The War for the West (WIP)



What happens if I refuse to bend the knee to the king?


I hope you can give Bolgan total autonomy to keep them within our kingdom


Shouldn’t it be $6000?


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Somewhere in the middle of all that madness, the Mothermulchers changed sides. Ullus commands them to turn on the troops from Midstev, showing a golden smile as he does so. Was this something the man always planned to do? Was there anything that could be done to avoid it?

I suggest the Mothermulchers switching sides in the battle should depend on how the battle is going. When the Mothermulchers are on the opposing side from the start, they sit out of the battle if the MC’s side is winning. If the MC’s side is winning and would still be winning even if all of the Mothermulchers switched sides, it seems a bit odd that the mercenaries would choose to switch sides even when doing so would not change the outcome save to make the MC’s side VERY displeased with the mercenaries. If they really do switch sides anyway, then I would at least like the opportunity to personally execute Ullus if the MC held him hostage for his unit’s good behavior. If the MC’s side prevails in spite of the mercenaries switching sides, I think the MC should also have the choice of what to do with the mercenaries who switched sides. For that matter, if Ullus is being held hostage, then we should not see the text about Ullus giving the order at all.

Even if the MC kills Noyedas and the MC does not have an heir, House Sielc’s bloodline would be just as strongly represented in the MC’s cousin Walvanar and some MCs would know that. Furthermore, if the MC does proclaim the MC’s mother’s heritage, there might need to be some mention about Walvanar who would suddenly find himself a potential Sielc royal claimant as well.

Here is a list of typos in the latest version of the game.

“What your father thought of it?”

It should be did your father think.

He certain didn’t like Prince Lodka, and appeared more jealous of him than your own husband.

It should be certainly.

Were you always faded to end this way? Was this some sort of destiny you could not escape from?

It should be fated.

Perhaps most surprising of all was Jenneth’s inability to predict and to react to such attack. The unprotected port soon fell to the enemy, and it is said that your Spymaster either fled under the cover of night or was amongst the many bodies that were throw in the sea by morning.

It should be thrown.

Meanwhile, Vradnir - now Lord Mayor of King’s End - continued with his efforts of producing a military naval fleet for ${yourlands}, confident that it was now more needed than ever. He offered reinforcements to the Water Watchers as well, and made sure to extent the range of the patrols near the coast, so as they would always be ready to provide assistance.

It should be extend.

The raiders had come from the Isle of Dagoria, and their purposes were related to sacrificial offerings to an unknown deity, although there was certainly more to it then that.

It should be than.

“How did you managed to get them?”

It should be manage.

And then a couple of children, no more than two years old, found death inside a small circle of stones. Twins, with dark purple markings on their necks.

It probably should be dead.

The soldiers in purple bravely charged at them, keen on making they pay.

It should be them.

In the end, what was first a arranged marriage in an hour of despair became an surprisingly stable relation, and the man loved you for the woman you were and for the life you provided him and his men with.

It should be an and a respectively.

I think there is an error in the source code for the second Dagoria attack.
*if patrollingCoast >= 25
 *goto lostVillage

*if patrollingCoast = 50
 *goto defendedVillage

*if patrollingCoast >= 100
 *goto defendedVillage

It currently always assumes the patrols lose because the inequality is facing the wrong way and only the first if statement will be triggered if any patrols at all are assigned. I think the first if statement should instead be:

*if patrollingCoast <= 25


This is a awesome project


Dang i lose against noyedes because my people’s refuse to join the army, i can only recruit 20, what a black day i ruin my house😭


Agreed, that mercenary need to die for it betrayal


Are you referring to Noyedas? If so, he’ll go to war against you.

Oops. Thanks for the report.

I don’t think the Sielccians would let them sit out of the battle entirely, although this happens at some point during the battle:

*if (imWinning)
 Ullus and some of his most prized Mothermulchers can be seen on the distance, offering support to the Sielccian army. They do not seem too keen on joining the battle directly, perhaps unsure of what side will be victorious.
 *goto dullisCheck

*if (imWinning = false)
 You see Ullus and his Mothermulchers trying to get to you through the crowd, perhaps wanting to claim a prize on your head. The mercenaries earn their keep, fighting with confidence and killing many of your troops.
 *goto dullisCheck

I agree its odd.

My intention with setting their betrayal as something that happened “somewhere in the middle of all that madness” was to open up the possibility that it might have occurred at a moment during the battle where you were at a disadvantaged.

I honesty don’t know if it is working as intended, but there should be some points in the battle where it becomes hard to know who has the clear advantage, given that you are being attacked from two sides, that your perception shifts according to whats happening around you, that a portion of the enemy is charging without care for their lives, etc. (not to mention potential weather conditions)

I also use think I used “at least” when describing the number of troops coming to flank you from the back to open up the possibility that you might be outnumbered. Those notions certainly might not be holding up given that I currently have no idea how many troops you can recruit until the battle comes.

One thing I often consider is to automatically raise the number of enemy troops so you can never have too much of a clear advantage, but I’m not sure if that’s needed, and its a type of balancing that’ll probably just happen when everything else is done. I do think fighting against larger numbers is one of the most effective tropes of the “genre”, though.

Either way, this is all probably a bit contradictory, since there are moments in the flow of the game which there is a clear distinction of who is losing or winning, and it can even affect the way the mercenaries (when they’re on the other side).

