The War for the West (WIP)



It definitely isn’t lost. The scene at the end of battle when we fight Noyedas, we get the option to kill him with his own (SielcSword).

As to it’s future use, well I’m as interested in it being used in someway as you are. Whether it really does contain the soul of river or not, that’s something worth exploring in future


If anything, it would be nice if you could simply keep it as a souvenir and have it hanged on your wall or something, to signify your defeat of the Lord.

A sword which has the soul of a river is nice and all, but I’ll personally stick with my blade crafted from the otherwordly stone of an alien, demonic meteor that posions people, thank you very much.


Two supernatural swords are better than one I’d say. To each his own then. Cheers! :smiley:


I noticed there are no gold colour. Can you please add that?

And also, Vradnir appear when i want to buy the Ancient Sword, even though he is still in Emyria. (The Advisor Who Breaks the Boundaries of Time and Space 2: Electric Boogaloo)


Can we use two swords at the same time meaning being able to use sielc sword and the felsword as dual swords like kirito :stuck_out_tongue: that would be cool and badass lol


might be too heavy to dual wield that.


I’m actually interested in having a system which allows the map to change the border lines when the MC conquered or taken the part of lands.


Or is it?
Since the Fellsword is much lighter than any usual sword, and given the mysticallity of Sielcsword (and the fact we’re the legit descendant of its original user, so that a boost), maybe it is possible. Although maybe the MC need some higher Combat skill to balance it a little bit. And probably some specific requirements like training in the training ground with the Red Tull, and some knowledge too with reading books like The Trade of Conflict.

Althogh, this will be too complicated to implement, with no real effect on the gameplay other than the ‘badass’ effect


You can just imagine mc wielding both swords :wink:

Fueld by unlimited power of your imagination


Yeah maybe I will :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW is there is a way to save all my companions and if there is a way how many troops should I have???




I don’t know. It seems it was randomized. In one playthrough, all of my companions survived everything, from the Battle and the Abyssal Spawn thing. The other one…not so much.


Wait… Is it randomized now?
Because in every playthrough I ever had led to all of MCs companions dying in the end.


Ha :joy: I loved when I was able to grab the first Knight’s ahm manhood lol.


If you mean at the end of the finall battle with Lord Noyedas, that is meant to happen. It’s done so to show the true nature of war, that loved ones can die in them and all that symbolic stuff.




Might come off as a shitty fact but even if the swords are light, from a realistic standing, dual wielding is dumb.
But dumb, no real value on the battlefield. Wielding two swords, you don’t hit as hard and fast. Also, you’re vulnerable. To everything.

Sorry. Just like sword facts.


I know that. If you see my previous posts in this thread, I’ve pointed this fact out myself

I was actually responding to this part. I assumed the battle @earl_of_arland was referring to was the one we experience right at the end.

Confusions Galore…


:joy: wish it was a cute prince.


Bu—t it’s dual wielding , the badassery of both swords make up for it. My foes WILL TREMBLE BEFORE ME at the sight of my Swords