The War for the West (WIP)



Will there be consequences on Sielccia if we pillage it? I think it was said that they took a lot of loans, so if we take everything they have left, they should be ruined.

Also, could we have an option to ravage it? I liked the Riverburn option (I litteraly played as Tywin Lannister), but I don’t really care about Sielccia. A kind of scorched earth option combined to various embargos to kill the kingdom and send a message would be nice.


Tun Militia into Archers.

tun tun tun!!!


@mahatmadagon bug reports:

There is something wierd going on with “Step in & train” option. Most of the it doesn’t disappear but sometimes it does & then reappears.

There also seems to be a dialogue overlap happening during certain conversations. One of it is attached as screenshot below & the other & the other one happens during talking to troupe leader when he keeps repeating same dialogue of praise about MC’s house even with different options.

There are two answers to different options selected in ss above where one answer is a repeat.

Found another one.

The troop numbers remain fixed at 450 even when I called in 250 or just 200 to deal with rebels

Don’t know if this one is a bug or not but last few days of siege are skipped with single click instead of skipping one at a time (see below)

I’m curious as to why Danna is not present when MC entertains Northern Prince if by that time the marriage already happens. Danna attends the farmhold representatives but not a Northern Prince?

Also, during a playhrough where my MC didn’t train with Ganbert till facing the abyssal beast & when MC kill the said beast the game describes what Ganbert does after the battle. I wonder how would a player know who Ganbert is if by that point his/her MC hadn’t trained with him i.e didn’t get acquainted with him.

Also be sure to check the previous posts I pointed out a couple of bugs in them as well.


I think this always happens if you save the game on the stats menu for some reason. Also, Cardeed should be okay right now.

I’ll add those ideas to my annotations.

There’s a brief segment that deals with what happened(and will happen) to King’s End. It will appear before the choice regarding what to do with Sielccia.

I’m okay with that, it’s impossible to get all achievements in a single playthrough anyway, and I think there are already some paths within the Siege that don’t lead to that particular battle.

@random-dude-78 It’s awesome to see someone putting things together like that. The painting is indeed related to the Triple Chalice, and there is a lot of symbolism to it and the “organization” itself. There will be more info regarding them during the “Lord’s Summit” at the end of the game, and a character with high Knowledge will have access to plenty of answers. One of the epilogues will focus on them as well.

@castellan also had some amazing insights on the whole thing. There’s another brief reference to a “Last Chalice” in one of the letters the MC’s mother wrote, and like the first one it is purposefully shrouded with mystery and leaves room for interpretation.

I will let the game itself explain those things eventually, but I can say that all references to it are blurred by the character’s own biases, approximate translations of ancient texts and expectations regarding it. Kenrich Loffoy associated it with a magical object because, in his mind, it was what made most sense. The MC’s mother reference does not exactly contradict it, but when one takes into account the painting and some of the other references, one might consider that the Chalices are not objects or artifacts, but merely abstract representations of concepts. Perhaps figures of speech.

If one is the past, another is the present and the last is the future, what happens when someone has control over them? Who drinks from the secret knowledge of the past? Who gets drunk with the knowledge of the possible futures? And how far will such people go to make sure no one else has access to this power in the present?

Are you talking about this?

You then understand that it was this that King Vytheo, the last of the Sielc lineage, was doing when he chose his spot to face the Meinstrel invaders. He was trying to awaken the Forgotten One with the blood that was spilled, but he didn’t manage to kill enough people.

A mistake you will not make.

Its the now insane thought process of the MC when it vows to kill enough people to wake the Forgotten One.

Sielccia won’t recover from this own its own. More about that below.

The province is already pretty fucked up. It has been suffering commercial embargoes for the past decades, and all of its chips(and plenty of chips from outside parties who have an interest in destabilizing the peninsula/the kingdom) were thrown to make this play.

Having said that, I could add something that mixes the raid + burn options and goes a step further in its scale of destruction, for the players who want to do some “evil stuff”.

The king wouldn’t like it(because he values the taxes he receives), but that’s a problem for another day.

Fixed, thanks.

