The War for the West (WIP)



I meant the other king. After I’ve beaten Noyedas.


Found another bug:

Options for a female MC & male MC appear alongside each other

Think the highlighted part below could be better described as
“They forced our hand & in the end the impasse had to be resolved through much bloodshed”

Now @mahatmadagon, finally got down to hunt down the ending you alluded to.

My first reaction was like…
Oooooooh boy!

I mean it had to come to end with our favourite monster waking up, didn’t it?! :joy:
Now this is the second time in the game we get to experience our MCs power. Beside the one where they are woken by the Genderless. If only we could somwhow access them earlier to see the invasion or revolt coming.

Now the sequel being playable as either our MCs child or as MC is again great example of how much freedom this game grants us in dealing with the character trajectory of our MCs. Not at all felt forced at any point due to the simple reason of plot needing to go forward.
Well, beside the invasion. But that is necessary to say the least, to imbue the game with the semblance of a story & our MCs with purporse for keep moving forward.

Having read this ending, I seriously wished we as players could get the option to strengthen the spy network inside our fief. There’s a lot of sneaky stuff happening right under our noses. I feel like it would be in keeping with the spirit of game giving us so much freedom to have us discover those plots on our own initiative. They could still be triggered by the certain stat checks for those who allow the conditions conducive for that to happen.

Those with right stats could then discover those plots & act on them. Others can choose to ignore them & continue with the game.
At least a high knowledge & social MC should be alble to figure all this stuff out with Jenneth.

May be our MC could disguise himself/herself the same way he/she did in Hilltown & moonlight as Shelock Holmes to discover the plots being cooked up right under our noses.

And EBB, you sneaky bast**ds! Hahahaha that was quite a surprise. Not making any deals with them in future playthroughs :joy:

This could be the reason why I got the bug. As to old cookies, well I clean my browser everyday. So that being the reason is of low possibilty.


If you send reinforcements to him at begining then he considers you as a friend. And then if you later reveal your heritage to win over Sielccians then he feels betayed by you not telling him about it.

In either case (revealing or not revealing your heritage) if you capture Sielccia then he calls you to captial to bend the knee & renew fealty vows.

Now if you refuse his demands then there will be consequences to that & they have not yet been implemented by author here. They are coming though. Most likely this is a matter that will come up at Lord’s Meet at Farhall at the absolute end of game.

My guess is that the king will eventually task Lord Aevlyn (Lord of Farhall) to take his elite regiment of knights after dealing with revolt in Eastern provinces & go take care of our MC.
That is if everybody’s favourite monster doesn’t break it’s slumber to throw every single plan of ours & our enemies into absolute disarray. :grin:


Marry another woman.


h social and she does not cheat


Seems easier to marry one of her sisters. Also they’re cooler.


I agree. Marry Wyneva. She’s the best.


How did you get the guard??


It’s your first knight and bodyguard


Wait what I thought that was a dream omg


One way is buying the ancient sword and giving it to him and choose the right dialogue, another is during the battle against sons of snakes in bolgon, after anytime you can “talk” about what happened no do it again.


What happens with the misterious warmonk if you kill Noyedas?


He probably becomes unmysterious.


Killed. Most likely.
Unless he fled when he saw Sielccians losing.
Nothings mentioned about his fate though.
@Mahatmadagon can clear it up


Speaking about the bastard update, if your spouse cheats on you, or if you’re a cuckold to Hereya, will they sire bastards from other men?


EBB is clearly very powerful, I believe they hold an agenda against Houses Sielc and (Last name) (probably the Meinstrel as well) hopefully if the MC is an ally to King Jeohr, we can advise him just as the just MC father did, and if we can do that, we could even be a positive influence on him, or just play him as a puppet, alternatively. Though independence is an attractive notion as well.
I still believe the Wyrm is far too dangerous to be relied upon as a ‘weapon’ against the MC’s enemies, I staunchly believe that my MC and Meybuk will find a way to keep the monster secret and contained, so the Dagorians don’t get an opportunity to wake it for their own ends…


@MahatmaDagon The source code handling lovers and bastards at the end currently only continues heterosexual romances. Female MCs can also be lovers with Jenneth and Nada while Male MCs can have Sir Vradnir as a lover. While bastards would not be an issue in these circumstances, I suggest that the choice to continue those relationships should still be available.

I think you missed a 9 in there :smirk:.


Nope i tell janneth to warn the soldier if they get touched by my wife they will say good bye to their dick


Nah, I like Hereya more.

No, because after the cheating incident, she is banished, or flee or you can make a festival to save grace and she only have a baby a long time after the event.


more like six or seven