The War for the West (WIP)



The White Elk.

And just an educated guess, but the squid could possibly be the symbol of the people who attacked Emyria at the beginning of the game.


Hmm… what i can think of the second highlighted text:

  1. The two rivers running parallel to each other, sourcing from the northern highlands maybe a reference to our MC’s and Noyedas’s lineage from the formerly strong Royal house of Sielc.
  2. Both ending up in the same ocean Maybe the same fate, which is in the middle of the War of the West? Another possibility is that we both will ended invading the realm of Dullis to secure our power in the west, due to their strategic importance and threat (And weirdly enough, i found two parallel rivers from a highlands that ends up right at the border of Dullis, so could it be that?).
  3. Where a giant squid has it tentacles around frogs and snakes alike could theoretically reference Lord Dulsen roles in Boglan and it’s civil war

And for the first highlighted text, it may reference the secret blood we have from the ‘extinct’ Sielc house, and the MC’s family attempt to hide it.


It’s highly likely that he was the one behind the murders. He just didn’t do it for his own gain.

Oh it’s a cover up alright. He was off preparing Dullacian army (away from prying eyes) & hiring mercenaries for the impending war. That’s what Lord Dullac tells us after our victory if we chose to call upon our allies. There are other candidates also who might have ordered the murders & we won’t know for sure either way till we have more info.

Figured something similar

Very interesting. This makes sense to me. They did after all end up confronting each other in battle.

But Lord Dulsen is actually funding ‘Sons if Snakes’, it doesn’t make sense for him to clip the faction he’s funding.
Unless, this may be referring to fact that good old Dulsen’s just weakening fief of Bolgan for securing future of Dullis. Hmm… less likely but possible.

That still leaves the part where the squid is in ocean. Wait a minute… Could it be that the ocean is the War or Chaos that The West finds itself in. This makes sense now. Now in this chaos Kelvar (name I prefer for my province) & Sielccia are battling each other while at the same time Lord Dulis is manoeuvring to further secure his House by weaking the threat that Bolgans (both the factions) might pose.

If there’s alternative interpretation to this then I’d like to hear that as well.

As for the pale tree:

Could it be a refrence to Meybuk? He’s old (pale tree), he doesn’t have any children (without fruits), he certainly manipulated events to suit prophecy made by Helen of Streams (rooted in deception).
If we choose to not kill him after discussing those letters with him then we would also be his saviour? That’s the part my theory starts running out of steam.


Could it be referring to Jenneth? Don’t know her skin complexion, doesn’t have children, is a spy so deception comes naturally, she wasn’t eliminated for being bastard of MC’s father & instead given a position of privilege? And she’d turn on her saviour i.e House Arloch (again I go with this name)

There’s a lot of information missing to say antyhing about Jenneth. But Meybuk seems the most likely candidate to fit that description.


I was actually thinking the same thing. I dunno why my brain (or rather, fingers) don’t include that too.

Ah, You got it!

Less likely, but an interesting theory

(Is it just me or that the thread is slowly moving towards a conspiracy theory discussion about the Triple Chalice and other sarding bullsh*t )


You receive a series of farmhold representatives that keep you up to date on the state of the crops and rented lands inside Midstev. You spend the day hearing about weather conditions, transportation logistics and taxation.

From what you can tell it seems that, while certainly Midstev isn’t famous for its food stores, at least there will be no great famine this year.

You remember reading that once, around two hundred years ago, the region suffered greatly from it.

Regardless, there is still the matter of entertaining the guests, who rarely see themselves inside the walls of your castle. There is a large feast for them, with music and drinking.

Dannel does her part, listening to their many tales and engaging in conversation with the guests.

There is also much talk about the fallen star, and the significances of it. One of the farmholders says he is sure stars are just giant seeds, but the others mock him for it.

When they finally leave, you feel exhausted

Dannel was called a her when his a dude


I have a few questions if someone can answer I thank jenneth is mc’s half sister?
Can we have a romance with her and find out she’s our sister?
But one thing will be more romances in the game besides the northern princesses and the daughter of a guy who forgot the name?


Dude shes your half sister why romance her


You did not see in the demo one of the options when jenneth goes to his tent says “I want you” there will answer something else and in the end you will sleep with her, now if Author substantivo are thinking of making this game equal to the average age GOT there he can put her as one of the Possible Ro of the game

If someone did not understand what I gave or had grammatical errors forgive me for using the translator


I just found this demo and am blown away–thanks for keeping me entertained for literally hours!

I’ve only found one bug so far (I’m not finished yet, I just passed the battle against the Sons of the Snake): I chose to arrest Olawyn Dunford, the merchant selling ancient relics, by pretend only, and released him from my dungeons after the temple people left. However, the game acts as if he’s still in my dungeons and wants to bargain with me. :slight_smile:


Love the new update!
Especially the part where you can actively spy on other kingdoms.

It would be cool if maybe if the MC’s social stat is high enough they could convince Lady Nellasha do be their lover and that would somehow affect their relationship with Boglan.


Fixed both.

This one was hard to catch because I wasn’t getting that bug at first, but after testing it a few time I finally experienced it. I changed some stuff and I think its finally fixed now.


Thanks for the reports!

I really like all those ideas. Some are easier to implement than others, but I can’t make any promises. The clock is ticking. :cold_sweat:

Also, its really cool seeing you, @random-dude-78 and the others dissecting the game and theorizing about it.

Fixed it. Thanks.

Good catch. I’ll have this fixed and send in with the others fixes.

