The War for the West (WIP)



I like the open field more tbh


Well, yeah, realistically that is the more flexible option if you want to go aggressive. Staying in the castle is restrictive.


Did anyone actually succeed at convincing the Sielcner army(led by Sir Brendell and Maarlbran) to give up and retreat to Sielccia after Noyedas’ death? I’m interested in this due to the peacemaker achievement.


I did once.

Didn’t get the achievement though.

Or I forgot if I did :joy:


Ah thanks. Could the MC convince them if lore and social is really really high of his Sielc heritage and perhaps even sway them to his side against the Meinstrel King with tales of a independent Western Kingdom?



IIRC My MC threw everything he knew about his heritage at them. They went & discussed it a bit. Accepted the peace offer on the condition that the spouse is gonna remain under their protection meant more as a threat than assurance


Ah okay. I’m gonna have a look at the code to see if I could find anything about that. Don’t really have the time for a playthrough. Thanks for info.


One of the dialogue options on Hereya’s date leads to:

“Oh, about that. Not looking forward to being full with a belly myself, but I understand it’s part of what I signed up for, aye. Let’s just hope the first one’s a boy and then we can start using some Silphium from there on.”

I personally find defending the castle to be easier. Maybe it depends on the composition of your army?


That is what I said. I just prefer the open field because the battle just looks cooler in my mind.


Here’s the code for anyone interested in Peacemaker stuff.


(when the MC reveals his heritage)
The Warmonk’s hands tremble with rage, and Sir Brendell does not seem to know what to make of this. They both ask a series of questions about your heritage, and little by little you are able to give some strength to your story.

“Even so… The rivermen would never follow someone such as you,” mutters Sir Brendell. You can sense the internal struggle he is having.

“There is the old prophecy. We need King in the West. But if that King is to be you, I rather we take our chances against that which is to come.” Maalbran says.

There are plenty of arguments to be made: They just lost their heirless ruler, and their army cannot face both you and Lord Dullac at the same time.

Not to mention the fact that they would be fighting against what now is the last claimant to the theoretical throne of the Western Kingdom.


i have found a grammatical error.

“consider the orphaned boy to be brought to your court”

not “to the brought”
i could also be wrong in pointing it out. it just didnt make sense to me.


Good god! 120 replies! How long have i been off?

Anyway, more question to our good lord @MahatmaDagon, i see that having an Greedy father gets you more Aurens, the Warthful got you some more soldiers, and Kindhearted a population boost. But i can’t see any effect from choosing the Just father, other than some minor text flavoring, no real boost here and there. So…?


Danna and Wyneva are God tier waifus.


What about faithful husbands? :thinking:


Wyvena made me a wolf cloak…A WOLF CLOAK!!!


Here’s my 2 cents on the debate raging about Hereya & her cheating.

Those who don’t like her cheating on your MC, please forgo choosing her as your MCs spouse.
Simple as that.

Those who don’t like her are not gonna suddenly start liking her.
Those who do, are not gonna suddenly start seeing her in less than favourable light.

Debate is healthy. It brings in fresh perspective that we might not have considered before. But just butting heads without getting anything meaningful out of the debate is not very productive or helpful.

There are many more spousal options to choose from. Hereya is a badass NPC IMO.
But she’s not the only one.
So is Wyvena with her powers.
So is Petka with her passion for horse riding & love for botany (?)

Danna’s not bad either. She brings in military alliance with Dullis. Not bad for a political marriage which might very well turn out to be loving one.
In fact it is suggested as such in one of epilogues when she has to run with tour heirs.


Petka looks like a parody of a Disney princess to me.


Also if you don’t marry Danna you can still have a pact with Dullis, if you get married before going to Dullis he will offer an alliance for around 800 aurens. This includes trade and millitary protection I believe.


The ‘x’ is mysteriously weird


Yeah. But you’ll have to shell out 800 Aurens for that.
Not much to those who go the route of taking loans or using cheat menu.

For those who like to play without going that route this is the best strategy to gain the military alliance. Considering that the invitation from Lord Dulsen comes in early on in the game.

(Unless of course if you go the route of playing cardeed to prop up your treasury then even marriage to Danna can be foregone.)