The War for the West (WIP)



Is it just me, or that i did’nt see the error?


I think its supposed to be “increasing name of the province’s size greatly”

Either way I think “increasing name of the province greatly in size.” should work.


Sorry about the volume bar, I was doing this on my tablet.


Before i say anything else, @mahatmadagon I thank you for adding more content epilogue wise. I enjoyed every bit of it.

There are a couple of options that don’t disappear even after we select them. They are as follows:

  • You are not telling me the truth (assasin of MC’s father)

  • Your story doesn’t make sense (MC to cousin Wyvanaar)

  • Ask about beast’s location

  • Why do you ask? Can’t you see the future? (MC to Helen of streams)

When we allocate troops in lieu of request from emissary from Dullis, the troop numbers of our army doesn’t decrease.

During recruitment drives while militias get added to army no’s, the knights & men at arms doesn’t.

Also, while it may be too late, an opportunity existed regarding troop farming during falling star event. While we could use threat of demons to raise taxes, may be we could also do same regarding troop farming (atleast for short period?)
Same goes for troop farming after discovery of Sielcner plot.

The option of talking about MC’s deeds with Danna is greyed out even when my MC has done great deeds (killed the beast, extinguished wolf pack, single handedly killed the boar). Is there anything else that I’m missing here?

Now, a couple of queries regarding battles in the game.
A MC with high knowledge can use explosives provided by Alchemist guild to seal the cave.
Now when Sielcner plot is discovered in game our MC could have ordered the guild to produce large quantities of explosives to use in battle yet to come. I think that was a missed opportunity. It could greatly help the players who didn’t opt to farm the troops yet faced Sielcner armies with their own small army.

What kind of damage does Men at Arms do to enemy troops? Maybe having a large portion of them in our army could provide an advantage against large no. of enemy troops? I know knights can wreak havoc on enemy troops.

I would also appreciate more info. on in game currency i.e Aurens. It’s composition, background, availability, value etc.

Oh and the Ancient sword we bought from merchant doesn’t disappear from our armory even after we gift it to Vradnir.

The option of spending time with Wyvena doesn’t appear in any of my playthrough. If it hasn’t been added then forgive my ignorance.

So, visiting kitchen in Castle Dullis & smelly mule tavern are just filler options?

Also, what’s up with the +1 prestige from Boar hunt? What does that actually affect?

And I also noticed that Lord Goyler & Northern Kingdoms has been taken out of the relationships section. At least lord Goyler is still relevant as we could call on him to send troops.

This error occurred the third time I attempted the path of reaching & talking to Helen of streams


I hope this addition happens before release of game. Game would be really spruced up with it


@MahatmaDagon Yes, you just forgot the gender. My MC is a lady.


And I think a former query of mine got overlooked. If it didn’t, then please feel free to continue ignoring it.


That’s good to know. It’s brief for now, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to show a bit of it.

You’re doing God’s work here. It’s a pain in the ass to find those things, they always elude me. I’ll have them fixed when I get home.

Weird, I could swear I had fixed this. It’s probably something stupid I let slip.

Are you saying that because you are feeling like you don’t have enough troops by the final battle? I honestly can’t say if the current numbers are balanced yet, but I would be surprised if they are. All my playthroughs end before that, usually I find something that needs working and stop there.

In a sense I already see the recruitment of troops you do with Vradnir as a long term response to those threats, and there is already(as you mentioned) the possibility of insta-recruiting troops at key points. Perhaps it is the number of troops that needs tweaking, I can’t really tell yet.

No idea, it should be working, but now that you mentioned it, I could add less “epic” stuff to that dialogue as well. Let the players decide if I what he’s talking about is worth wooing or not, and see how the spouse reacts.

I agree, it’s a missed opportunity. It’s easy to implement, so I’ll add it.

To be honest, there’s a huge variance in what does what in each battle, as I did a lot of experimenting and was never sure what kind of “battle type” I preferred. Nowadays I would do it differently from the start, but that isn’t really an option here.

What I can say is that men at arms doesn’t overall differentiate much from militia, other than perhaps a few specific segments here or there. At the very least, I think they should somehow add more morale to the army than regular militia, but it’s somewhat hard to find a way to make that work. Most of the battles in the game dont differentiate from infantry types (knights and archers are always treated separately).

It’s something I never really planned expanding on because I want to have some liberty regarding values without going into “problematic” specifics. There’s a brief interaction where someone mentions that some people chip coins (as they did in real life), but little more than that.