I set it to only appear if there are selectable options inside it.

The options are:

One option if you have less than 19 Combat. (“I have no idea what I am doing”)

One option of you have more than or equal 20 Combat. (“Series of exercises”)

One option if you have >= 30 Knowledge or >= 40 Combat (“Practice formation”)

And one option if you have >= 40 Knowledge. (“Tactical approach”)

So it would make sense for it to appear and disappear according to your current skills. This is the method I would use to make sure that other options in the game are only selectable if there’s something you can choose/do inside them.

With a bit of tweaking this could work to conversations with Counselors and perhaps even with the Hold Court stuff.

Good catch. There were a few misleading lines in those scenes, it should be fixed now.

This was an extra variable which I removed. It might be that I forgot to update that particular .txt.

You can only call 100, 250, 500 or all of them. Initially, if you have been taken priisoner, your rescue party already comes in the form of 200 men, so you’ll add whatever choice you make to that number. If you chose 250, it makes sense that you end up with 450.

But there’s a bigger problem here: this troops calling doesn’t take into consideration the fact that you can now convert militias into other troops, so it always removes more militia than anything else from your troops when automatically forming the “batallion” that will be summoned.

I’ll have to rewrite that part of the code from the ground up and let the player select which type of troops he will bring.

I think I fixed this now, but I’ll have to test it manually.

The same can be said of all spouses, and there are other events where they could be appearing in. I keep those notions as “second priority” stuff, to be dealt with once there’s some breathing room.

Was it the passage where he shakes while holding his lucky dices? If it is, it should be fixed now. Ganbert, like most of the other “companions”, only are mentioned by name one you met them.


Yes. I wondered that if our MC managed to wake the forgotten one then where’s the description of the monster? You know, how it looked and such.

That makes a lot of sense but what happens is that I max out my MC’s stats at the start of game & when I’ve exhausted all these three training methods then this particular option is supposed to disappear. It doesn’t.

This I will check if selecting different numbers makes a difference.

I wasn’t aware of any rescue party. Guess I missed the text referring to it.

it would be quite interesting, having freedom to choose the type of troops that we can summon.


I was wondering if it would be possible if the MC can unite all the other lords together and take the throne because I feel like the MC is being pushed around


He’ll most likely do that in the next update


Well I look forward to seeing that


I apologize for the vaguness of this suggestion, but I really wish that Knowledge had a bit more use other than the stat that just gives out more detailed descriptions.

Combat is pretty self explanatory and can make you some badass stuff and Social can get you thinga ranging from discounts to new scenarios to even companions. And then you got Knowledge, which only really has a few tricks up its sleeves from what I can remember.


That’s one issue that will be dealt with in epilogue at Lord’s meet at farhall

Let’s explore the chances of that happening:

  • You start with your province & your house was stated to be the most powerful vassal of House Sielc of old. So there’s that.

  • You can bring House Dullis to your fold by marrying Danna Dullis. Though revealing your true heritage might complicate matters a touch. You know, since they supported Mienstrels during Annexation of Western Peninsula.

  • Now Bolgan I believe would be the hardest to convince. House Drown rules there but they have a tenuous grip on power. Add to that they are divided in two factions i.e Lady Sessanah & second led by Lady Nellasha.
    Further there’s the threat of rebellion. Now Lady Sessanah doesn’t seem to have your best interests at heart, seeing as she invited you to be lead into a rebel ambush to further her cause.
    So what I’d do in my playthrough for the time being is that I betray House Drowns forces when we march on rebels & take out 200-300 men of their army, gaining a sincere gratitude & promise of future alliance from Puddar Badbones (the leader of rebellion). That’s the best I can hope for. The alternative would be that you’d have to sacrifice a significant part of your army to help House Drown & I’d rather not help treacherous scums. :grin:

  • That leaves Farhall. Well, we haven’t interacted with any member of that fief to form opinion either way. But consider this, the current ruling house at Farhall was installed by Mienstrels after defeating & annihilating the previous ruling house. So I wouldn’t bet in them supporting our claim to throne. They at this point are Mienstrels supporters through & through. Rest we’d see at the meeting in epilogue ofcourse.

