The War for the West (WIP)



is it possible to win if you choose to support lord Noyedas? I know there’s an achievement for siding with him, but I’ve been redoing things over and over but I just end up dying.


No you will always dead


Nope. You will die. Always
Mahatmadagon did show some interest in letting the players win alongside Noyedas biy nothing came of it. Probably beacuse doesn’t jive well with the main plot of the game & it’s ending

Instead you can side with him & then betray him in conjunction with Lord Dulsen when both your armies reach Dullis.


@MahatmaDagon I suggest that the various words in the Glossary should be placed in alphabetical order.

I also suggest that when trying to hire the mercenaries, if the MC does not have the 6000 aurens, then the menu should back out to the other ways to try to win over the mercenaries such as offering 1000 aurens plus a title or offering the female MC’s hand in marriage.

The Motto choice for an old and proud House of “We Guard The West” seems a bit too similar in my opinion to House Gorroth of Farhall’s “We Watch The West”.

Other than the sword made from the fallen star, I believe the other swords the MC can acquire do not give any bonus but I suggest that they should give either a Combat bonus or at least some interesting text if people see the MC wielding them.

MCs that choose to leave the beast alive to kill Sielcner’s forces in the woods should probably be given the choice to decide what to do after the Sielcner invasion ends particularly if the MC annexes Sielccia.

Here is a list of typos in the latest version of the game.

If my calculations are correct, it will not land anywhere where it can be harmful, but… The records kept also suggest that there is the possibility that the impact with such an object might be devastating, depending on size and velocity. The Southern Wasters could have been caused by a similar event. There is no way to tell for sure." Meybuk says.

I think it should probably be Wastes or Waters.

Perhaps it was her, but if she could really see the future, how did her master got defeated? I have seen all sorts of impostors, cheaters and pretenders in every steps of the social ladder. Sometimes a few assumptions and well placed predictions can get you quite high, specially back then, when people were more keen to believe in the supernatural." Jenneth says, dismissing the notion.

It should be get.

Our suspicions were partially funded. The "bandits" were rivermen indeed, but they do not seem to be acting under orders from House Sielcner."

I think it should be founded.

“What your father thought of it?”

It should be did your father think. This one was mentioned before so maybe it shows up in more than one place?

Send scouts to asses the strength and position of Sielcner’s army.

It should be assess. This one was also mentioned before and it may appear in more than one place.

“The old arena is abandoned. People say lady Larieth preferred real battles, and he often sought them outside of his walls. I believe we can renovate it and make it usable again, though, given time. Nothing wrong with some fighting that doesn’t necessarily has to end with someone’s death.”

This was probably supposed to refer to the MC’s father not the MC. It should be have.

When he learns about what happens, the mercenary captain does his best not to appear impressed.

It should be happened.


Is there a way to survive a marriage to Noyedas without killing him. Also I feel the MC’s marriage lord Noyedas needs more detail.


So can we have bastard?


So I just did a playthrough of the demo, looks very good and polished so far. I have a question though, besides Danna and the huntsman who else can you romance?


I think it’s a mistake, I’m already married to Wyneva.

I’m playing with an old save, and I told Lord Dullac that I would consider a union with his daughter.


I think there are a few contradictory reports regarding this, since the most common remarks about the economy is the lack of money, not the excess of it. It will take some time until I can make a personal analysis of the values, since I intend on finishing everything else before going into the balancing of costs.

To summarize, I have no idea if there is too much or too little money in circulation.

That possibility is considered already on the ending game scenarios, although not in a way that reflects the cost related to it. Building a navy takes a lot of time(regardless of what the writers of Game of Thrones might think), more time than most of the game takes place in. To me it just doesn’t seem fair to have the player pay for something that’ll happen regardless, and that he will only see the consequence of in the next game, that’s why I “give it for free”.

I usually work with the assumption that many basic infrastructural achievements already exist on the province, because I don’t want to give the vibe that, just because you’re the current Lord/Lady, no one else had thought of doing those things before. Because of this, most of what you can do with the quartermaster is related to improving the condition of something that already exists rather than building it from the ground up, and there are often excuses given when something is coming up for the first time.

