The War for the West (WIP)



Can anyone please tell me step by step not to get cuckolded on hayera?


Just choose the options that doesn’t set the cheating variable true.


I half expect Menara D’ley to be revealed behind all those revolts. She did write a book urging such a revolution to take place.
Its again mentioned in early bad ending that Lanfrey’s brother read that book.
I can see her pulling strings to bring down Meinstrels.
Could it be possible that she discovered about Wrym & decided that’s the best way forward to achieve her goals? Atleast EBB is heavily hinted about knowledge of the monster.

3 words. The Water Watchers

Agree about dealing with Wrym instead of trying to use it for own ends


I dont understand, im not savy with that thing


It raises your relation with the Temple as well, unless I’m mistaken.

Also, there are a few moments in the game that acknowledge people who are arrested in the dungeons. I have plans for a long term consequence relating them, and some ideas for interacting with Seyell about the Sight and the possibility of using him when creating a new religion.

He should always kill himself. There might be an option in which he doesn’t, but that’s probably something I forgot to add. I’m sure one of them leads to him choking on his own intestines.

I like all of those ideas, I’ll add them to my annotations for the next game.

He’ll not like it, but there isn’t much he can do against you right now. It should be explained in one of the epilogues.

Thanks, fixed it.

There’s a dream, but there’s also the possibility to make it come true at some point in the game.

You’ll probably fight/kill him during the open field battle if you had killed Sir Brendell before it starts, otherwise the Warmonk eventually vanishes after Noyedas is defeated/killed. I’ll add a brief epilogue mentioning his disappearance, and I have a few plans for him in the sequel.

Regardless of the truth, I can see Hereya wanting vengeance and, depending on the state in which things are by the second game, coming down on those lands with a supposed “heir” pretender and forcing a claim.

Yup, I won’t neglect it. I focused on bastards first because it was something I felt I had to get out of the way at once, as it is on its own .txt.

That option doesn’t make her cheat on you. It was probably something else, or you got a really bizarre bug.

DON’T pick those options:

“Keep an eye on my wife. Inform me if it ever turns out to be more than playful jest.”
“It is bad for morale if my soldiers think my wife isn’t pleased with me.” (If you have < 40 Social)
“You either cease with such practices or I will not allow you to train anymore.”
“You need to get used to your new life.”
“We both have to make compromises.” (If you have < 30 Social)


I read the code once in lateGame2.txt, and as far as I can tell, @MahatmaDagon plans to add a reference that if the MC accepts EBB’s monopoly on Sieslik trade, then they begin spreading democratic ideas through your province, now that wouldn’t work with a majority of uneducated, poor peasantry, but I think the educated artisans and merchants would be interested in democracy, this would obviously be a horrible thing for us.


I feel kinda stupid for asking for, but how do you get more money? I keep running out before I can get more, especially when I don’t pick the greedy dad choice. When does tax collection hit?


Cardeed is a good way to make money, maybe the best if you like exploiting the save slots.


Tax collection kicks in every 30 days or so.

I’ll raise the initial amount of aurens as well(since I think most people seem to be suffering from the lack of it), but you can get a bit more money from taxes by making commercial treaties. There are also a few business opportunities spread across the game.


They already did that. If you go for bad ending after the battle then it’s mentioned that they spread democratic ideas & brought weapons freely through the monopoly we granted them to fuel the revolt in our fief


*comment ////////////////////////////////////////////////
*comment //////// THE E.B.B. INFLUENCE /////
*comment //////////////////////////////////////////////
*comment If you accepted the EBB contract, they start to influence your province with democratic notions.
from the code, I think this would happen regardless the state of your economy, as long as your contract with the EBB stands.
By the way, did you get the bad ending when the rebels storm King’s End with Meybuk as Mayor? The letter he sends before his death was very interesting.


I went with Vradnir on that. Getting revenge on folks for Dagoria & such.

If you can post that here with spoiler tags that would be appreciable


Here it is, if you want, I can also post about Jenneth, Lanfrey and Walvanar(it’s interesting what happens to Nellasha if she marries him). Also I’d like to note that every Mayor of King’s End begins constructing a naval fleet after the attack on the village of Nyl.

Lord Meybuk did his best to outmaneuver the attackers, but they had much greater numbers, and his efforts had been elsewhere. He tried to apply strategic reason to the fight, but there was only so much that could be done in defense of King’s End.

The town was taken, and the old man beheaded at Settler’s Square.

But before he died, the Scholar had somehow arranged to send you a sealed letter. Inside it, the secret he had vowed to uncover.

In the letter, Meybuk tells about finding hidden records of excavation groups in the region, funded by the Eastern Bargaining Brotherhood during your father’s time. The official claim was the pursuit of minerals, but according to the Scholar there was reason to believe they paid Lord Goyler well to hide their activity there. The merchants, for some reason, did not wish for House ${surname} to know of their presence there.

The old man’s hasty handwriting explains the excavations were unfruitful, and suggests that what is happening right now could be related to the E.B.B.'s interests in the territory. That the people funding the rebels could be trying to depose you by any means necessary, so as to claim the northern highlands of ${yourLands} for themselves.

He theorizes that they probably funded Lord Noyedas as well, and that they had some kind of accord with him, in which they would fund his war in exchange for the rights to operate on the area around King’s End.

They too were looking for something, and willing to spend absurds amounts of money in order to find it.

The letter ends abruptly, before the man can elaborate on what it might be. The courier who brought the message reported he barely had time to leave the town after being handed it.


Can you post the one for wanfrey, walvamart and jenneth


Speaking of taxes, alliances with the neigboring nations permanently increase the amount you get.

Northern alliance gets you an extra 160-180 aurens (depends on your social skill; if you use Lanfrey it will always be 170), Dullis alliance gets you 240 more aurens if you married into the family and 360 more aurens if you were married before going to Dullis and paid the 800 aurens price for the deal.


Oh I see!
But would she do that if the MC is on good terms with her as a cuckold as well? Or will she not have a bastard when the MC is a cuckold? Like I mean only if she’s cheating on you then she’ll have a bastard or several?
Sorry if I misunderstood you…


@N1GHTMAR3 I saw u said playing cardeed was a good way to gain money and started laughing out loud :rofl: I blew 10,000 aurens playing with my soldiers at Dullis. They probably live me know right?


I also added exploiting the save slots.

Guess your moral code forbids you from it.

No. Seriously. It is a good way. Just use the resources… ahem… save slots, for your own good.


Remember kids, there’s nothing unethical about ripping apart the fabric of time and space and flinging yourself back to the past just so you could beat Lanfrey in Cardeed and gain just a few more aurens.


Not unethical at all considering none of my opponents have lands to manage and citizens to upkeep. Most would spend it all on booze and women anyway.