The War for the West (WIP)



More like 40/30/30, since you can beat her with 50 in combat.


Wyneva was already my favorite before, but now she’s the one I’ll always end up marrying. Love her calm attitude.


At the end when you choose to stay and wait at the castle to defend it,the hold a court option feels weird. The other extra stuff like Alchemists or the boulders were nice additions. It just doesnt feel right when holding a court and you have to deal with some random peasants arguing when an army is 3 days away. It would feel more natural of a Lord was doing more important stuff in that time. What if you tried something like special events that could happen when you hold a court that can omly occur if waiting to defend the castle. It would feel more realistic that way.


I agree its really weird to be able to hold court while waiting for war.

I actually already block the player from doing certain things if he’s waiting for war, like marrying, hunting, holding a tourney, leaving the province, etc. There’s already a check of this kind for the Hold Court option, so I think I just forgot to turn it on there.

Either way, I need to make sure that there are “natural” ways to pass the days while waiting for war.

There’s the option to go to the Temple and ask their perform a Mass to inspire the troops, to go to the quartermaster and ask that he gather boulders to be thrown off the walls and the option about the alchemists, but those are more or less side events. I’ll see what I can come up with.


because of this, I will never marry her, imagine being known as The Bull of the West.
(But to be fair, my MC also cheat on her).
Also @MahatmaDagon Do we have any permanent mistresses, like a servant or a lady-in-waiting?
So far I’ve had two opportunities to cheat on my wife, 1: a kiss, 2: with the castle’s servant, but the MC doesn’t create any permanent relationship with his lover, it is a momentary thing.

Edit: four opportunities


@MahatmaDagon A suggestion, if I may. It might be a tall order, but I think the end result would be worth it.

In the tournament that you can hold, if you beat the Horned Knight you’ll be immediately notified that Sister Myra assassinated him. Rather than immediately jumping to that scene, however, I would really like if we first entered the final combat section of the tournament with Sister Myra. I can see a lot of benefits to this; it can reward MC’s with ridiculously high Combat by allowing them to defeat her, it allows the MC to form a deeper connection with her since they’ve seen her true potential at the tourney (I know you can fight her in the training grounds, but that scene was just incredibly weak) and you could legitimately win the tournament, rather than having the peasants say you’re a fraud who won it unfairly.


But wasn’t it mentioned that Myra joined the tournament specifically to kill Sir Morren? Why would she waste time fighting some lordling who likes combat when she had a perfect opportunity to murder Morren and get her vengeance?


I see that the game is getting closer to the end of it’s development, I really did enjoy the get which is why I am a little concerned about the way it ends. I felt as if when you get to the siege( or whatever based on what you chose), you just reached the climax of the story. It seems like there was a lot of introduction for a very brief climax and a very short epilogue. I really did enjoy the world you created and maybe I am being a little selfish asking for more story but, I really do feel like the climax and epilogue were very short


I’m currently more interested in keeping track of whoever you had sexual interactions with than in keeping those interactions recurrent in the game, because I’m already aiming forward to the next one. There’s going to be a moment during one of the epilogues where all the “nastiness” you’ve done comes to haunt you, and this can have deep effects on the next game.

I think it’s fair to complain about the size of the battle/climax, but not about the epilogue. There’s still much to be added to it, at least three times more content, and then a few more scenes on top of that, not to mention the Lord’s Summit itself. I usually make a point of wrapping every loose end I have, but if by then something is forgotten, I am counting on you guys to remind me.

Anyway, I think I need to make it clear to people that there’s much more to the end of the game then what they’re getting when they get the Sielccia epilogue.

Now, about the “final battle”(be it the siege or the one on the open field), I have a very different perception of it because I see the code, the choices, the possibilities. My perspective is probably a lot different than the one of a player because I do not see the length. I see the width, so to speak.

When it is all said and done, I will have to play the game myself a few times in order to try to get that player’s perspective.




Hereya (She’s the only one that I cheat on) will cut the masculinity of the MC off, but seriously, now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m a bit afraid to marry the MC with her.


When I play Cardeed with Wyneva, her name is none and she doesn’t have a expression.


Thanks, it should be fixed now.


she doenst cheat on you if u have high social? cause i never did get that rumors about her.


No, but seriously man, we all know that extramarital affairs are something natural in any arranged marriage.You marry someone for politics not for love (there are exceptions, Danna, Petka, Wyneva and even Hereya(high social), they seem to really like the MC if he treats them well), Also, Petka is simply kind (and too good for my bloodthirsty MC), Wyneva and Danna are my favorites, what remained was the promiscuous princess, I needed a victim to test the lover’s options, the obvious choice was Hereya .


I just realized this now, are there any events were we actually meet Caption Hurlden or Harten again (I can’t remember his name)but the Watch captian whom the peasants complain about. If we decide to remove him from the city watch?


@MahatmaDagon, do we get the chance to use the Sielcsword in the future of the game? Or it’s lost when Sielcner fought us?


Doesn’t Hurlen become a rebel in the revolt that happens if the MC has high civil unrest and negative money in the treasury, I’m pretty sure he has a chance to kill the MC if the MC chooses bad options? Otherwise I’m not sure he has a role other than that.


can you spoiler me the rumors or how to get them? i always end up with her liking me (high social) :rofl:


The easiest way would be to assemble a character with high combat (50) and knowledge, and leave social with 0, then enter into show stats, options Allow time. After enter cheat menu, and delay the invasion, spend time until the prince arrives at your land, marque your wedding, and marry, then just skip the months, you will get a warning that Jenneth needs to say something delicate with you and that’s it, I wish than with the Hereya, the MC could cheat on her with Lady Nellasha