Also, the realm has seen decades of stability, it isn’t as if the players are rebuilding a province from the aftermath of a recent war or starting one from the ground up, so I assume there is a road system already in place. Due to political and geographical reasons, Boglan is the only province which has a problem with the roads leading in and out of it, and this is briefly mentioned when discussing treaties with them.

I’m not a big fan of players just giving money to someone to improve their relation with them. It can work on some games, but I don’t think it works that well here, partially because of the way I try to distance myself from systematizing things too much. I try to keep the relationship between the MC and other characters and institutions more organic and focused on choice and consequence, with less options for min/maxing.

In theory, I’m okay with relations being consequential to your decisions on events. Was there any particular person or group which you ended up having a bad relation which and you wish you hadn’t, or you thought it wasn’t fair for them to be on bad terms with you?

About troop morale, I do think there’s a lack of options to increase it. I’ll probably be adding a few events or gimmicks that allow the player to do it eventually.

But, just to clarify, my is point is that I don’t want to give too many obvious options in which the only choice is to “click here to spend money and gain morale/relation or not”. I prefer those things to work indirectly whenever possible.

I think it is mentioned on the event that there’s only enough of it to make a sword. There’ll be the option to make a “leather armor” from the skin of the Abyssal Spawn after it is alchemically treated, though.

I do have some ideas about using an armor made from a fallen star, though, either in the past or in the future. Maybe a legendary warrior from the Old Empire who died due to its “curse” and was buried with it, and maybe someone finds its burial site and loots it. I also like the idea of the MC or some secondary character deciding to wear one of those even knowing the consequences, in order to sacrifice for a greater cause.

I considered that initially, but I don’t think it would work. There is a “flow” to the information there, in which some descriptions work better when followed up by things of similar nature. (Like, all things related to curses being together, all things related to military systems, etc)

There are also the months, which are now described there and displayed in their natural order in the game. An alphabetical order would end up messing all that up.

I could find a way to present all that information somewhere else, or maybe separated somehow, but I couldn’t think of anything I liked until now.

Isn’t that what happens if you select the “Do something else” option? Unless you’re talking about the version of the interaction with him that happens if you get invaded earlier due to summoning all your troops to Boglan.

I agree. I will change it.

There’s a brief situation in which you can get a bad outcome if you’re using the Foreign Blade(if I’m not mistaken), which is mentioned to be unreliable.

I’m not satisfied with the state of the swords in the game, but I couldn’t come up with anything interesting. Giving a + Combat is something I can consider, but other than maybe giving better descriptions of the weapon on the Armory, nothing much comes to mind regarding interesting text.

Agree, that needs to be acknowledged

Thanks for the report, I’ll fix the typos when I send a new version.

Its really supposed to just be an early ending. Part of the reason I didn’t want to enter into much detail is because I didn’t want to portray all the bad ramifications of what I perceive to be an abusive relationship.

Yes, unless there’s something wrong with the code. I don’t know if anyone else had it already.

You can marry Danna, Dannel, Wyneva, Petka, Hereya or Ullus.
You can be lovers with Vradnir, Nada, Lodka and Jenneth, to varying degrees.

There might be someone I’m missing, and there’s always the random sex encounters during the game.

Thanks, I think I fixed it.


I always struggle on what to do with the Spawn, I can’t decide between keeping the body for study, using it to found a religion or using it to kill Sielcner troops


Word missing from Wyneva’s wedding night:
Wyneva might be perceived as cold, at first, for she does not seem to know what to do in bed. Still, she is willing, and her soft but hands slowly find enough confidence to touch your body. She goes through your hair, your chest and your legs, and as her mouth tastes yours, her heart beats faster and faster.

From there on, things happen naturally. You make her forget about dead things and feel truly alive, at least for a while.


I sleep with the noble lady and the the maid and still not get the bastard


I just finished the demo, I slept with both women and didn’t sire a bastard, is it a chance based value or something?


