The War for the West (WIP)



I don’t ever marry her i am just saying they seem like the best options to solve a cheating spouse problem.


I don’t marry her either I’m just saying if you trust her and not try to tell her what to do she won’t cheat.


Yass thanks tried it yesterday and my MC was married and I had a second child who could be either Dannel’s or Lodka’s (I think the game implies that it might be Lodka’s though no one knows for certain)


I don’t trust anybody i only trust my sword and my armor.


2: She escapes with some soldiers loyal to her and they all become mercenaries i can only see that happening if the morale of your army is low for them to betray you for her.


A beautiful woman, with a big rack and a for body is capable to seduce your soldiers, even with high morale.


That would depend on the kind of leader you are Cause i would be honest a woman can have a big rack and a great ass but if my leader is some wrathful man then you know i will not betray him for some woman i would rather live thanks plus high morale means loyalty so they wont betray you if morale is high.


It would depend way more to the kind of person the soldier is. A lot of people think with their dicks instead with their heads.


True but a proper soldier thinks with there head cause really are going to ruin your life over a chance of banging some woman hell no i would rather keep my job and my money plus if i tell my lord about what she is up to i would probably get a raise and promoted so she may get a few worthless soldiers but they wont be enough to save her from the chopping block.


How many people can you marry, actually? I just started the game and found the Dullis one, the northern prince (who says you have to move with him to the north?) and Sielccia one (whom I murder). Is there anyone I have missed?

Also thank you so much for the cheat menu! I played the demo a few times without it but then decided I wanted the MC to be good at everything and it was so much fun! (there were some occasions where I couldn’t get the stats high enough, so it was great to see everything)


Playing as female MC:

There’s Lord Noyedas
Ulus Golden tooth the mercenary captain
Dannel IIRC the younger son of Lord Dulsen

For male MC:

You can marry one of the three sister’s of Northern Prince.

All of them have their own personalities & ways of handling things.

Also, guys I’m not really comfortable with the way women are being described here.
Please refrain from objectifying any gender.


I don’t think you can marry the Prince, you can only be lovers with him.

(though I’d love to see a short branch to what would happen if we gave up our claims to marry him. would probably be an early ending but :upside_down_face:)


There is also Lady Danna (daughter of Lord Dulsen) for male MCs.

My female MC would also be willing to marry Lodka even if they both remained at their seats and only saw each other every few months. She would rather marry someone she liked even if it meant mostly a long-distance relationship than settle for a loveless marriage. @MahatmaDagon I hope she at least gets the option to suggest it to Lodka even if he declines. She is not going to take it well if she remains single out of loyalty to Lodka and he has to marry so I hope she may be able to convince Lodka to also remain single and perhaps for him to name their second child as Lodka’s heir giving up claims in the South.


forgot to mention that besides the Prince you can also be lovers with Vradnir your knight

(My MC ended up marrying Dannel, and maintained lovers with both the Prince and the knight and now she has a second child of whom has three potential fathers)


A cuckold might even want their spouse to have a child with someone else though ala “cheating” :smile:


if the mc is not social enough she cheats on him, how come she has the right for vengeance ¿? thats just stupid in my book, the only one that should have vengeance is the mc.
even more when his husband is a King or Lord of a proud city.


Because your the guilty party. She doesn’t cheat unless you piss her off, there is way around it. To expect her, especially given her personality, NOT to do something is idiotic. She’s very impulsive and she’s a warrior first defirebany lady of the land.


is not emotional, is called being reasonable , why whould i romance a charácter that cheats on my mc? it lost my interest to even romance her in the first place, atleast to me in that regard, so i did think if she comes for vengeance after what she did to the mc it lost even more interest in my book. and yea i still think is pretty bs doing it , maybe if it was the other way around i can understand it but coming from the cheater itself is just…:man_facepalming:

(for a mc trying to send her to a convent is reasonable after what she does to the mc, im not supporting the killing thing since any person is free but come on , what does she expect after doing that? )

that may be guilty in your book, for me someone who is married have to respect the relationship she or he is, no matter how bad the other person is, if you dont love the other person you can always divorce or go away, cheating is not something anyone should feel free to do (even more in medieval times where it was called " treason" and you know the penalty for that)


What are you talking about? I’m just inferring that you, the guilty party that is cheating, has no right not to be punished for your actions. And Hereya, the
Second that was cheated on, has every right to have vengeance because she was not repeced.

I’m fuckig tired of this argument. Don’t rebut.


who said that the 1º to cheat is the mc? i was talking about a mc being cheated (a loyal mc to make it more clear), not the other way around.