big and strong, light machine gunners need to be strong but mostly just be able to suffer in silence and not let it stop them from running as fast as anyone else even if they carry more weight)


I’ve carried an APC gun with 3 people. It was heavy as hell

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Unfortunately, my computer died, taking about 5,000 words with it (Don’t forget to backup your work kids!). I hope to be able to rewrite what I remember from memory but it might take some time. Thank you for your patience!

Oof, I’ve been there. Glad to see this is still alive, I enjoy your writing :slight_smile: . Looking forward to your next update!

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I got a bit stuck so I created a world map to help with inspiration and I would like honest opinions about including one of the two versions in the game. Basically , what I want to know is if they are good or not.

Option 1

Option 2

So, what say you?

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • None of the above

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Option 2 seems easier to read… And it will be a beater choice for those who are color blind to green.

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