The War for the West (WIP)



Ele é brasileiro com certeza,


Ele é brasileiro, ele já falou isso faz um bom tempo.


Good idea. Maybe this is can be showed as the another option when the MC’s want to built a school, but doesn’t have enough Aurens.


not sure if you already knows about it, but on the stats screen the image that were supposed to be there isn’t there


What are the benefits of keeping the remaining pieces of the Fallen Star (not selling them) ?


The sword you can do with the fragments of the Fallen Star, I would have to play again to be sure, but the sword is superior to the others and costs 1500 to 2000 (500 or 1000 to bring someone to forge and 1000 to complete).


I mean, when we first acquire the Fallen Star from Thornwoods, we get an option to ‘Sell a piece of it for profit’. What are the benefits if we don’t sell these pieces mentioned?


I think it’s none. I’ve done that one time before and nothing changes, I don’t know if Lucas changed it in the new update, but anyway, selling it is the best option. If you have a high social status, you can rise the price to 800.


None, apart from the moentary gain from it ofcourse.
I remember reading in game that if we chose to sell the pieces then our high knowledge MC (IIRC) wonders if only he hadn’t sold the pieces for profit. I think this was when our MC tries to convince Kenrir to not destroy the beast. (That we may need more fell sword. Again IIRC)

Either way, whether you sell the pieces or not, your blacksmiths are gonna end up using all of the fallen star material to forge the fell sword. Leaving you with just the sword & no more raw material to work with.


If you have acquired the body from the “monster” on the Thornwoods, you receive a visit from the Iniquisitor and Sister Narosa. if you have recruited Sister Myra, they will question you about it, since she abandoned her vows to the Temple.

I think there would still be the need to give some meaningful consequence for doing those things. I wouldn’t like to make the player spend money just for one or two additional lines of text that don’t have much of an impact on anything.

When I do “new things” I always try to think of a way to add either immediate, unexpected or long-term consequences that can be “felt” throughout the game, either via stats of foreshadowing. I’m not saying that I always manage to do that, but that’s what I aim for.

I’ll also only make additions when I’m confident I can do them without jeopardizing stuff that I need to prioritize, so its kind of a two-way street. I don’t want to just add something in a lousy or cheap way, but I also can’t just take the time to implement new things in a way I would find satisfying.

I like the idea of a knight order with some customization to it, but the game won’t last long enough for the player to groom them from early age. It would something to consider for the sequel.

Valeu! Sou brasileiro sim. Eu vivo falando pelo fórum que acho que tem um público bom pra jogos de texto no brasil, e um dia quero fazer um em português.

I’ll be honest with you: the image I currently have for a header is so ugly that I didn’t feel I could upload it, so I’m just using it locally as a placeholder to get the right image size until I come up with a new one and upload it. :sweat_smile:

You can give one piece to Meybuk and another to the Alchemist’s Guild, but I don’t remember if those are the same pieces that can be sold for profit or if you can do all that at once. There are consequences for the two pieces mentioned, but they haven’t been added to the game yet.

As @castellan mentioned there is also a variable that stores the information of you not having sold the pieces, and I do have an annotation regarding a consequence for it later in the game.


You can do both. You can give two pieces to the alchemist’s guild and to Meybuk and you can sell three pieces in the market. But I’m very curious about what Meybuk and the alchemists can discover from it.


The guild already helped us with a useful suggestion. To sheath the fell sword in lead scabbard so as to contain it’s dangerous humors.


Oh. That is right.

I think you will die of “radioactive poisoning” by the end of the game if you don’t learn that.


Heh, Is there a possibility Melbuk will be providing us iodoine salt tablets anytime soon?


I didn’t remember that. Was it in the last part of forgering the sword? Because I always give one piece of the meteor to the alchemist’s guild and Meybuk and my MC has always a high Lore. I will play again e pay attention next time and see if this information appear again.

That never happened with me, so I think I just didn’t notice this information when it showed up.


Wait, so Lord Whatever would die because of his crown right? Even if there’s some lead on it, the stone itself is exposed.


I mean, when the ending gets implemented, after dealing with King’s End and Sielccia. There is still more to come than what is uploaded.

About the alchemists guild suggestion, it comes right after the blade is forged if you have send a piece for them to study.

*if (cometAlchemist > 0)
 *if (scholarIsHere)
  "The scabbard is made of lead. According to the alchemists, it is the only thing that can contain the poisonous humors." Meybuk says, using the information given by the results of the Alchemist's Guild study.

 *if (scholarIsHere = false)
  The scabbard is made of lead because, according to the alchemists, it is the only thing that can contain the poisonous humors.

Yup. He eventually dies from it in one of the epilogues. (if he gets the fallen star)


So, how exactly do you get your cousin to marry Neshalla? I’ve been trying everything, but just can’t seem to do it.


You have to be married, one event will occour, a fight between your wife and Lady Neshalla. You just have to promess to talk with Neshalla, and then offer her to arrange a marriage for her, you choose your cousin and says that if she marry him, you can press her claim to her sister’s lands.


When I enter the library, it don’t give the option to read a book.