The War for the West (WIP)



You might even be doing them a favour…


Yes, no intention of letting Lanfrey build duplicates of my bridges.

He can duplicate my…

This Cardeed rivary has affected me badly.


How do you get to be a templar XD?


I have a suggestion. What if you added more things to spend money on? Like, the only real investment, after you finish the money requiring events, seems to be the military. If you had worked up a good surplus through good actions/loads of cardeed spam, you aren’t left with a lot to spend it on. You got a small handful of improvements to make, but not many, not enough to use up all the spare gold it’s possible to get.

So what if you could do stuff like build a navy? Would make sense, given those raiders you get hit with early on. Or maybe a road system? Would allow you to move troops around (I would go into more detail but I don’t know how to add the spoiler filter thing) as well as let you make more money from tolls and extra trade.

Or maybe add something so that we can spend money to improve relations with people or troop morale. As far as I have seen, and I may just have missed it, the only way to improve them is through events, and if you let them get low, you’re stuck with them and can only hope you don’t trigger something bad.

Over all, super great game, I can’t wait for the finished product.


Okay how to get a bastard, i already sleep withbthe maid and the noble lady and i still don’t get a bastard son


Put it like this

[spoiler] TEXT [/spoiler.] just without the full stop.


Simple don’t get with a woman that will cuck you cause if i got with her head will be put on a pike on my castle walls as a warning to all.


It will be implemented in the next patch.


Do you think we will get the option to make are own custom suit of armor from the remaining star metal if you have not sold it that would go so good with the star sword.


But wouldn’t the prolonged exposure kill you ?


Maybe in the next game we find a master armor crafter that could somehow fix that


Lets say you could find away to survive it would still be so cool your own unique armor along with the star sword it would be so bad ass.


I don’t think it’s possible iirc @MahatmaDagon said that if noyodes gets the fallen star, he makes a crown out of it, which eventually kills him


Maybe the alchemists could find away so you could cause it would go so good with my star sword.


There won’t be enough left especially after the first fail.


Then i will go to space and get some more.


Bring me back a mooon stone while you’re at it.


How big of a stone do you want.


Oh just the size of a palm. I wanna through it at people so I can moon them without showing anything.


Ok got it i will be back soon.