She haven’t been added yet. The only interactions you can have with her right now are when preparing for war or when she might get ““jealous””" of Nellasha , and they are very brief.

There was an annotation about making something happen in the kitchen, but I never managed to find something that was fun and didn’t seem forced.

Smelly Mule I don’t really remember, but I have a feeling there should be something there. I’ll take a look.

Prestige is something that you gain doing things worthy of note. It’s going to appear more in the game, but in the end it’s just something like a personal numeric score for people that care about it.

I took Lord goyler because he really doesn’t do anything other than giving you troops or not, so I thought it was a little cheap to have him there.

It’s even worse with the NK, because they never help you and can only be angry at you if you do something people in this thread recently suggested, but I don’t think there should be a number to say that of the game will already show.


To deal with Sielcner threat the current army level with troop farming are sufficient.
But I fear that might not be the case when the King comes looking to win his lost territory back or when “Wrym” rears it’s ugly head. Of course all these things are the concern of the sequel but with a save game feature evetually all our progress could be carried forward to sequel.

Also be sure to check my previous posts. I added bit more bug reports & a suggestion


I’ll check it out! I’m on the phone right now so I might be skipping something but I’ll look at it carefully when I get home.

Also the forum replies are bugging on my phone @.@


To be honest I might need to change the term “warlord” as well lol


oh time for some scandals!? how I can see tha scene?


The option to spend time with Petka still doesn’t appear.



Fixed the reselectable dialogue options reported.
Fixed knights and men at arms not being added during the recruitment drives.
Added option to contact the Alchemist’s Guild to produce explosives during siege.
Fixed Danna option about “great deeds” not being selectable.
Fixed Ancient Sword not disappearing after gifted.

Also, sorry if something gets past by. It’s certainly not intentional, feel free to repeat something if you see that I didn’t give a reply.

About the sword orders from Yero at Hilltown:
The simpler answer I can come up for that is that he was only “managing” the production(it wouldn’t make much sense if he was doing it alone anyway), and that his helpers finished the order. I could add some of those helpers on the background of his store to suggest this.

About the further recruitment of troops given certain conditions:
Those are all valid points, but the way I see it, recruiting troops by talking to him is already assuming that you have good reason to do so, given the % of people of your population you are putting in the army.

About the bug at the third attempt of talking to Hellen:
If I recall correctly, you shouldn’t be able to speak to her a third time. It would show only darkness. I’ll manually test it right now to see what’s going on.

Edit: I fixed it. Again, thanks for all the help!

Fixed the marriage-related bugs.
Took some time to understand what was really happening. It was because I once set the marriageDate to 100000 after the marriage, as a lazy way to make sure the option of getting married would never appear again. Yet, I forgot about that and was using the same variable to set if the player could spend time with its spouse.

Sorry about the confusion. I manually tested marrying Petka and it is working now.

All you have to do is be married and give Lady Nellasha asylum when her event pops up while holding court.


Is there a way to marry Lady Nellasha to our cousin and put her in charge of the swamps?


Currently? Nope. You can only marry those two. That’s it. (Edit: You can marry Nellasha to your Cousin. Not marry her yourself)

@Mahatmadagon so i took a run at the game again. Since my MC complied with King’s request & later defeated Lord Noyedas, on petitioning the King my MC got control of Sielcia as well. But right after that letter from king I received this dialogue which usually appears when we haven’t complied with King’s request & have essentially told him to go take a hike.

Also, the event of going to Ehael (There & back again) appeared by itself right after my MC received Northern prince. And it didn’t go away even after completing the event.
This event appeared without MC slaying the beast.

And I hope these are still coming.

I also noticed that even after MC gets bethrothed to Danna & starts planning for marriage & Northern prince event happens then the option of marriage alliance doesn’t disppear in final leg of negotiations. Essentially we could preparing to marry Danna & arranging marriage with Northern princess at the same time.

I also hope that those explorers I funded (one’s looking for ancient artifacts) do eventually find something epic or really useful.
I’m quite interested in Black book of Old Kingdom that was mentioned in the game in a book.

Finally, the first dialogue here is the funniest thing I ever read in any game. Ever! Kudos! @mahatmadagon


really you can marry her? what are the process to marry lady N ?


He wanted to say you can marry her to your cousin.


You can only marry your cousin to her he means.


Hoe do you create your own religion and how do you get to the genderless


Now after you return from Ehael, you’ll get the opportunity to discuss what you just experienced with your advisors & be able to make decision to form your own religion