The War for the West (WIP)



If your able to get the invest encounters quickly that could also work


I clicked on this hoping there really was a harem WIP where I could fight for waifus. :confused:

Edit: if someone is editing the title without @MahatmaDagon knowing… you shouldn’t lol!


If only there was a man mad enough to make such a title.


Are we being clickbaited?


I edited it back and whoever was doing that please stop.


Yea waifu make me curious so i click but I saw War for the WEST instead. Lol


Innovative strategy. Funny actually. I almost took it for an anime inspired WIP.
And seems like it was Dagon who changed the title some 40 mins ago. So no worries there @rinari!!
@No_This_Is_Patrick… It is Mahatma himself…:sweat_smile:


Thanks for checking haha! I just wasn’t sure! :joy::joy:


Damn thought I was a hero…


You stood up for what you thought was right.

You are a hero.


It is quite sad to be honest. There are no husband discussions, just wives… - _-


I die for my War of the West thread


Anyone have any guides for the achievements? I know some of them are drummed out, like the one for helping Noyedas, and I assume the one for doing the Templar trials as they’re really a trap to kill you, though speaking of which are there any ways of handling that besides convincing them you aren’t the chosen one?, but what about getting excommunicated? I’ve tried everything I can to make them mad at me but while it says they’re mad at me, they never seem to take that step. And peace maker; how do you even get that one?

So really, if someone could give me a guide of which ones are completable and how to go about getting them, that would be great, thank you.


I think “Zzzzzz…” would be better.


For anyone wondering, the x are just place holder for new words that @mahatmadagon will come up in place of old ones i.e “We guard the West”. They were too similar to the words of house Gorroth which are “We watch the West”


Awwwwww i always liked the motto we guard the west.


I wound up winning the war but now I wonder if it will be possible to take over all of the west? It would be very fun to do


That’s already my goal i am going to conquer all in my path they will all bend the knee or be crushed.


I was getting confused over what @rinari was talking about, by hoping for a harem/waifus based on the title, and then I saw this…


Encountered an error when naming my son with Danna after her grandfather Dylan, he’s named Lodka.