Not impmented yettttttt


I know it’s a bit childish, but honestly I get a kick out of it every time I replay the game. Something about sending my scouts or how my mind reads it; Send scouts to ass the strength and position of Sielcner’s army. Even better, Send scouts asses to the strength and position of Sielcner’s army. :joy: Cracks me up every time, guilty of not reporting this


Will it be possible to gain a nick name in the cause that would be really cool.



I was not referring to the early invasion scenario. It does allow other approaches if the MC picks the option to pay the mercenaries without holding Ullus hostage. However, if the MC tries to hold Ullus hostage but does not have 6000 aurens then no other options to win over the mercenaries are given.

I was wondering if the unpredictable blade was intended only for wielders with the Sight since they might be the only ones who could avoid its drawbacks meaning only opponents would be unable to predict the blades movements.

Some of the swords seem more for show than for battle so perhaps those swords could give a social bonus.

I can verify that it is currently possible for a female MC to have a child with Prince Lodka. I tested it…
in the name of science :blush:.

Here is a list of typos that I do not think have been mentioned before.

“I am deeply sorry, but I have my hands full for the next months. Could I interest you in one of the blades I have in stock, perhaps? If they are adequate to your budge, of course.”

It should be budget.

“The Mulligan Brothers, a couple of merchants who always dealt in shady business, have been recently found dead days after some sort of big transaction with someone from Castle Dullac. The interesting part is that I was able to track their previous movements, and they had been visiting an old woman who also died around the same time, although the neighbors believe it was due to natural causes. I don’t know if the brothers killed herself or if it was someone else trying to cover their tracks, but it is very suspicious, and all deaths suggest poisoning.” - S.

I think it should be her themselves.

You had one night with none in the past, and the man would often find an excuse to come back to Midstev. Usually once or twice each year, and always with the obvious intent of seeing you.

I think it should be him.


What word is missing exactly? I’m having some difficulty in finding it.

It was supposed to be implemented already, but I think only unmarried people and perhaps female characters were getting it.

I tested it myself with a male character and it should be working now. Thanks for the report, I’ll be uploading the files shortly.

I recommend starting a new save and checking the version of the game on the title screen. It should say (version with a few bastards).

You mean like X the Great or Y the Wise? I’m open to suggestions.

Since Ullus states the mercenaries won’t be paid if they break the contract, I’ll let the player hire them even if he doesn’t have the 6k aurens, working under the assumption that he’ll eventually be able to pay them with letters of credit/spoils from the battle. The money will still be deducted, but only after the battle ends and you interact with Ullus as a hostage again. I think that solves the problem.

Thanks for the reports! It should be all fixed in the current version.

The repeating grammar mistakes you mentioned on the other post should be fixed as well. The “What your father thought of it?” probably remained because of some mixup with old files from my part, but I’ve double checked it and it was already fixed on the ones I have on my computer since the you reported it. Hopefully just a matter of uploading the right version now.

The “asses” in particularly, there were a lot of them spread throughout the game(sic), but it was a different type of problem. I missed two files out of ten I think, and that might be as to why they remained. I’ve done word search throughout all the files and there’s only one “asses” now, which serves its correct purpose grammatically.


I’d like to give suggestions on possible epithets and nicknames for the MC, either by the time he’s dead or otherwise(you can figure this out yourself).


Maybe “the Conqueror” if he conquers Sielccia?
“the Warrior” if combat >60 and other stats are low, “the Wise” if knowledge is high, “the Charming”, etc etc. And perhaps “the Great” if somehow all the stats are 40+.
You can have “the Mad” if the MC kills the child and goes on to sacrifice for awakening the Forgotten One.
Perhaps the MC can have negative nicknames by his enemies such as “the Usurper/False King”(gaining Sielccia without the King’s approval) “the Traitor”(betraying Noyedas, example you’re know as Wise in your lands, but the Sielccians call you the Traitor) “the Bloody”(if the MC burns Riverine or raids Sielccia).
Maybe something more dramatic such as “the Last Lord” if the MC is overthrown in a revolt?


I think the nickname best implemented on the sequel since this is still a “prologue” for greater series.