The War for the West (WIP)



Adding on to what @castellan said, the Genderless are not as they seem…


Oh boy do the Genderless surprise us :rofl:


There was a variable missing when you get the letter, its working now.

I put it there in order to quickly test it and forgot to remove when I uploaded the files. :sweat_smile:

I’m juggling with the idea of having a time-based spy information gathering that brings “secrets” from a pool after X days. You select which place you which to focus your spy resources on, and after a while it brings you a secret or rumor from that place in the form of a report. Some rumors open up a few dialogues, others might raise a stat, bring some item or simply serve as exposition.

There’s also the idea of focusing the intelligence efforts on the suppression of local rebellions, assassinating local people that might be stirring up social revolt. Those two ideas would likely work together.

Good catch. There was a a check of the player’s marriage status on the beginning of the dialogue, but further down the line(when it really mattered) the subject was brought up again. I tested it and its working properly now.

I do have an annotation about it. I divide my annotations like this:

Priority 1: Things that are absolutely necessary for the game to work. (Bug fixing/obligatory scenes)
Priority 2: Things that the player will likely notice if are not there.
Priority 3: Things that would be cool to have.

While I mainly focus on Priority 1 stuff, I often sneak in to do 2 and 3 if I have the time or if I’m really inspired about it.

It’s on the annotations as well. Most of the things I make a reference of in the game are there because I want to Chekhov’s gun the sard out of it.

Glad you liked it. I can’t take the credit, though: it’s just a medieval adaptation of some phrase I heard somewhere.

Also, thanks for the continuing reports!

This is one of the hardest segments of the game to get feedback on, because it’s just too specific. There are a lot of things that need to happen in order for the player to get there.

Because of that, I have little idea of how it all feels to the player.

My intention was to create something that alluded to the “hero journey”/“chosen one” cliché of medieval fantasy, with a twist to both the player and the main character: You get there, and there’s no such thing as the “Hero of Prophecy”, it was just a way to lure you, test if you indeed have the “power” they are afraid of, and then kill you.

I originally wanted the player to really die there, but I found that the whole “clairvoyance paradox” shenanigans fit really well with other elements of the game(the secret heritage stuff/your connection to Hellen of the Streams and the Sielc family), and thought it would be a cool way for the player not only to survive the encounter, but also leave it with the knowledge that there’s something really weird happening at the center of the main religion institute of the realm.

Afterwards, during the final part of the game, a character with high Knowledge can have a very specific interaction that will basically explain why the Genderless did that, what are their intentions and how they work. It all links with the Abyssal Spawns, Dagoria and the Wyrm in what I hope will be an unexpected but fitting way.


I remember back when you used to actually get killed by our genderless friends. Also, are all genderless like the ones we meet?


There seems to be a bug with cardeed where when you bet 50$ twice, and win 200$, it does not add the correct sum to your treasury, what im getting is 100$ added instead of 200$



They would be normal persons if they were not brought to the Holy City and secretly “indoctrinated”. It could be any other group of people affected by some other kind of genetic disease, but the hermaphrodites were chosen because of the association with the Feminine/Masculine aspects that are revered in the main religion. It was a all very carefully orchestrated to make sure that there would be new vessels brought to the “Genderless”(as they would become known) from time to time.

I think it’s supposed to be that way, no? If you bet 100(50 + 50), you are removing 100 from your treasury and putting it in the table. You will either come out of it with - 100 or + 100, since you can only double your winnings when you are playing against just one opponent.


Ah, my bad in that case


Certainly a good start. I just hoped some of these spy shenanigans to tie into main plot somehow. Like Bolgan plot or more importantly the war plotline.
I mean look at Lord Dullsen. With some luck & kickass spy network he was able to procure services of mercenaries & strengthened his position.
I know that locally our MC’s spynetwork is more than adequate. That’s how he discovered bastard bro. But not good enough to know about & avert the assassination attempt on his life that happens due to lapses in spynetwork. The cult of chalice was clearly in MC’s province for some time plotting. Also, what’s the deal with that particular cult anyway?