I guess the easiest way to solve this is to do as you suggested, by making the Mothermulchers’ betrayal be defendant on who has the advantage on the battle.

I got confused regarding this because there are two versions of the interaction with Ullus, depending on where do you interact with him. I thought I had removed the possibility of him becoming a hostage because I only checked one of them, and it wasn’t there.

My bad. The text should be considering properly if he was made a hostage or not, and I’ll add a brief interaction in which you can decide his fate in case they betray you.

I just assume they have been all put to the sword or flee from the field of battle when there’s no hope of winning.

Are you saying that because of some particular passage/ending that might contradict this? I think there might be a few, I’m just not sure exactly where.

I do have plans for Walvanar, although they are all long term ones. Some might appear on the final epilogues though.

Also, I fixed the typos and the error you mentioned. Thanks for the reports, I’ll upload a new version soon.



For context going from memory, when defending the castle, my MC’s side in one game had 3700+ troops when the enemy started its charge while the enemy at the start of the charge was at 1400+. The enemy lost 600+ during the charge which would leave them with around 800+. If we charitably assume all of the Mothermulchers were still alive, my MC’s side would still have had 2700+ meaning that even when switching sides the enemy would only have 1800+ vs my MC’s 2700 so I really think the mercenaries would be better off not switching sides when it is not going to change the outcome.

Given that the MC may be willing to hold Ullus hostage, I also do not think the MC would necessarily place the mercenaries in a position on the field where they would be able to hit the MC’s forces from behind. The MC could either place them in the front to be the first to hit the enemy lines or on whichever flank is less important.

I do not like the idea of always making the MC automatically outnumbered as that just makes all of the effort building up forces feel pointless. For players reading through their first time through, it might not be obvious the first time through that they will need to recruit as often as possible and train as often as possible even at the cost of taking out loans. There should actually be a meaningful impact of having gone with a full military buildup.

One that comes to mind is in:

*label celibacy
You were not seeking to perpetuate the lineage of House ${surname}.

*if (knowsAboutHeritage)
 Nor the legacy of House Sielc.

Perhaps it was for the best if it were to end with you.

Technically MCs that know their mother’s heritage would not be ending the legacy of House Sielc since Walvanar may have children. So really only the MC’s father’s house might seem to be ending until the MC finds out about Jenneth’s heritage.


A question, if I may, will a male MC be given opportunities to sire a child with Lady Danna? Because one child isn’t enough, and I’d like that, if I ever played as (heirname), he has a brother or two.
A female MC was given an option of having a child with (lovername, note that this could be Lodka, Vradnir or both), but obviously the female MC’s spouse would probably think the second child is his, and I’d like for my male MC to have a large family.
Then there is Nada, I am certain someone of influence and power suspected the MC’s mother ancestry and had her as a spy, and with a goal to produce a child with the male MC at all costs. SPOILER FROM CODE: Though Vendell is a nice name of Sielccian origins… why do I think (heirname) will have troubles dealing with that…?


@MahatmaDagon I married hareya, but the event where she cheating from me never occur, i already try to skip the day but the event still not trigger, anyone know how to trigger it? And how to make her not cheating?


Just tell her she can do anything as long she doesn’t cheat on you.


I try to do that and i got the achievement cuckold😣


I think she always cheats on you in the end, i might be wrong though


It was very sad then


Thanks, I’ll remove that bit of House Sielc, and the other stuff you mentioned should be acknowledged with the next update.

Yeah, it makes complete sense. I’ll add the option for a second legitimate child for the male MC as well.

Yup, you’re pretty much correct here.

So, you first have to spend the day with her, then some time later(around 20 days I think) you’ll receive a message from Jenneth saying that she wants to talk to you.

Go talk to your Spymaster, and there should be an option called “Talk about the delicate matter.”.

From there on, the majority of the options will trigger her to cheat on you, especially if you have low Social. Things like asking the Spymaster to keep an eye on her, threatening the woman, saying she has to get used to her new life all make her mad at you and cheat on you “out of spite”.

But there are ways to get out of this situation without her cheating on you at the end, even if you have low Social I think. One of those options is the one @Urban mentioned.

You probably asked Jenneth to keep an eye on her before that, didn’t you? :sweat_smile:


@mahatmadagon found a bug after winning the siege & talking to Lord Dulsen

I was wondering, whether there would be further consequences for sending Seyell the soothsayer to Dungeon? I mean beside the immediate bump to citizen unrest?

Same for sending mad man from Dagoria to Dungeon?

Also, I feel like it would be helpful to add description of how trade deals we make with Bolgan, Dullis & Prince Lodka help us. Other than increased revenue I mean.
Like the trade deal with Dullis could be described leading to influx of cheap food from into our fief.
The one with from Northern Kingdom could be described to provide us with plenty of Furs & Wood to allow our subjects to spend the winter months quite comfortably.
Wood could also help us to build up a naval fleet.

The one with Bolgan could be provide us with rare Herbs which might even lead to discovery of possible cure for disease our Alchemist guild is researching. Besides also mentioning how the improved roads brought in more rare & unique items from swamps into our fief.

Just food for thought. :smiley:


I’m on the run so I’ll read the rest of the post when I get back, but this bug is 100% related to your browser picking old files from the host. I think sometimes that happens because your save is older than the current version of the game(I just uploaded it a couple of hours ago), or because your browser stored the files internally and isn’t updating them without you clearing the cookies.