The War for the West (WIP)



Not only your resources would be depleted after dealing with Sielccian Invasion, you’d then have to go fight Farhall & King’s forces, then you’d have to deal with Mienstrel+Sielcner Bastard since he’d have stronger claim to the throne & I’m guessing he’s being backed by some strong faction of supporters.
That’d still leave you to deal with Easterners.

All in all, conquering the whole kingdom is gonna be difficult to say the least, in our MC’s life. Maybe in life of our MC’s offspring?

Also, don’t forget that there’s a powerful monster lying hidden somewhere near the northern coast of our province and I’m guessing those mad folks of Dagoria would manage to wake it up.. Dealing with those folks & that entity would we a huge drain on your resources.


I thought I had killed the demon, was not the one from the cave?


Not that one.

This one is buried somewhere near Kings End.
It’s referenced as The last chalice in Kenferey Lonfroy’s book (wrong spelling i know) & if you go to Ehael & talk to Helen of streams when you visit her in a vision, she tells you that King Vytheo Sielc is looking for something ancient & of immense power to defeat the Mienstrel invaders. Apparently this thing is also mentioned to be buried somewhere near King’s End, further the Mad men of Dagoria are also looking for this monster whom they call as their god & they are working on waking it up, finally if your MC choose to kill the child rescued from Emyria at the instance of captured raider from Dagoria, then you also get the option to wake this monster now known as Wrym. Caveat: this is a very dark path to say the least.

All in all, what your MC killed was kinda just a mini version of what’s to come.


Brandishes Abyssal Edge

Bring it on :sunglasses:


Honestly, I do not see the MC being capable of conquering Boglan if he(using the male pronoun) has no alliances there (My MC personally always supports the Sons of the Snake). You could probably get Lord Dullac to bend the knee, but the one Lord who you will never be able to convince to bend the knee is Arlec of Farhall, the man has an elite regiment of knights under his command (The Horned Host), the MC already had a chance to antagonise him by keeping or freeing Myra, not to mention he is the one leading the King’s Army against the rebellious bourgeois in the East and House Gorroth owes their lordship over Farhall to the Meinstrel Crown, so I doubt they’d forsake it for another King so easily.

My MC will go and exchange words with King Jeohr, hopefully he will give the West autonomy at least.
Remember, independence is not only about being able to call yourself a Westerner, it’s also about getting rid of the now deeply rooted(in most parts of the West, anyway) Ludlandian culture and laws, so my MC will subtly work on that first, and his descendants can flirt with notions of treason.

There’s also the cultists of Dagoria and the monster they worship that he has to deal with, since he’s the Hero of the Prophecy, and after ending the War for the West, the War for the World would begin.


@mahatmadagon the dialogue when fighting with Sir Avran says that “Trade blows to see who’s the better swordsman”
My MC was wielding a Warhammer by this point

So the spying on a province option still stays after we have exhausted the list. Shouldn’t it disappear after that?

Also, if we send Myra to Farhall after tournament then our spy has nothing to report on what happened to her.
If that’s something to be explored at Lord’s meet then this decision seems understandable.

Finally, the last part of siege where the entire enemy army charges, is not very clear. I mean, where does that final battle take place if we held the walls during previous assault? Did the enemy manage to break a gate & then fights within the walls?


The best option I saw without a victory costing the loss of half of the NPCs and still maintaining some army and kill the knight who comes to our castle and put vradimir in their place and type a surprise attack in the two times I played that way I was the winner even with a little army and then I went to sielcia (I think I wrote wrong)


I read the code and found this info about what happens to Myra, it’s in Farhallreports.txt scene, so it means you should get notified about that by your spy.

SPOILER: Lord Arlec orders her hanging before leaving for the Royal Capital, if she lives however, he will seek retribution once he comes back from Ludlandar.


I found a problem. When I play Cardeed with anyone. The rule with two dames eliminating one male card doesn’t work.


It is a weird question indeed, but also an interesting one. I usually do not think in term of stats when I’m building the main NPCs, and focus more on their personalities/capabilities, but it does make sense.