While we talking about Lord Dulsen, why doesn’t he bring the MC up to speed about his knowledge of Sielcner plot & how he & his son is preparing for it?
I feel like i posed this particular query before. If already answered then please ignore this.

Right. Thanks a bunch for granting us a peak at your work process. Much appreciated! :smiley:

That’s what makes this game so much more interesting than others in same category!

Well, this particular plot is pretty much set in stone isn’t it? There’s not much room to manoevure here. Even the MCs clever plan of disguising First Knight & Red Tull as acolytes fizzles out as the genderless pretty much mocks MC while stating their ability to change vessels like changing cloths.
No matter what MC does can weaken those fanatics at least while visiting Ehael.

Now if that were to change, say our MC with foresight of their plot can plan a decapitation strike against the leadership of the temple authorities at Ehael & actually achieve it with level of success depending on MCs stats, that would be very cool.
The opportunity of weaking those fanatics significantly gives me goosebumps. Ofcourse their plots & scheming can still continue with skeletal crew of plotters. But their seeming invulnerability is frighting (as intended) but also somewhat of putting. Now this is my opinion & I’m pretty sure others here may have differing opinions regarding this subject.

I’ll end by saying that whatever the case maybe, this game is great in it’s current form & your efforts are much appreciated again!


All those things are deeply connected and related to the “biggest secret” in the game, one I wouldn’t dare to reveal here. Hopefully it will all make sense when it is revealed by the end of the game.

I honestly don’t remember, but it might be the case that I didn’t answer because of the sensitive nature of the spoilers associated with it.


@mahatmadagon i edited the previous post with more feedback. Be sure to check it out


@MahatmaDagon I noticed that when I go to the training grounds and choose the option to train the mens it don’t give me the bonification in combat stats after the third or fourth try


Hi I was just wondering how to get some achievements.
Left behind
And enemy of the temple.

Thanks and who is the best to marry


One last thing for the last battle I was defending my castle and it said noyedas only had 2753 left and I had 3567 and yet my troops killed 3001. Of the enemy and I lost till, ganbert and lowbow


There is no option to spend time with wyneva


@mahatmadagon more bug reports

After taking loan of 10000 Aurens I tried adding money through cheat menu. It didn’t reflect immediately in treasury as it did without loan path.

The ‘Terror from beyond veil’ doesn’t disappear from library after we are done with it. If you intended to keep it as is then ignore this one.

Return of the bug

To what question is our MC responding here?





My lord there’s a leak that needs fixing :grin:

So in my playhrough where my MC took entire army tk Bolgan & got invaded, This bug presented itself upon return. Apparently the game thinks my Male MC’s female.

I can confirm that there’s something funny happening with enemy army numbers during siege. Now by this point enemy army had 2200+ soldiers. Mine had 4000+ of which there were 1000+ archers. During final leg of siege when entire enemy army charge more enemy troop numbers get killed then even left in thier army by this point.
I think with 1000+ archers we should be able to inflict very heavy casualties but killing entire Sielcner army with them bu this point seems bit unrealistic doesn’t it? Thoughts?

Playing Cardeed the non PCs seems to be getting both cards of same face value most of the time. Rarely do they get two cards of differing face value.

Both Farmhold representatives event & “Dana had other intentions” event event happen beofre wedding actually happened. During former Danna is present (she shouldn’t) & the latter should only hapen after wedding.

Just a reminder: Ride out & meet the enemy scene is still missing from siege events.

Regarding consequences

I feel like something should happen after conspiracy revelation other than discussing with Jenneth (Maybe bring that event a little forward & then give option of recruiting after that. Not before) This won’t need adding anything new content to game saving you time.

The consequences for leaving child unconscious instead of killing it during assassination attempt will come at the end of game won’t they?
And so will the consequences of betraying Lady Sessnah & killing majority of forces of House Drown?

