The War for the West (WIP)



It will do that if you don’t have any more books to read. :thinking: Did you buy new ones?


Academy & knight order can implemented by keeping long term consequneces in mind. If @MahatmaDagon intends to extend the game’s story to atleast to a 3rd game then the fruits of the seeds that our current MC sows in this one or the next one can be reaped by his/her descendants.

Academy might help to deal with religious conspiracy/influence. And if our MC succeeds in re-establishing the Western Kingdom then it’d make sense to have a rival academy to the one in Royal Capital.

Same can be said about Knightly order. Maybe in the sequel the MC can establish such an order & recruit unpledged knights & can then continue to develop & nurture the order. Again, the consequences can then be felt in the 3rd game in the seiries by MCs descendants.


It happened when I was in the middle of a book. When I tried to finish it wouldn’t give me the option. And yeah, I bought the new ones


Do you remember which book it was?


After posting this in the wrong thread ama ask again :sweat_smile: why cant we spend time with wyneva? (I think thats how you spell it)

And do the god maker achievement?


Almost 100% sure it was “The Craft of the Conflict” or “The Trade of the Blade”


Hi. Want to note that the relations with the Temple were blank until some time passed. It became normal after I gained some more favor with them.


The temple relations start with negative rating by default. We can work on improving them though.
I hope this is what you were referring to.


Not at all. By blank I mean no description at all. It happened between “You are on the right path” and “You are a pious ruler”.

Temple of the Two:

Nothing came after until I got some more relation with them, and then it said the “You are a pious ruler”.


I ran into something last night that I’m not sure has been caught or brought up yet.

I sent a letter to Lord Dullis telling him to support me when I attack Noyedas, then in camp the night before the battle, I had N assassinated. I wake up to being accused (rightfully) of assassinating him. Come a few pages later, I’m fighting with the Rivermen against Dullis AND N is alive and runs away. (Yes, I used the cheat man this playthrough if that makes a difference)


I’m still finishing her scene. Should be up in the next couple of days.

You need to go through the “Trials of the Temple” (by first defeating the monster on the Thornwoods and acquiring its body) and then visit Ehael and convincing them of a very particular something.

I’m probably also adding another option to do the end of the game if the player has enough Knowledge.

I’ll have a look, but it is quite strange.

EDIT: I have tested it and it seems it was the Trade of the Blade. There was a missing line there by the end of second part. Should be working now.

You’re right, there was a missing string if the value was 3. I’m fixing it.

Edit: Ok, I think I found it: The game wasn’t taking into consideration the fact that you killed him. I think I have this fixed now.

I also added the consequences for not having freed your spouse during the whole Sielccia post-war scene. There are some cool interactions there, in case she is still captive when you march on them. I think they still need to be tested, though.

I’m holding up the update until I fix the other stuff mentioned, but it shouldn’t take long.


Is it possible to marry Lady Nellasha? She just looks so nice


You can’t. But you can arrange her marriage to your cousin.


@MahatmaDagon Eu tive algumas idéias de eventos com a Lady Petka, A primeira seria uma carta do irmão dela, dizendo que o pai piorou muito e que o último desejo dele era ver a filha, A segunda seria quando vocês chegam lá, ela vê o pai, e no dia seguinte ele morre, teria as opções de explorar o Castelo/Cidade e de Confortar a sua esposa, e depois teria uma interação com o irmão dela é entre as opções teria a de comprar os cavalos que Petka queria trazer para suas terras e não pode, e também a opção de expandir o estábulo quando você volta para suas terras.


Oh, thanks. I remember doing this scene, and that’s what gave me that impression on her.


Can someone tell me how the hell I continue the Hero of Prophecy stuff? I’m pretty sure I tried every option and it just ends up in a limbo of me dying over and over


I think you can only convince the genderless that you’re not the hero so they’d let you leave


Acho que não precisa necessariamente ser só com a Petka, poderia ser com todas as filhas do rei.


Why everyone starts speaking portuguese :sweat_smile:

Anyway for the game related question, is there any other sovereign nations beside Ludland and the Northern Kingdoms? It seems pretty weird for a world to have (presumably) two continents and the very few nation there.

(And also, why the reply interface kinda sucks now)


That isn’t spanish my amigo guiri, it’s brazilian or portuguese