  • Sielccia as you know we can annex with or without King’s permission after defeating Lord Noyedas.

Conclusion: If it ever went to vote then I guess the result would be like something following. In support of our claim to throne Dullis, Sielccia (after revealing true heritage)
Bolgan either against or remaining neutral(depending on your actions in game)
Against our claim of course would be Farhall.

Make of this speculation what you will but I’m very excited to read that meeting in particular.


I have a feeling that either Kellek(who is actually the spymaster for Lord Dulsen, I thought he was just a scholar who traded letters with Meybuk, but turns out he’s something bigger than that, and he is also apparently good with poison, and the Mulligan bros and the old woman mentioned in the first summary are thought by our spy to have been poisoned…) or Daedros(the mysterious eldest son and heir to Dullis, he is my primary suspect for being a pawn or part of the Triple Chalice) were the ones who paid the Mulligan brothers to find the painting… due to this spy report.


“The Mulligan Brothers, a couple of merchants who always dealt in shady business, have been recently found dead days after some sort of big transaction with someone from Castle Dullac. The interesting part is that I was able to track their previous movements, and they had been visiting an old woman who also died around the same time, although the neighbors believe it was due to natural causes. I don’t know if the brothers killed herself or if it was someone else trying to cover their tracks, but it is very suspicious, and all deaths suggest poisoning.”


The update is amazing, and this is also very interesting @MahatmaDagon.


“Some of the servants of Farhall’s Stargaze Tower have been whispering that Lady Avellyn, who is still unmarried, has been sharing the bed with her Scholar, a woman from southern origins who goes by the name of Lizra. The main gossip is that the woman is using dark magics to seduce the current Lady of Farhall, but I would not take that part as truth. As far as I have seen, Lizra’s more of an educated woman than a witch of the woods.”

Now the part in the second summary is very interesting, but what I find even more interesting is that the signature of our spy Lurkan Jackdew(L.J.) is missing(and the spy’s signature is always present in the other reports). So is this an error on your part or was our spy found out and this is forgery by that witc-, uh educated woman Lizra?

Turning away from my crazy conspiracy theories, I have a question for you guys, can you describe your primary MCs to me? I have this main MC based on me somewhat, a Tywin-esque secondary MC, and a cheater MC for fun.


I don’t know if that happens to anyone else but at some point in the game the Host court option dissapears


I didn’t really base my MC off of anyone, but my House is heavily inspired from House Telvanni in Morrowind, so I sort of used that mould to make him an evil high Knowledge and high Combat MC who’ll betray and backstab others if it gives him knowledge and power.

He was originally xenophobic anf distrustful of anyone outside his province, but I sort of tweaked that a bit so i could marry Wyneva and have alliances with Dullis and Boglan. So he’s not as wary around people of other origins, but still suspicious of them. And obviously, he thinks that the people of his province are far better than them.


I really like this game. It uses such an interesting concept, and delivers on it beautifully. That being said, though, the errors during playing cardeed can almost be considered ‘game-breaking’. It seems simple enough of an error, however.

line 1039: Not a number: true

Otherwise, great game, and I eagerly await the next update.


This happened when I tried to talk to Jenneth in the late game.


I think both of those bugs are related to the recent update. By any chance, have you guys have started your playthroughs before today(or have played the game before)? If so, it would make sense that your browsers are keeping old information regarding the startup.txt (which keeps all the global variables of the game)

I mean, I’m pretty sure it is this because the two SS make reference to two variables which before were true/false and I turned them to numbers.

Now, if that’s the case, the only “fix” for this that I know of would be to reset your browser’s cookies(at least regarding dashingDon’s website). I’m playing dozens of rounds of Cardeed here and haven’t come up with any bug on my end.

The option should disappear if you’ve been through all the possible events. It should be around 40~. Either that or if you’re waiting for war.


