The War for the West (WIP)



But how does not liking her content (or personality I assume) result in her being unreasonable? Or did I miss the point you’re trying to make?


edited the reply so you can understand better* xD


You find that dumb but it’s a part of her personality, along with human unpredictability.


is almost the same if a killer ask himself “¿why am i being sentenced to death or jail?” :rofl:


Personally, I would not blame any of the spouses in this game for having affairs. These are political marriages not marriages of love. None of these spouses ever claimed to love the MC and all were basically only married for economic or military alliances. I also do not think the spouses have any right to complain about the MC looking for love for the same reason, though I hate to see some of the spouses saddened as a result so my MC would probably never do such to them.

My MC would only actually feel betrayed if a spouse or lover had claimed to love the MC and then slept with someone else.


sometimes is not about love but respect


Yes, I respect the right of everyone to find love and expect the same respect in return.


im talking about respect of how humiliating that can be for someone who is married, even if there is no love between them, think about what the kingdom may think of someone who is being cheated on by her wife, or the other way around , of a princess from the northern kingdom being cheated on… :wink:


These spouses have already been treated as just bargaining chips to seal economic or military alliances. I consider that far more humiliating. Allowing them to find love and expecting them to allow you the same is far more respectful than treating human beings as bargaining chips.


that may be but the mc is not entirely the culprit of that, so unless they talk about having a open relationship or some kind of deal between them, i still find it humilliating and not deserving for any person to be cheated,
people can talk and even divorce if it comes to it, its called having morals, even if there are people that dont have any xD


That’s why I prefer Wyneva because even though she likes to hide her emotions, when she does show them she genuinely loves you.


Treating a human being as a bargaining chip and expecting another human being to give up any hope of ever finding love is immoral, but as you say some people do not have morals.


agree but its not the mcs faults since they can do it properly if given the option i guess


I do wish the MC had the option to discuss this with the spouses earlier. @MahatmaDagon Actually this might be a good topic for the wedding night dialogue with spouses. My MC would rather the spouses end up happy and would not place the MC’s pride before the spouse finding happiness.


It isn’t just about pride. Unless she’s only doing it with partial eunuchs (men that can sard, but without impregnating), you might just end up with a bastard. Or a dozen considering Hereya’s appetite.


Silphium and whatever other herbs are used by the Iron Maidens deal with that risk.


Finally managed to defeat Sielcner with only my troops (as in no allies saved me). Took like 4k men. Maybe good tactics too.


Well she’s a foreigner, we don’t know if she’s willing to take such herbs, or let alone knows they exist. As of now we don’t have an option to tell her about them.


Did you fight them in the open or behind the castle walls?


Open fields. I suppose the other is easier? Both times my sorry ass is saved so…