The War for the West (WIP)



It’d be nice if the MC was given a nickname if he has both the sword forged from the comet and the proposed leather armor from the Abyssal Beast (which I assume is the reward for keeping the body and giving it to Meybuk/ the Alchemists Guild).

Maybe something like “The Otherwordly” or “The Damned”.


I can verify that it is currently possible for a female MC to have a child with Prince Lodka. I tested it…
in the name of science

Would you be so kind as to reveal your secrets to having a child with the Prince? :relieved:

Also do you happen to know if it is possible to do that even if you are married or must you be single to have a child with the Prince? heh


It says:
Her soft but hands?


@MahatmaDagon, will a song ever be sung about the current MC? It seems that the MC’s father had a song written about him, so will the MC ever have the same honour? I understand that you’d have to deal with a lot of variables when making the song but it would be very neat, especially if the MC’s heir ever visits the Storyteller Tent in Dullis.

Also, with just how many riverlords will we have to deal with? Sielccia is a large province, and I imagine Noyedas had a lot of personal vassals, unlike the MC.


You missed plural of -ess, priestesses!



@MahatmaDagon I think I found a bug with the save system. Sometimes when I load a save the game will take me to the stat screen and become stuck there. When that happens I to have restart and delete the bugged saves.


Universal, common bug of Dashingdon save slots. Unfixable by the author really.


vengeance for cheating? thats the most bs i have ever heard in my life, please dont make her that stupid
(good thing she not cheats on my mc because i always have high social, but seeing that kind of “vengeance” from a cheating wife is kind of making that npc even more worthless )


Uhhhh, cheating is a very bad thing to to do. She has the right to seek vengeance.


She’s the one who cheats on you though.


Only if you push her. Let her do her own thing and you’ll be fine.


Still doesn’t make it right, also coming back with a kid that’s not ours from her cheating for vengeance is also petty and dumb.


Well said it makes you no better than the cheating party.


@LovedeLitu My MC was single at the time and just chose to continue seeing Prince Lodka. I haven’t tried it with a married MC but it sounds like that will be working shortly if it is not already.


Thanks, I’ll fix it. I must have read it five times and wasn’t seeing this. :sweat_smile:

There one mention of a song about the MC already(if you promise to pay one auren for each slain enemy and then actually pay it), but I do like the idea of making something with actual lyrics/that describes deeds of great importance done by the MC.

I give them just a passing mention, but I might at least name a few Houses there. I’m also working on a family tree for the Sielc and Sielcner families that might mention a few.

Thanks, I will fix it. Asses and esses seem to be a constant problem in my writing. :thinking:

As @N1GHTMAR3 mentioned, I think there’s nothing I can do about it. The save system I’m using is a placeholder, I’ll have to talk with CoG to see if they can implement one of their own when I send the game to them.

No. Vengeance for trying to kill her or send her to a convent.

I highly doubt that.

I don’t think there’s need to be so emotional about the possible actions of an NPC, or take them so personally. I have no problem with criticism, nor do I think that every NPC must be well liked, but your statements do seem a bit misguided and exaggerated to me.

I think people might be jumping to conclusions based on vague statements on the thread. I wasn’t saying she would return with a child just to rub it in the MC’s face that she cheated on him. Here’s what already can happen in the game:

1: You order the execution of your wife/try to force her into becoming a nun.
2: She escapes with some soldiers loyal to her and they all become mercenaries.

And here’s an example of what I think could work:

3: You die at some point.

4: She comes back to your lands with a child which she claims was yours and her mercenaries to back that claim.
5: The new MC has to deal with this.

To me that would make a great secondary antagonist for the sequel.


I have to say that is the best roast I ever heard…


I agree with you its a good plot, many people underestimating women who got her honor trampled, “a women desire for revenge outlast her other emotion” Cyril Connolly an english critic.


Also i forget to said, if you looking for good refrence for coc midieval game you can look for lord of aswick and the great tournament series


Or you know you could just kill her your self and anybody else involved and move on your life by conquering lands or if they do escape put a huge bounty on there heads dead or alive that sounds like the best way to solve the cheating spouse problem.


Or just not marry her. There’s like 3 other spouses anyway and besides she wont cheat if you just trust her.