(I’ll edit this post when I upload them)

Edit: I forgot to edit the post, but the fixes have been uploaded.


When do we get the letter for norwell (or whatever)? I’m not getting anything when I think I should get it.


Can you add a school or academy in the quartermaster scene because the MC is intelligent? I just give an idea.


Hey may I just say that I am absolutely in love with this game :heart:!! I’ve been replaying it for months and I never grow tired of it, especially since it gives the MC so much freedom of choice!
Please keep up the amazing work! :blush: :

Anyway, as regards a a very minor typo I found, when you’re preparing for the War and you choose to “Hire the services of a mercenary company”: " It seems that most of the known mercenary companies have already been approached by the Sielcner Army. Lanfrey seems quite surprised at that, wondering here the sard Noyedas managed to get that kind of aurens." should be where.
Moreover, there is no image or description for Prince Lodka in the characters description section? And what are Jenneth and Lanfrey reactions at Meybuk death?
Also I was curious as to what was the symbol of the Two? Is there an image somewhere?

Furthermore, I really wish to meet Lord Arlec and/or lady Avellyn of Farhall and maybe discuss about sister Myra, perhaps at a dance/masquerade or a feast organized by the MC?

Finally, at what point do we have the option to bed/romance Lanfrey, Sir Avran and/or Lady Avellyn because I, for one, am 100 % ready and down with it to be honest! :smile:


Hey @MahatmaDagon, posso escrever em português mesmo? Achei alguns bugs

Essas opções não desaparecem

Quando o comerciante “cuck” pede permissão um duelo, não dá para escolher essas duas opções

Está dizendo que meu exército tem 1293 soldados, mas havia 1487 soldados.
Agora esse eu não tenho print, mas era assim:
Na parte onde confirma seu personagem(Você é gênero … e seu nome é … Sua família se chama …) eu tinha 1539 no exército, mas depois no primeiro dia de aurora eu tinha 1479.

Seria legal se o Lanfrey e Meybuk
Tivessem suas opções de fazer algo como os outros, tipo:
Com o Lanfrey nós poderíamos fazer alguns acordos cormeciais e o Meybuk financiar uma construção de uma faculdade ou financiar algum escritor, poeta ou algo do tipo.


I made it so it only happens after 200+ days have passed, but the number is a bit randomized. I need to test if there is enough stuff to do until it gets there, but in the meantime, in case you are having problems, you can just go to the options and allow “day skipping”.

@eVe Thanks for your kind words! I fixed the typos you mentioned. I never added an image to Prince Lodka because he only shows up once, and I prioritize recurrent characters. It would actually be cool to draw him, but I think that it might give false expectations to the players.

About Jenneth and Lanfrey reactions, I think I might have forgotten about it. I indeed only remember the Vradnir one. :sweat: I’ll add the others as well, thanks for the reminder.

As for the symbol of the Two, you can see it in the forehead of Father Theron’s image on the Characters menu. I’ll change his image eventually(its one of the old ones), but I’ll probably keep the symbol.

As for the people at Farhall, you’ll meet Avellyn and a few others at the final scene of the game, during the Lord’s Summit that will happen there.

And as for romance, Lanfrey is on the list of people that might be “romanceable” one day, but I’m holding it until I finish everything(I’m already way behind!).

People have suggested something like that before and it is on my annotations, but I need to find a way to “gamify” it without feeling either gratuitous or too “mechanical”, while also being worthwhile and not spending much time doing it. It’s a hard thing to do, because my time is way overdue in delivering this game. It’s one of the things that I would like to have in the game, but I can’t promise that it will happen.

Cara, dei uma olhada nas regras e perguntei no Discord e acho que não dá nada. :zipper_mouth_face:

Brigadão pelos reports, acho que resolvi todos. O bug da variável é algo que outras pessoas reclamaram também, e tudo indica que é relacionado a arquivos velhos. Eu reenviei todos os .txts do meu pc pro site pra ter certeza que não vai dar problema de novo, mas talvez tu tenha que deletar os cookies/histórico relacionado ao dashingDon pra dar certo. É o unico jeito que eu conheço de resolver essa treta.

O do exército é porque tava pegando os números de antes do char ser fechado, e tinha mais uns calculos pra definir as tropas. Agora não é mais pra ter isso também.

Sobre o Meybuk e o Lanfrey tendo coisas pra fazer, eu sabia que ia dar problema adicionar recrutamento e espionagem pros outros justamente por isso. :sweat_smile: Mas concordo que o melhor seria eles também oferecerem coisas relacionadas as áreas deles, só não sei exatamente como fazer isso de uma maneira legal. As ideias que tu deu são boas, mas eu tenho que pensar em um jeito de fazer essas coisas tendo consequencias pro jogo sem adicionar muito trabalho, porque tou atrasadasso na entrega desse jogo já.

De qualquer forma, valeu pelo post. É tóis.


How did you get to the part about the Inquisitor and Sister Narosa?


How about instead of a school or academy, expand the castle library and hire a tutor of sorts? I think that would be pretty safe instead of building a new building/wing to the castle.


It would be interesting if we could create our own Knights order and nominate ourselves as Grand Master, or create a sort of personal guard or elite troop like Roman Praetorians or Spartans in that they are summoned very young and trained until they reach the majority and learn to be totally loyal to their leader


Por uma questão de curiosidade, você é Português ou Brasileiro ?, e parabéns pela sua obra, é um dos melhores WIPs que já joguei.