I think it would be something like this:


(Combat / Knowledge / Social)

Noyedas: 60 / 35 / 40

Jeohr: 30 / 30 / 20

Dulsen: 30 / 40 / 50

Daedros: 60 / 70 / 40

Arlec: 60 / 30 / 30

Avellyn: 20 / 60 / 30

Yup. Lord Noyedas sees himself as the hero of the tale, and there are people feeding those notions to him because it furthers their agenda. The same could be said of the MC, to be honest.


Yep, pretty much this. They are gone after the battle, unless you marry Ullus, in which case they join the City Watch(as one of the epilogues mention).

I think you’ll always win if Dullis shows up to help. And you can prolly win on your own as long as you have decent morale and keep passing through the personal combat checkings.

I some very peculiar tastes and some strong opinions as to what I think is good in Interactive Fiction, and I can’t say everyone agrees with me, but there are a few “guidelines” that I would one day like to write in more detail about. Here are some of them, adapted from a doc that I shared while co-authoring another project:

Things to avoid:

1: A segment that immediately contradicts or does not take into account what happened just before it. Choices should have consequences, players like to have their actions acknowledged.

2: Showing the exact same text in different parts of the story, or with just a few words changed between it. (Unless it is done on purpose)

3: Inconsequential stuff: An entire segment that does not have any consequence for the game, neither in its mechanics or in its story.

4: “Puppeteering”: The entire segment goes by only thanks to something done by the character that wasn’t an option by the player. You can include dialogue here. Some authors like to make the MC do and say stuff without the player input, but it is something I really dislike.

5: Compulsion: The entire segment provides choices where one option is obviously better or worse than the other.(thus making the choice no choice at all)

You mean the one that was sent to King’s End? I implemented that the other day, after the main battle ends there are consequences and options for both King’s End and the province of Sielccia. Basically they just fuck off back to their lands after taking some loot.

Thanks, I changed it.

Right, it should. There was a problem with the variable, I think its working now.

I think someone mentioned on the thread already, but there are different versions of the reports in case you sent her back or sent her away.

I agree. Ideally there should be two final options: either send the troops outside and meet them or fight them on the courtyard of the castle.

It took me quite a while to duplicate that bug because I was never getting two Dames. :sweat_smile:

But you’re right, it wasn’t eliminating. There was a small error on the code, I thik its working properly now.

I’m updating those fixes right now. Thanks everyone!


Whenever you beat someone at Cardheed the pronoun for the person is wrong. It says its intead of he or she.


The spend time with spouse option doesn’t show with her.


It would be interesting if we could talk to MC’s father through the powers of Wyneva and hear her sing.


Daedros is a nasty cheater :smiley: and I didn’t think Jeohr had such low stats(compared to other people you listed), I imagine that his main strength as a King comes from having loyal and capable people advising him? Or well, you know, not necessarily loyal, but capable…


Also the MC (Just a little)


And Hereya Stats, I’m sure she has a high combat, but what about the rest?


You mean this? “NPCNAME has lost all of its money, and decides that it is time to stop playing.”

Oops. Should be working now.

I thought the same thing, but I just made an annotation for the time being. Maybe I can come back to it when I finish the hard stuff.

I think its mentioned somewhere that he’s young and inexperienced. He does have capable people advising him, but it is exactly as you said.

Its kinda hard to say. I could give her low Social because she doesn’t know/care much for politics and court stuff, but she’s charismatic among peasants and knows how to make people loyal to her in a “band of brothers” way. She also does not care for books, but I see her as someone with some practical knowledge. Maybe the same as Arlec, 60/30/30.


I’m sure she makes many loyal to her behind our backs.


Yes that’s it. Nothing important. Mostly just a small thing to in the final touches before giving a full release.


No, I really appreciate it, just wanted to make sure it was the right thing. I actually thought I could use “its” instead of his/hers. :cold_sweat:

I’ll make sure to get the opponent’s gender and fix this line, thanks for the help.