Ok thanks

Another Error: During the Hunt for something wicked


Yup. At least in your case, I can say for sure that your game is getting old variables from an outdated startup.txt. The only fix I know of is clearing the browser’s history/cookies.

edit: I also tested the dashingDon’s version myself just to make sure and I didn’t get those bugs. If you start a new playthrough, see if it says “version” underneath the title.


@mahatmadagon bug reports

I noticed new costs for upgrading buildings in quatermaster aspect of game. The training ground upgrading cost is now 350 Aurens but the next dialogue states the old cost of 200 Aurens. (See below)

When we choose to spy on Bolgan for first time the dialogue states that we’ll send spy to Dullis.

As I’ve stated before the “Step in train” option doesn’t disappear even after we’ve exhausted all the training choices.

While participating in tournament I chose only two handed sword but fighting the horned knight, the game assumed I had a shield.

Couple of suggestions:

I loved the addition of more spy stuff. It’s a solid start. Might I suggest adding option of secretely funding ‘Sons of Snake’ after we betray House Drown, an assassination attempt on Sartham?
If we could successfully pull these off then House Drown would hold Bolgan just in name with no power base of their own by the time of Lords meet in Farhall. And all this can be done in conjunction with Lord Dullac’s own schemes.

Also, we have a fantastic opportunity to recruit warriors from tournament (after deciding what to do with sister Myra of course). Those warriors that are mercenaries & others not sworn to any Lord might be convinced to join your army.

I’m curious as to whether there are mercenary companies in Northern Kingdoms? If there are then we could use Prince Lodka to hire their services. Of course this has to be done months in advance & can be done when we have enough proof of Sielccia’s nefarious intentions.

That would be my guess as well. He certainly has opportunity to be recruited as a pawn or an active member in that conspiracy.
Let’s see who else might be the culprit here:

  • Definitely not Lord Dulsen as already indicated by Mulligan bros.

  • Deinitely not Kellek as the purchaser of painting was a member Ludlandian nobility.

  • I guess it’s safe to assume it’s not the younger son & Lord Frytt either. You know, since they hardly find time for anything else apart drinking & whoring. If it turns out otherwise that would be impressive & very clever of either of them.

  • I & my MC have our doubts about Danna. Since my MC only revealed his heritage to her, those that already knew & to Sielccean nobility but when the King got the wind of it then she was a suspect of leak as well no matter how insignificant a suspect. I hope I’m wrong about this one.

  • That leaves Lady Dullac. Man I don’t know anything about her. She is clever from what I gleaned from limited interaction, she has easy access to Kellek. She might have some hidden agenda here other than marrying her daughter off of course.

I’ve played as a greedy MC which would put even Littlefinger to shame.
Played as wrathful MC.

Most of time I play as a chameleon kind of MC. Wrathful where needed (betraying & butchering House Drowns forces. They’d know better next time to mess with my MC), Greedy as well (negotiating everything up & down to his own benefit), Kind (saving sister Myra from judgement of House Gorroth even though she’d end up dead anyway) etc

Here’s one for you guys, what do you make of highlighted parts from following screenshots?

Now some of part of the highlighted text is quite clear but the other is just a big mystery. Also, Lord Noyedas isn’t the only one receiving prophetic dreams. :thinking:


I am aware that Kellek is not a Ludlandian noble, but he is mentioned to be good with poison and both the Mulligan brothers and the old woman they visited were poisoned, there has to be a connection. Perhaps he is working with Daedros(and he is the one who paid for the painting), and is simply doing his dirty work for him? So he is not suspected(and perhaps he couldn’t do it himself, since he’s off fighting brigands in the outskirts of Hilltown, if Danna’s and our spy’s words are to be trusted, but I think that’s a cover-up story and he is doing something sinister) after that big transaction in Castle Dullac with the Mulligan brothers.

On the second part of your post:
I really have no clue what the pale tree that would turn on the saviour, I just think the saviour is referring to the MC. What’s the coat of arms of Northern kingdom the MC can be betrothed to?
The giant squid that has it’s tentacles about House Drown(frogs) and Sons of the Snake(snakes) may be referring to Sartham, the man who probably holds the greatest influence on Boglan. Though I’m doubtful he’s the giant squid referred to.