The War for the West (WIP)



Yep, I was wrong(damn 20 characters).


The highest army i ever had was 3121 i just don’t see anyway to get the numbers higher than that.


How do you access the cheat menu on the current demo? Is the link in the first post or halfway through and I’ve lost the track during the hundreds of comments lol?


@Thunder Show Stats, Options, enter cheat menu



Gustavo you sir are a gem, my thanks :innocent:


I’m glad to help a fellow lord


I was nervous that I’d fail the battle personally but it turned out well. I guess I have my allies to blame for that, mostly.

Thank you for enjoying it.


You have more allies than you realise & I second what @gustavo47 said, your WiP’s one my favourite as well (apart from this one of course).
Bravo for what you’ve created! :smiley:

Select to support Mienstrels during Annexation War, choose a kind father, re-roll till you have 1300+ army at start, don’t send anything to king, only start recruiting after you’ve acquired the fallen star, Hold court till population increase to 1,70000+, now recruit to your heart’s content. You’d have 3500 troops by this point easily.
Further just before the battle recruit civilians into army which gives you 1500+ troops IIRC.
Your final army strength would now stand at 5000+ troops. Cheers! :grin:

Also, I abuse the re-roll flaw… A Lot… i never let them die during training. I know I’m a bad person. I’ll show myself out. @N1GHTMAR3


I never added to my troop size, the opposite actually. Many died/deserted since I mass trained them to higher levels.

Thank you too.


@N1GHTMAR3 and @MahatmaDagon You guys, have any tips for writing WIP, I’m planning to write one when I graduate from university, I already have a script ready for my story.


I don’t consider myself a good writer, but I shall assume your WiP will be of the same genre? Medieval, fantasy, something along the lines?


It will be inspired by the Franco-Prussian War and the First World War. The story would be centered on the Euralian continent and would focus on two great empires, the Paladin Empire (a mixture of Prussia, Russia and other Eastern European countries like Romania and Ukraine) and Luterian Empire (inspired by countries of Protestant religion like Sweden). And the MC would be a biplane/monoplane pilot of the newly created air force of one of the countries.


Not what I have a lot of knowledge about, so I’ll try for basic tips I would have used if they were suggested.

  • Explore choicescript as much as you can. It is not a hard language but my own work is written in a very dumb piece of code which could’ve used multiple shortcuts. I’m planning to rework that the next chance I get. Learn as much as you can about the code.

  • Get involved with the community. I’ve spent hours on thinking of coding solutions when people from the forums and mostly from the Discord server (often @MeltingPenguins) have gotten me a better one. The community itself is really helpful.

  • Plan beforehand. Thinking of the plot is much more important than the code. You don’t want to get stuck midway and wonder where to go. Organizing ideas would be a good idea.

  • Set a daily goal of how much you’ll write. Listening to music serves as inspiration, but is entirely optional.

  • Enjoy yourself. You should find pleasure in your work, don’t think too hard on it, try to have as much fun as possible while creating a project of good quality.

Hope it helps, somewhat.


Since Jeohr is king, if we defeat him, will our MC become an Emperor? and also what is the advantage of marrying petka or one of the other sisters? (one of them has visions or something like that if I’m not mistaken).


I don’t think it will be possible to conquer the East, we don’t have enough manpower to do that and I doubt the conquest of the West will leave is with enough resource to attack the East.

You get a an alliance with a northern kingdom. Besides that, Hereya is a powerful warrior, Wynena have visions and Petka knows a lot about herbs (IIRC).


I’am the Lord of my lands, Lord of Sielccia, and married to the daughter of the richest lord of the West (Danna), And the king is facing problems, as far as I remember, he can not move his troops from the capital.


Still you will need to spend resources in conquering the West, not everyone will bow down to your character. It will cost you manpower, coin, food, etc. You are powerful enough to conquer the West, not powerful enough to conquer everything, at least for now.


But I hope that in the future we can, I want to see Danna as my Empress, aside from Marianne from The Golden Eagle and Sophia from Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes, Danna is my favorite ROM in WIPs.


Don’t forget that the young Sielc king split his forces, actually @MahatmaDagon unless I missed something, what happened to the second force that was sent to the caption when Sielcs army was split?


They don’t have a monarch, so they join you or they become mercenaries.