I feel like when our MC meets Lord Dulsen after Siege or Battle, he/she should be able to discuss the possible consequences of what he did to house Drowns forces.
Would that make Liege of Dullis die of elation? Or get him hooked on anti depressants because what comes next in place of House Drown is even worse & cause of major worry for House Dullis given the history b/w both fiefdoms.
Oh & of course assassination attempts on MC’s life courtesy Sartham & rest of house Drown.

Couple of suggestions that might help or give you some idea about how to rationalise army no’s at the start & throughout the game:

If you start with Kind father: More volunteers later (200+ minimum
Or at start, start with 1800 army hard limit.

More volunteers later becasue people want to pay back for extraordinary kindness shown by their former Liege & reward it with thier loyalty)

With Military Father: Strong Military at start through conscriptions, hard limit 2000+ but take hit to troop recruitment later. Less chance of population increase.
But mercenary contacts such father cultivated throughout kingdom & those from distant lands can be called upon. (I’m assuming all the mercenaries in Western Peninsula have been hired already)

Greedy Father: Medium military at start. Maybe 1300+ hard limit. Medium troop recruitment later due to medium increase in population. Maybe option to hire mercenaries from distant lands through business contacts such father cultivated. (Assuming everthing medium because while there would be hindrances such father put like not investing in army, fief, raised taxes etc. He wouldn’t atlease be as bad as Military father whom people fear & would probably have left the fief altogether. No auch case would happen here. All assumptions of course)

Just Father (I haven’t playthrough with such father so all assumptions. Feel free to ignore this one if you wish): Reinforcements from Farhall as a result of loyally following crown law & supporting Meinstrals during conquest (if one choses to do so of course). Reinfocrement size also depending on choices made during tournament in MC’s province. (I’m assuming help from Farhall becasue they were loyal subjects of House Meinstrel & installed there by them & will send help if King so ordered. Of course if you have other plans with them like helping king put down rebellion with help of its forces then this suggestion will be moot.
Also help may also depend on your decision whether you send help to king in begining or not)

System of hard limits (below which the number won’t fall after rolling of numbers at start) will help here I think. It may be based on various factors like whether MC’s house gained land after helping Meinstrels during conquest (which might lead to presence of large population to start with & thus large army, background of father selected etc

Finally, my feedback re: Ehael plot

Sorry about such a humongous post


[quote=“Daniel_Koselka, post:1071, topic:26275”]
Left behind
And enemy of the temple.
[/quote] how does one get these


I’ve stumbled upon a bug in where Sielcner’s visit to me (which initiates the war) simply does not come.

I spend months holding court with nothing happen, and sometimes I get events that I already had long ago. Yet Sielcner never shows up.

Edit: It eventually showed up once I spammed “Hold Court” enough times, but I still think the wait is a tad too long.


I just tested this. What happens is that you do get the cheat money after taking a loan, but you have to “do something” in the game and then return to the Stats menu in order for the value to be updated. I think this happens because the nature of the stats screen itself.

I just forgot to remove it. Should be going away now.

Ok, so I fixed the “display”(as in, you will never have less than 0 troops on the menu). Was this the bug you were talking about, or was it something else? Also, how did you lose that many troops?

It was supposed to be a “female-only” answer for when the bouncer asks if you are looking to work there. I might have removed the gender checking when I was updating the dialogue, but its back there now.

It was a coincidence that you got those two gender bugs. Both were not checking if the player was female.

You are right, this code was not considering the possibility of a player having so many archers. Its mostly because the Siege segment was one done over an year ago, when I considered the game would last for less time and the player wouldn’t have that many troops. But even then, it was giving too high of a number.

I changed it now to what I feel is more of a realistic number taking into the account the proportion in numbers on each side.

Phew. I thought this one was going to be harder to fix, but it was just a line missing there when the NPC was getting its second card.

