The War for the West (WIP)



Last meme I swear. This doesn’t need spoilers.


Also Noyedas says hes a warrior and he wouldnt do it… so that would add 2 versions of the story and you should choose what to believe… i think it adds an interesting path


He literally confesses he did it when you confront him about it.


I simply do this when not in hacking mode: Since we cant get money during the month, I just keep exploiting their money by playing cardeed. This is actually the best way to avoid bankruptcy! I love this cardeed thing.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


WT… That’s… absurd reaction…

I remember in total war Shogun that when my castle burned up, my general was like: Calm down, it just castle burning. Even my palace is burning Woah!!!


You love Cardeed because there’s save slots.
Once this is released as a HG it won’t have them.
So, yeah, everyone’s favorite exploit becomes a gambling machine with Lanfrey being the CEO.


I probably sound stupid for saying this but is the game complete?


No. Like the title of this thread said, it’s still WIP.


I think because it was optional that make it more reason to make it major thing, because how unexpected the effect will be, how something small can make bigger effect of the future, that make choice of game intresting, our small choice will make big difrent.


It’s like real life; everything has consequences. My own Mc is pregnant at the end but has three potential fathers! A lord, a prince, and a guard… Oh my god, It’s mid evil Mamma Mia.


merchant turns into an adventurer from CK2
merchant gains an army to besiege your lands


umm…im not sure if its okay for Northern prince to wait near my castle for a few months straight
id gladly invite him in but the option disappeared after I went to visit lord Dullac


I got 2 typos and a possible bug.

didnt get prints about the bug, also spoiler

First, “No way to know where the man”
And "Your fief has increased

As for the bug, at least I think it is, since y’all talk about an ending but there was none, I was 2 days from being attacked, then I went on a hunt, the only option was something wicked, using knowledge I finished the event, but when I returned
there was nothing about the invasion, the Hold court option wasnt there and the only way to advance the days was going to the blacksmith and back, which still gave me the spying events from 2 guys.


Vradnir unbearded vs bearded edition.

Press at your own risk



@MahatmaDagon i dont know it was bug or not but after the last update, most of the time the game stop working because of the loading between page never stop. Or maybe it was only me.


@leo-leo @Zen1 are you guys playing with older saves? It might be a case of the old “reset your browser’s cookies”. I’m not getting those errors on my end, at least.


Wait we got update? Kek


i actually started playing today so there r no old saves


When you play as a woman, the prophecy doesn’t make sense, because Meybuk says that Lord Noyedas may have listened to it and thought he was the one described on the prophecy, but it says that the true Queen would sit on the throne. So Noyedas couldn’t have thought it was him that the prophecy talked about.



Thanks, I fixed the typos. About the bug, it could be because you went on a hunt. You shouldn’t be able to do that, but it appears I forgot to block that particular option.

About not having other ways to progress the time, just out of curiosity: couldn’t you just go to the Temple as well? I think you can always pray there to pass the time. (there’s also an option that lets you skip days on the menu, jutst to let you know)

I’m always updating the changelog with the recent updates. It’s some minor stuff though.

Ok, good to know. It suggests that this is an old bug, and I think I found it now. The option should remain on the menu until you select it.

Thanks for the report.

@weirdooooo You’re right, I have neglected that. Thanks for the reminder, I will update the text to specify that he might have heard a different version of that prophecy.