The War for the West (WIP)



I’m not continuing this


there is no need to continue , obviously you missread my 1ª post to begin with.


@djisma69 Seriously man, knock it off… I won’t argue with you because you are clearly too stubborn but @MahatmaDagon said NO so it’s NO. Period, end of the argument.


A simple solution: marry Wyneva, she sings and has powers and according to the pictures of the characters, she is the most beautiful of the wives, do you really need anything else?


Because that can be fun too and is an adventure in itself.


Mostly fun because in my case both of us cheat on each other.


Maybe we can all gather for an orgy.


Well, we can have sex with our half sister , so why not?


I love the headstrong, free spirited attitude of Hereya. The scene that’s triggered while practicing with high combat MC is just gold.

Also, to be fair to Hereya, we are offered very brief glimplse into the culture & traditions of the Northern kingdoms. Unless further information comes up regarding how they deal with the issue of cheating or how sexually free their citizens, nobility are, I’d be much more kinder in my judgement of her


It’s really hard for me to have to choose between Danna and Wyneva, both are my favorites, the only reason I choose Wyneva, it’s because of her powers, I also like Petka, but she’s very sweet and does not suit my Bloodthirsty MC.


And that’s the beauty of this game! We are literally spoiled for choices. And more choices are coming as @mahatmadagon said. :smiley:


i dont need to knock off, i never asked @MahatmaDagon anything nor did i say for him to remove it, i made my point of what i think of that content and my reasoning behind it, im free to my own opinión the same the autor have his own, so dont go assuming anything for my part,

yeah but i clearly was talking about the mc being loyal and Hereya the only one cheating, unless that was a bug in the game or error.

fun can be pretty different for each people, what you find fun i may find it offensive and viceverse xD

back on point , if i ever stated that opinión is because i quite liked that npc :wink:


I mean there is heavy emphasis on roleplaying. Consequences, whether good or bad, make the narrative more thrilling when linking past events and actions. There are worse things someone may do to the MC other than cheating.


Killing them?..


Light way to describe it really. I would uh… shoutout to the Genderless on that one.


How do you get vardir on there and fight? I can only convince them.


it depends on the reader wether that content is “thrilling” .
i know people that had problems playing or reading books of a certain " type of content" because it reminds them of some bad experiences, wether is war,killing, etc etc


I am 99 percent sure you can only cancel the meeting or convince them, those seem to be the only ways to survive.

I answered your question regarding why one would choose a cheating RO to the best of my abilities. It’s hard to see the line you’re making though; is the character unreasonable (thus dumb), or reasonable, since there was a mention of liking said character.


i liked the npc and some but not all the content of that said character, more clear? xD

(what i did find dumb is if the mc is loyal to hereya and she cheats on the mc… was for me very interest lost in that type of npc, even more if later in the game she wants vengeance for something she did, (of course talking from a mc who is loyal and not cheat on her wife) if the mc cheat i can understand that she do the same or worse even.


I’d marry Hereya full well knowing she’s a cheater just for my character to kill her afterwards with his bare hands
It makes sense for a wrathful high combat PC