Both those events can happen before the marriage, the problem is that I recently added a time delay between the planning and the marriage itself(as I stretched out the duration of the game), but I didn’t remember to remove the variable that was setting the player as married when the preparations started.

It should be working like this now: the player will only be considered as “married” after the ceremony itself, and for most of the interactions it will be considered as single, unless a specific interaction would overlap with the arrangements (then it takes into consideration that you are still not married, but has already eminent plans to marry someone else)

This one is on my “shame list”. Priority 1.

You mean the Sielcner attack of the Genderless one?

The Sielcner attack is a bit tricky because there isn’t(or at least there wasn’t supposed to be) much to go on.

There are three hints it is going to happen, IIRC:

1: The blacksmith who admits to be working on a huge order from Sielccia.(vague, not much to go on, but could be followed up indeed)

2: Some piece of dialogue with Kenrir during the hunt for “something wicked”. I think he suggests there are troops from Sielccia sneaking through the Thornwood into your lands. This was supposed to allude to the possibility that the caravans being attacked(a thing someone complains to you during one event) are being done so by rivermen disguised as bandits. I’m not sure I ever made this clear to the player, though.

3: The assassin’s admission. This was supposed to be a hard thing to get, I’m not sure if it currently is.

Either way, none are solid proof of anything, just hearsay and suspicion, but I supposed that’s what the Spymaster is for. Since some people already complained about this, I think I should perhaps raise the difficulty of learning about the Sielcner stuff and then provide some more interactions and options regarding this, since the game lasts longer than I thought it would initially.

Killing it gives an immediate consequence that soon ends the game, but keeping it alive its one of the things that will indeed be mentioned later on.

Yup. It will have a direct impact in who rules the province and how they react to you.

I could add some brief mention about this, but I also don’t want to overlap with the dialogue that happens later on. I’ll see if anything good comes up when I revise that interaction.

There’s going to be a “Lord’s Summit” at Farhall, and it will be the last scene of the game. (other than the epilogue(s)) There you will interact with all the main nobles of the Western Peninsula, and a few other people as well. They will discuss topics of major importance, and decide the future of those lands.

Your choices throughout the game will have a deep impact on this encounter.

You father (and your family origins, to some degree) already impacts how many people there are on the province and the number of initial troops in your army, as well as initial civil unrest and money on the treasury, but you make a lot of sense with your remarks and ideas. I particularly like the notion of changing the maximum number of recruitable troops.

I didn’t want to let this particular scene go too far, so that’s why I “hard coded” it into a loop, where you always wake up back at the nearby village. The only way to “fight them” is a long term battle, and there will be more on this at the end of the game.

In case your decapitation strike was actually referring to physical strike, there’s precisely why they don’t let you enter armed, and there should be at least eight of the Genderless there, seated too high for you to reach them from where you are.

But I did have some ideas on how to “hurt” them that I put on Priority 3.

Don’t worry, it is actually helping me a lot! I’m very greateful for the feedback and reports.

Not all Achievements are accessible in the current build of the game.

Godmaker: Should come when you create your own religion by the end of the game
Preposterous: I don’t think this one exists.
Left behind: You need to betray Lord Noyedas after siding with him, and then trade your life to let your army escape.

Peacemaker: You need to betray Lord Noyedas after siding with him, and then convince his followers not to fight you.

Cuckold: You have to be betrayed by Hereya. You can get this willingly some time after having married her. Otherwise, you might get it if she doesn’t “like” some of the thigns you did while interacting with her.

And enemy of the temple you should get after Godmaker, eventually.

Do you remember how many days you have played until it finally showed up? Or maybe the month in which it happened.

I have extended the number of days required, but it can still vary widely, and it probably needs some tweaking. Have you done all the other events you could as well in order to pass time?

This specific option should go away if there aren’t any selectable options after it. The same can be said about some other “empty branches”.

EDIT: It’s disappearing now.


Can u marry Nellasha


No, you can marry her off to your cousin though.