The War for the West (WIP)



Since i’am an illiterate barbarian from afar away land with thousand islands… yeah, i’m too stupid to notice the difference between the two :sweat:


Lol, this language doesn’t exist. We Brazilians speak portuguese.


I got this tidbit despite the fact that I killed Sir Brendell.


Yes and no, it’s like saying that spanish is the same that castellano, you speak portuguese but there are some differences with the “real” portuguese from Portugal


Our language still portuguese, it would be the same as saying the English from USA is not English.


Do you remember where/how exactly you killed him? And what happened immediatelly afterwards?

I’m looking at the battle against him and I’m not finding a stance where the variable of him being killed isn’t being activated. I also tested it a few times and wasn’t able to reproduce the bug.


It was during the siege, when he came to parley with me. I rode out of the castle, listened to his terms, indirectly told him to go fuck himself by killing him and then went back to my castle.


Oohh, right, I forgot that this was a thing. Thanks, I’ll fix it.


There is the Eastern Coast of the Kingdom of Ludland, that is, by the end of the game, up in rebellion against the King. The merchants and the bourgeois that live there are dissatisfied with the rule of King Jeohr and the rule of his father before him and thus were waiting for the perfect moment to establish their independence, and the King was mentioned to even quarrel with the Eastern Bargaining Brotherhood.

What I find most interesting about this is when the MC doesn’t reply to King Jeohr’s request for troops and money, and if the MC has very high social, he may have discovered a conspiracy. I also believe that the people who sent this message are also the ones funnelling aurens to Lord Noyedas, not the Eastern bourgeois.


You receive a brief message from the Royal Capital, carrying the King’s Seal, but not his handwriting: The High Court of Ludlandar informs that your lack of action facing a direct request from King Jeohr has been noticed and that it will have consequences.

Still, you wonder why it wasn’t the King who wrote it. You also notice that they do not mention exactly what kind of consequences you should expect. Could it be that the High Court is acting against the King and actually telling you that ignoring the request was the right move?


Our relationship with Royal capital also remains neutral (unchanged) if we choose to not respond to King’s request.

That also indicates a faction being present in Royal Capital actively undermining the King.

Maybe the people behind conspiracy or the faction are supporting the Mienstrel+Sielcner bastard to whatever goals he may be trying to achieve


@castellan For a minute I thought that perhaps that Meinstrel-Sielcner bastard could also be the Hero of the Prophecy but then I remembered that he’s of the Sielcner bloodline, not of the Sielc, like the MC is..

I have a question,… what are the stats(as in Combat, Lore and Social) of Noyedas, Jeohr, Dulsen, Daedros, Arlec and Avellyn? It’s a weird question, but I’m curious to know.


That may very well be what he thinks. IIRC Lord Noyedas believes he’s the hero of prophecy. I got this indication when he mentions about the dreams he’s having during their parley (our MC has prophetic dreams too), then Meybuk tells us that Noyedas thinks that he’s the Hero of Prophecy but in fact it’s our MC & finally when we capture Lord Noyedas & disarm him if we choose the option of " I wonder what secrets we’d learn after torturing you" to which Noyedas replies something along the lines that he’d die with the knowledge he has & that only he could have saved everyone from what’s coming.

Similary the Sielcner+Mienstrel bastardmay be experiencing something of the sort that Lord Noyedas was experiencing as well. Seems like having Sielc & Sielcner blood leads to people having strange prophetic dreams.

There’s also the possibilty people are actively trying to make that prophecy come true.
Now I’m guessing & correct me if I’m wrong It was the War Monk that found Lord Noyedas & not the other way round. Why would he do that? Unless he’s (WM) actively trying to influence events to favour that Lord & him fulfilling his destiny (i.e the prophecy). This indicates that while there’s some people trying to stop the prophecy The Genderless there are also people who War Monk & Co. Inc. are working to make it a reality.

Of course the other possibilty for WM to be present would be He’s either sent by eastern bourgeois or his services were hired with funds from easterners.

For reference WM = War Monk


One thing I wanted to know, after the MC brought the mercenaries to our side, they continue to serve us after the Battle or they have no more ties to us?

Edit: Who wants to respond in Portuguese or Italian, I understand both.


Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the mercs

only join us if we have a female MC & promise to marry their captain.

Otherwise no matter what i offer them they always end up betraying me

Now if you managed to truly bring them to your side then it’s pretty likely that they’ll leave you to it after winning the battle. Since that would mark the end of their contract with you. If you want them to continue serving you then you’d have to draw up a new contract or you know… go the Female MC wedding way


We have this option ?


I’m not really sure but I vaguely recall you can pay them to abstain, and if your side is winning decisively, they didn’t expect this and are hesitant to join the battle for Noyedas.
In order to have your side winning you need either numerical advantage or terrain and climate advantage.


How many soldiers did Lord Noyeda have, because I was able to defeat him without the help of mercenaries with 2617 soldiers, only 9 were Militia and I had 284 knights.

The photo is from after the Battle


But they outright decline my offer to sit the battle out. My MC has full stats by that point (courtesy the Cheat menu)

That I was aware of. Still thanks for responding! :smiley:

Without mercs, his army stands at 4200 & with them it has 5200.

As @random-dude-78 pointed out that having numerical advantage or that of terrain helps us with mercs. Terrain then helps our numerically inferior army to beat the numerically superior Sielcner forces.


I can almost swear I had three times less men and still won?


The game does not tell us, but we are the ancestors of Chuck Norris, so we will always win.

And by the way, your WIP is one of my favorites (the third place, to be exact) thank you very much for creating it.